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LAMS bike for after test?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Natsirt, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. So I am looking for some opinions (seems like there are a few around) about the suitability of a LAMS approved bike for both doing the test and while I am on my L's. I am a big guy 6'3" and 120kg so I am looking at a bike bigger than a 250. Everyone tells me to get a scooter or a postie bike to do the test on and for while I am on my L's then upgrade after that. I would prefer to just buy one bike, I have been looking at a Kawasaki Versys 650L or a Yamaha MT03. Just wondering if anyone has done their L's on a bike like this? Are the figure 8's in the practical riding test manageable on a bike like this?

  2. Budget?
    Commuter or weekend warrior?
    Touring, twisties, both?
    Speed vs comfort etc etc
    You get the idea, more info better responses.

    Can't comment on those bikes for the test.
  3. I would just use one of the test bikes to do the test, usually a shitty honda cb250, then afterwards go and get your dream bike :cool:
  4. Maybe have a look at something in the 400-650 range, quite a few LAMS bikes in that range of various sizes and styles. For your test, just do as TK300 said and hire a bike for the day for your test.
  5. Sure, sorry, I should have given more details, probably going to be used main for commuting with the odd weekend twisty ride. I am trying to spend under $9000 on the bike. Comfort over speed, not a cruiser but not a sport rider either. I want something responsive with good smooth acceleration, although this is probably going to be more down to my skills than the bike
  6. I have a GSX650F it's a big bike, I'm 5"11 and over 100 kilos it's not bad as a commuter and can handle a twisty road or a long trip. The only problem is the weight, it's bloody heavy and with that not that quick off the line, but it's very smooth.

    But I also hear the MT07 is just awesome as is the Triumph 660.. or the old favorite SV650.

    You will hear it from a lot of people, gone down the show room and sit on them... then annoy the salesman.
  7. Mt07
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  8. For a guy of your size I would suggest an adventure style bike like 650 versys or V-Strom. All the other bikes suggested are good 'uns but they fit me and I'm a short-arse by comparison.
  9. Don't forget the Honda CB500X. LAMS, tall seat, comfortable. Can be had new for around 8, or used ones seem around the 5 mark. V-Strom and Versys are great too, but you pay for that big restricted 650.
  10. The testt isnt that hard seriously
  11. For your size and height I'd say a Versys 650 or similar. Guy (110kg) at work took his harley for a service and they gave him a 125 loaner. He had to use his feet to get it going from the lights...
    Q-Ride is seriously easy if you have an ounce of skill. The 8's will be fine on most bikes. Did my opens (same stuff) on a Honda 650 something no probs.
  12. I doubt if that is true. I have had me and a pillion well over 200kgs on my old Sachs Madass 125 and didnt need to use my feet. It was slow but it could still move.