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LAMS bike for a big guy..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by big_filo, May 18, 2009.

  1. hey people,

    im new to the world of bikes and im looking for a bike to learn/commute on. i would prefer to get a sporty 250 (eg: cbr) but..

    a) they're not really for commuting IMO

    b) im a big dude (178cm, 125kg.. spending too much damn time lifting weights) :cool:

    so i was considering buying a hyo gt650r.. and i know, a lot of people either love them, or hate them. but it seems like a really good option for me.

    are there any other LAMS bikes that wouldn't exceed my budget ($8000, including all my gear and associated bike costs)? also im not a fan of naked bikes (my OCD okay)..

    thanks in advance for any help!

    PS: one of my work mates is selling his gt650r ('07 model, 2000km) for $7500.. is that a good deal or can i get better (don't want any pre '06 models)?
  2. considering you can get an '08 model new for 7990, your mate isn't offering a particularly competitive price for a used bike.

    check out some of the bike sales websites, trading post, etc and compare prices if a second hand hyo is really what you want.

    aside from that, you're not massively tall so most LAMS bikes should 'fit' ok.

    also, theres loads of similar threads on this site if you just do a search.
  3. hey buddy I was having the same problem.. Im 183 cm and 130 kg mynes not from pumping weights its from pumpin cheese burgers :grin: :LOL: ....

    when i brought my first bike about 3 weeks ago... i ended up with a suzuki sv 650s 2000 model picked it up for 3k needed a bit of work but all in all a great bike... but NOT lams approved.... the 2009 model is but its about 10.5k plus onroads and its been de tuned to 33 bhp..

    not worth it costs a fortune to get it re tuned once your off your restrictions ... ive been led to believe that they change the ecu and the cams...

    I urge you not to take the path i took you will always be looking in your mirrors to see if a copper is sneaking up on you..
    Hope i was a bit of help buddy your mate josh
    oh yeah get a v twin they have the tourqe to pull us big lads up hills
  4. I agree with the love or hate of the hyo, but most of the problems i've heard with them come from the dealer you buy/service it at not doing the greatest job. If you're buying a bike for 7.5k and only have a budget of 8k for everything then i think you need to buy a cheaper bike as 500 isn't enough for insurance and on road costs let alone gear.
  5. A mate of mine has a GS500 and he's 185cm and 120+kg.

    It works really well for him.
  6. $8000 is a kind of arbitrary figure. i can possibly go for $9500 at the most.

    i could go for the brand new route, but the addition of on road costs and gear would possibly take it over the $9500 mark.
  7. I'm not saying anything new here but for the money you're talking about and what you want (fairings), it sounds like a GS500F or GT650R for you. Unless you get something old, there's not much else around. Good luck with finding a suitable bike. Considering Hyosung don't have a good reputation yet, have a good look at a GS500F since you'll be more likely to sell it quickly in the future and it should do better at retaining its value.
  8. I'm one of those loving my Hyosung. I got an '08 650 Comet - you might still be able to get the '08 models. It's with a dealer and has just been derestricted and reregistered, and can't wait to give it a go to see how it has changed.

    I'm 184cm, weigh a little less than you and find the Hyo very comfortable. Will I have it forever? No - eventually I'll upgrade. But for a year or two (with warranty!) it'll be spot on.

    BTW, I reckon that whatever you get as your first bike will be the one you have the most fun on :LOL:
  9. okay.. so i was thinking just then - during my work hour (being a casino dealer rocks.. 20min breaks every hour) - between the gs500f and the gt650r.. one of my mates started on the gs500, before he upgraded to the gsxr1000, but he used to always complain it was a gutless bike.

    want to know some opinions about big guys riding this bike..
  10. The GS500 will feel gutless once he's upgraded to a thou. As far the LAMS bikes it's pretty much on the limit as far as power to weight so you can't really get anything much faster.

    I'm "only" 100kg but the GS500 handles the bigger guys no problem at all. The beauty of them too is they have no problem relaxed cruising at 100-110 kph all day in 6th at 5000 odd rpm. Mine is averaging around 4-3 to 4.5L/100 kms in my commute, cheap and easy to service, very reliable.

    The GS500 takes off pretty smartly up to the speed limit, especially if you change to a 15t front sprocket like I did. Once you get up 100 though of course the acceleration tapers right off as it simply doesn't have enough power to continue on. But you shouldn't be going that fast anyway, right? :)
  11. I agree with Drew on this one. The beauty of the GS is the extra torque and that fact that "it just works".

    Having said that I love the look of the Hyo and came within a bees d!ck of buying one. If the GT650R was manufactured by one of the big 4 at a similar price I would have definitely bought it.

    I mainly use my GS to commute, but it copes OK with myself and my wife on it (180KG total, mostly made up by me). My only complaint with the bike is the softish suspension, but you get used to it.

    Test ride one and you will know if is for you.

  12. Go for a GS500 (faired version if you must) over a Hyosung GT650... it's got better resale, better parts availability and (arguably) better reliability.
  13. Either you should be winning Mr Universe or you're fat. Arnold only weighed about 106 when he won his titles and is 6'2"

    so you have about 25-30kg of fat that you could lose and probably more like 40-45

    This of course would only be for increasing the power/weight of your bike.
  14. Comparing a normal person to "Arnie" when he was at competition wieght for mr universe is just plain stupid.

    He is not 6'2, hes 6'0, when someone is training for a competition they cut alot of wieght so they look good but have alot less energy/strength. a Normal arnie before cutting would of easily been 120+
  15. To be fair Arnie weighed 113kg when he was in season and 117 off season. But yeah, at 6'2" that is a bit different.

    Awesome derailment of topic.
    I will go now.

  16. Comparing a fat guy who says he's heavy cause he does weights to someone who is extremely muscular, a good deal taller and weights 10+ kg less is not plain stupid.

    Arnie was 260lb off season which is roughly 118kg. Still a good 7kg lighter than a guy who is a good 4 inches shorter.

    I'm sorry but a guy who is 5' 10" (not 6' as you said) and 125kg is fat. No ifs or buts.

    So there Arnie would not've(note the spelling it's not "of") been 120+ on a regular basis if ever at all.

    This bulking crap is just an excuse for fat guys to eat crap and be fat. strip him down and you'll find someone who weighs about 90kg under all that lard.

    Comparing him to Arnie is an extreme but it's there to demonstrate a point.

    Besides my post was only advising him on how to increase his power/weight...
  17. #17 big_filo, May 19, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    i never said anything about being lean. im at about 16-18% body fat and i have not competed in a while (powerlifting - last comp was 2 years ago). last time i competed i weighed 105kg with blurry abs. :p
    here is a crappy vid of me pulling a 200kg deadlift.

    back to the main subject.

    been looking at the gs500f's on bikesales and there is such a wide price range ($5000 to $10000). what would be the sweet spot for price?
  18. I bought my gs500f for 7400 ride away. Unfortunately I had to ship it from Brisbane to Canberra.

    The cheapest I could find a new one locally was $8200. I believe 8K rideaway for a new one is a good price.

  19. I'am selling my gs in 2 months for 7k when I upgrade ,,

    so I think 6.500 to 8000 sounds ok

    good bike '''

    good luck
  20. I concur with the GS 500F line of thinking. Was a fantastic bike to learn on, nice torque and fantastic handling.
    Just does what a bike is meant to, doesn't demand you be high in the rev range or in the perfect gear each corner, quite forgiving.