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LAMS approved touring bikes?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ad91on, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Hey gang,

    Originally i was looking at upgrading my sachs 150kn to a honda NSR150SP, HOWEVER....

    A few things have changed.

    - i won't be upgrading for a little while so i'll be able to spend more money and

    - i may have a need to take a pillion on my green p's (it is legal) and

    - i may have to hit up the highways a fair bit.

    So basically, i'm after the opinions of the experts on here who could point me in the direction of a LAMS approved touring bike, or something even slightly inclined towards it.

    Ideally, the bike would have full fairings, hard luggage, some degree of mod cons (cruise control namely, although i know most things can be retrofitted), a nice big lazy engine comfortable at freeway speeds and capacity to take someone comfortably on the back.

    I know this is alot to ask from a LAMS bike, and i really haven't seen anything which is LAMS and like this... So, any ideas/suggestions?

    Price isn't really an object here yet, i'm just getting a bearing on my options.

  2. Obviously with that list of requirements the nsr just flew out the window :)

    GSX650F, SV650S, GS500F would be my suggestions, but there are some older lams bikes that would work well.

    Also, dont think you'll be able to find any lams bikes with cruise control. Some sort of throttle lock may be the go, eg. vista cruise or bar end type, or rocker. Unless you want to fork out a grand for the real deal cruise control.
  3. I do like the look of that GSX650F....

    phizog, you owned a SV650S? What do you think of them?

    As far as older bikes, what would I be looking at?

    Thanks heaps for the reply!
  4. Yeah I had an SV650S, loved it and one day will get another. Tonnes of personality, sound fantastic with a pipe, comfortable but sporty enough to entertain you. Very popular bike overseas for both road and racing so theres alot of parts and mods available. Reliable, cheap to buy, run and maintain.

    Theres also the ER6F which has been recently added to the LAMS list, might be worth talking to kawa dealer to find out more about that one as its very similar to the SV, but more touring orientated (quite upright).

    As for the more touring capable bikes (which I find are typically older, hence why they fit into lams due to lower power output), someone with experience in those type of bikes will step in to make some suggestions.
  5. How about a BMW R65? That would be sweet as a LAMS tourer!
  6. The GSX650F would be my pick for a LAMS bike to be used mainly for touring.

    Fit it with a set of Givi hard luggage, some Oxford heated grips, a Corbin seat and maybe a taller aftermarket screen and you've got a tourer that would do most road based touring for most people.

    The Kawasaki KLR650 can also be kitted out with various types of luggage, seats and heated grips and would be my pick if I wanted a LAMS adventure tourer.

    If you're a bit short or light then the GS500F suzuki and the DR650 suzuki are shorter, lighter alternatives to the above 2 options.
  7. GSX650F

    ER6 will be worth a look too even without full fairing
  8. For older bikes you'd be mostly looking at the following (pulled straight from RTA list):

    Honda CB500 & 650 (naked but grunty)

    Kwaka ER500's (naked twin)

    Suzuki GS500 (faired or naked, reliable)

    Yamaha XJ550 & 650 (fast naked fours . . . fast!), also the XS650 (more laid-back big twin)

    Most of this stuff would be easily doable for a tourer, retrofitting IMO is the best option because you're only paying for things that you'll use. Also, it'll mean you have a good set of touring gear for your next bike. Servicing is a breeze because they're all air-cooled rigs, and most are in a fairly mild state of tune. A bullet fairing, tank bag and throw-overs for the rear will see something very usable and fun.

    The hotshot of the group is the Yammie XJ650 with a startling 72 stock horses and a top whack of over 200 clicks! Sounds like a recipe for good, easy touring to me. The reliability prize would have to go to the GS500 as I've never heard a bad word said about it. Plus, its basic engine design is in its 3rd (4th?) decade of use and is thoroughly sorted.

    Bad points on these fellows will be that a lot are nearing high mileages and that the ones that aren't may be demanding classic prices. I myself picked up a Suzuki GS850 (that has less than 60k on the clock!) for $600 almost ready to roll, so there are bargains out there! Anywho, if you put work into something older it'll make a very nice rig to tour on.

