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NSW LAMS Approved R6?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Justin Stacks, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Maybe ask him the specifics although he doesnt sound very approachable (a good strategy on his part) and any issue will be the new buyer's, not his. Whatever he's done, it better be pretty f-ing amazing to justify 15K for a 2006 R6. Whilst ok, the later year R6s are the pick as they didnt spin crank bearings, revised front end for more feel, redesigned tank that doesnt grind and catch fire/explode, more midrange and ~10+hp.
  2. I wouldn't touch it with a very long barge pole.
  3. Is it on the NSW LAMS list? No? Then it's not approved. End of story.
  4. Saw a similar thing with a gsxr in victoria
  5. What crazycam said
  6. Wait wut? A LAMs approved R6, but he's upgrading cause he wants a faster bike...

  7. Could be one of the admin f-ups. My Hornet is a LAMS bike according to the rego. Even got past a bike cop pulling me over in the last 2 weeks of restrictions.
  8. QLA96

    Weird. LAMS approved for sure. Must be an error.
  9. He is not really selling it well. That doesn't sound like too much fun.
  10. There is no way it's LAMs approved, Those front brakes could stop my 1.5tonne car, let alone a bike. lol
  11. Quick Google shows a heap of threads on this around the web. Some claims are RTA error. One claim that "some guy" was restricting them and getting approval before the RTA stopped it.

    I'd stay clear of it.
  12. Question is (for the seller), Why sell it? Why not just revert it? It's not like the bike is a slouch...
  13. i call bullshit.

    he got lucky with the RTA and they misclassified. you reckon whoever buys it will get as lucky when they re-register?

    OR he got it dynod and it only puts out 50hp.

    either way... FAIL.

    do you REALLY wanna be the learner on an overpriced riced up detuned R6?...
  14. He's on Red P's and might be hassled about being pulled over again with 2 years left on Green P's (assuming he doesn't have a full car license) and the LA approval being removed if it was an administrative error.
    There's mention in the quick search I did about one for sale like this in around July 2012. It might be this one. He's already mentioned being pulled over.
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    Looks @ Tags on the ad -> Tags: mercedes audi m3 amg gtr gts suzuki gsxr r1 kawasaki honda cbr 250 rr bmw clubsport hsv lexus

    hmmm, Not only does this guy sound like a bit of a smartass he is also really trying hard to pass this off as something special when it's really just a clerical error. Nothing a quick inquiry to the RMS/RTA won't fix :D
  16. I could be wrong, it has happened before, but I think WANKER is the word you are really looking for.
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  17. It's not even roadworthy...
  18. I wonder if it's an inside job...guy has a mate working with RTA (Roads & Maritime), mis-classify the bike as LAMS on purpose, then try to sell the bike at an inflated price, split the profit and do it again in a few months o_O

    Make some $$$ off unsuspecting LAMS riders that don't know much. By the time it gets noticed, scammers are long gone and it's just passed off as a clerical error.
  19. If it's the same Bike that was advertised last year on ebay he has probably paid a packet for it and might find he is out of pocket if it is sold as non-LAMS.
    I just asked if it is restricted in any way. Probably won't get a reply.