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Lams Approved????

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JACO1, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys And Girls.
    My name is Jaco and Im from South Africa. Coming to Aus I was told by Qld Transport that I cannot convert my SA bike licence to a Qld licence and have to start from scratch. And have found out long after my SA licence expired that that is not true.....AAAAARGH!!!@! Long story short I have to start with a LAMS Approved Bike. Had A R1 in SA am now in two minds as to what to get for the first twelve months??? Which would you guys reckon would keep me as happy as you can be with a restricted bike for twelve months??? I want it cheap so I can buy it outright and sell as soon as my twelve months are up.

  2. If you're coming to QLD then have you looked into the Q-Ride scheme. This eliminates the need to spend time on a LAMs bike by passing a more intensive training course and testing (which should be fairly straightforward if you already ride).

    If for some reason you're not eligible I'd just buy either a GPX/Ninja 250 or a VTR250. Both are extremely popular which means they'll be easy to find and, more importantly, very easy to sell later on. There's also the option of buying a restricted bike, but only if you're going to be happy with a 650 at the end of your 12 months.
  3. Cb400/gs500 :)
  4. DRZ400SM - go supermoto! It may be different enough from your R1 to keep things interesting. It also has about the same power/weight as the gs500.

    I'm kinda biased...
  5. I'd actually agree with this.....

    Most (not all) LAMS bikes are dull and boring.....something light and flickable like a DRZ might fit the bill.....

    FWIW my learner was a VTR250 and it was great - I'd own another in a heartbeat for a runabout.....

    Most (not all) of the larger capacity LAMS approved 500/650's are HEAVY and underpowered.....you'd be better of with a lighter 250 or a DRZ...

    Just my 2C

    Welcome to NR and welcome to OZ! (y)
  6. If you're using it to commute I'd go with the DRZ (heavily biased mind you). I kept mine well after getting my full license, just modded it to squeeze more power out of it.

    There's a good reason why so many people who work in motorcycle shops own one...
  7. Thanx for your replies! I eventually bought a 650 NK GOMOTTO. Very nice so far andcomfortable to ride.And for arrestricted 650 goes not bad at all. Taking her on amountain ride today. Will keep you updated.
  8. Youre right in plenty of people who work in the industry riding the drz

    But mostly 520 ktm's now...
    More grunt and still lams.
  9. Did Brisbane to O'Reillys today on my 650 CFMOTTO today. She handles beautifully!
  10. Yeah but how long for???
  11. Good to see someone actually has a 650NK. I'm in the process of getting finance for one at the moment... Hope to hear back from them today/tomorrow.
  12. The information you have given appears to be incorrect.

    South Africa is not on the list of prescribed countries for direct licence transfer. This means you need to pass a Qld driving test. It does NOT mean you end up on a restricted licence or a power limited motorcycle.

    The only situation in Australia where this is not normally the case is if:
    - you have held a full motorcycle licence overseas for less than the period in which you would be on P plates in Australia
    - your overseas licence is not a full (ie it has power/bike type restrictions) motorcycle licence
  13. To avoid starting from scratch, is there any possibility that you can still take the qld licence test and go straight to full licence (no restrictions) even though your sa licence is expired?

    If not, would it be possible to renew your sa licence even now?
  14. agreed about the supermoto
  15. Apearently. not. So I started from scratch or RE at least