    A wildcard option would be to get a larger trailbike like a Yamaha TT600 or Suzuki DR650 and rig that for touring. Think about it; upright & relaxed position, torquey engine, good suspension. Throw in an extra-padded seat and a few storage options and you'd be set! Plus, they're light and fairly nippy so you'd still be able to have a blast on them when the panniers are off.

    Well, thats about it from me (can you tell I've been thinking about doing it myself?).

    Cheers! - boingk
  9. A claimed (and optimistic) 72 horses, and they are flat out at about 180kph, I should know... I had one.

    But despite that they are actually quite a good bike, although they are getting very long in the tooth these days.
  10. Heaps of great options, thanks guys.

    I think i might try and wriggle may way to a GSX650F because i like how it looks... I know i know i shouldn't choose one on looks and i'm not going to, but it'll be the first thing i look at.

    After that however, i really like the sound of those yamaha XJ550/650s, because lets face it, fast is good!! :D

    However the BMW R65 definately has a coolness about it that i like for some reason, i think that has something to do with being able to say i own a BMW but also i have always really liked BMW bikes.

    So for full on good quality luggage, what would be the go?

    Also, what more would i be getting out of an 'adventure tourer'?
  11. I went with Givi,
    I've also bought a MRA touring screen, which offers a bit more protection but looks better than the stock one
  12. Four40, that's just about what i was wanting :D

    How does it perform? Could you give me an approximate price for that set up including bike?

    Thanks heaps for the photos.
  13. I haven't really had a lot of weight in the panniers whilst riding, but I have ridden to and from Kangaroo Valley and fuel economy was the same as without having the boxes on.

    Cost wise, in the vicinty of ouch!. $550 for top box and $1300-$1400 for rack and panniers, I think. As my last bike only had a ventura bag, I wanted something a bit more shaped and lockable.
    However, the convenience factor outweighs the cost. I can lock all my gear in my boxes, including my keys and hit the surf without having to carry anything :woot:
  14. Isn't the old 650 Honda Deauville LAMs?
  15. What about a BMW F650GS ??? I'm fairly sure they're LAMS approved
  16. The old 650 Deauville is indeed LAMS.

    As are the "old" (pre-2008) BMW F650GS bikes. 2008 onwards they became 800cc.
  17. The Deauville is an easy winner for best LAM's tourer. Rare shaft drive for a learner machine, comes stock with hard luggage. Pricey though.

    BMW F650GS is an excellent bike, but again expensive for what it is. Aprilia pegaso is basically the same, but much cheaper. There were 2 kinds of aprilia pegaso, a 1st generation that was an adventure tourer like the BMW, and a 2nd gen that was more road focused. I'd easily take the 2nd gen over the BMW if it's only going to be a road bike.
  18. They are. I've got the Dakar GS, 2 panniers and a top box. Good protection from the screen and I'm two metres tall!!
  19. I've looked at heaps of these bikes now, and i've made a shortlist:

    GSX650F - Pretty awesome, only thing is i have to find a LAMS one and they're really pushing it for my monies
    SV650S - Same as above, gotta find a LAMS one, much more within my price range.
    GS500F - Slightly smaller, all LAMS, i love the look and full fairing, also within my price range
    ER6F - Can't actually see it on the LAMS list, but the ER650C is on there, and is pushing my price.
    R65 - These things are really cool, and at the bottom end of my budget. Only thing that puts me off is the age of the things.
    NT650V Deauville - Ideally, this would be the one. I saw one under 7k, has shaft drive and full hard luggage. Still at the higher end of my budget, however.
    F650GS - Pretty cool, but are still expensive for what they are.

    So basically I'm going for either a Deauville, SV650S or GS500F.

    Many of the older bikes i failed to find prices for, hence their exclusion.

    Won't be for a little while, however!

    Thanks for all your help everyone, made my searching much, much easier!

  20. Would be perfect... Would be my choice, that's for sure.

    Hmm, or one of the older TransAlps, before they went up to 700cc, I think they were LAMs.