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LAMS big engined bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Wigan Warrior, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. I need a large engined LAMs approved bike (VIC). Need the extra grunt to pull my large ass along!:p

    Was initially thinking of spending around $10-11k on a new Ninja 650rl or ern6l (or something else of that style), but think I'll just spend around the $5-7k mark to get a bike to last a couple of years until I'm off LAMS and then upgrade, as I reckon I'll want a 1000cc+ once off LAMS.

    Any recommendations at the larger engined LAMS approved bikes?

  2. How big is your arse?
  3. well go over to bike sales - What type of bikes do you like ie naked, sports, cruisers etc?
  4. My arse is pretty big, 115kg so need a big bike!

    I like the bandit style bikes (sport tourers?) naked or with fairing.

    Ducatti Monster 600
    Hysong GT650S
    Yamaha FZ6R
    Suzuki GSX650FU
    Kawasaki ER6NL & Ninja 650RL

    Think these available on VIC LAMS.
  5. that sure is a big arse.
    the monster lite is way underpowered... and it's kinda gay anyway.
    the hyosung is a heap of crap.
    the Yamahard.... meh
    the suzuki, probably the biggest, roomiest, v-twin yes?..doubtfull it's LAMS though.?
    the kwaka er6n is a girls bike.
    the ninja... yeaaah i like ninjas!, but might be a bill small for your stature.

    cb400 maybe, gs500 faired or unfaired ...don't think there is much else, cept for the big road traileys, dr6fiddy, that heap of shit kwaka, kle6fiddy?
    maxi-scooter?...nice broad seat, probably still not broad enough though.
  6. I reckon they'll suit fine. nl looks better =P. And if you're handy with a spanner, they are very easy to convert to an n for when you get your fulls
  7. What about a Suzuki SFV650?

    I'm 6"3', 110kg and its great for me.
  8. Are the Kawasaki's that dear new? If that is the case I wouldn't bother with those.

    Wind you budget back to $7k or so and save the rest and/or spend it on better gear.
  9. Buy a SV650S LAM for 8K on bikesales.

  10. Monster = Very expensive to service, not many people are aware they are LAMS and so difficult to sell.

    Hyosung + Other Korean/Chinese = Ride at your own risk, worst bike to own, ignore the bullshit they base their motor on so & so's motor, it's uninformed and nearly a lie.

    FZ6R = Over priced, handles poorly, brakes are poor and the suspension is not adjustable. Huge rip off.

    GSX650FU = you should be able to handle the weight, almost 250kg, be aware they are difficult to resell but not many of them so it could swing eitherway, great bike.

    Kwaka's = Not sure, Kawasaki only in the last 2 years got a phone number for Australian contact, what does that tell you?
  11. I felt quite cheery this morning until I read that!:p
  12. I do like the Gladius, not sure if can get one in my proce range.
  13. Wait 2 months and i'll sell you mine :)
  14. Mmmm, tell me more!
  15. Is it true that the Ninja 650RL can be de-tuned by simply removing a screw that restricts the throttle?

    I'm sure that could 'accidentally' fall out and be replaced when it comes to selling on! :p
  16. I have known people your size and bigger who start on ZZR250 (pre LAMS) and they learnt to ride the frigging wheels off them. They learn to use momentum in corners and setting up for braking and use correct lines.

    Sure go buy a 1000cc+ once off LAMS but its not all about straight line acceleration.

    Get the ER6 and learn to ride it.