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LAMS Approved Honda CR500E

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kernel, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320774242923

    Yeah, as if this is LAMS approved in any state... it has WAY too many kW/tonne (can't be bothered calculating the figure).

    I sent him a message telling him that he was full of shit about the LAMS part, it's way too powerful, besides it's not on the LAMS list for victoria...

    This is the response I got:


  2. What a brain surgeon he must be.

    That is hilarious tho. I can just see some poor bastard buying it and then flipping himself straight off once it hits the power...

    And if it is infact lams, he should post a picture of his rego label!
  3. Lol I know a guy who has an XR400R registered as an XR400 so he has LAM on his rego sticker and gets away with riding a non-lams bike but there's no fucking way you're getting LAM on the rego sticker of a CR500

    Come to think of it, it wouldn't be that hard to forge a rego sticker and put LAM in the bottom right hand corner, since that's all the cops really look for... you'd want to know how to ride the damn thing first though
  4. strictly speaking, kernel, my vfr ain't lams but it's a similar situation to that xr400 you were talking about. It has it on the label so who cares. :D
  5. They are only 56hp stock, maybe closer than it first appears.
  6. I dont think id ever consider buying a bike of ebay, it just seems to be asking to be ripped off :/
  7. Inbetween him buying a bunch of car parts and bike bits he has also purchased

    1. a book title Only Love is Real
    2. a book titled Heaven's Mirror: Quest for the Lost
    4. some Vietnam Survival Snare Trapping Trip Wire
    and some Anti-aging - Activated Cellular Liquid Zeolite

    so i would question his state of mind to begin with.
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  8. Epic Egay stalk:LOL:
  9. God I want that bike so bad...
  10. It's on the QLD lams list. I wouldn't email someone to tell them they're wrong if I hadn't even checked. I'd post the link but some of you guys could use the googling practice. Pity it's so overpriced.
  11. I agree worth guys reply to you.

    Xr400r I would of thought that would be on the list.
  12. The best bit was when the seller called him a dick brain for being a dick brain.
  13. well I'll be damned... admittedly I only checked ACT and VIC, didn't check QLD, SA or NT... what can I say, I'm lazy :p
  14. OHHHH MAGOOO you've done it again
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  15. shutup i'm young and stupid :p
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  16. Lets see - 108kg quoted weight + 90 for the rider = 198kg

    54kw quoted power.

    54/198*1000 = 272kw/litre

    Just a little over...

    It may well be on the Qld LAMS list - it's obvious someone can't actually do arithmetic up there.
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  17. That or somebody who owns/owned a CR500E and was on their restrictions has/had a mate in the transport authority...
  18. Isn't 108kgs the dry weight, wouldn't it go off the wet weight?
  19. It's still going to be way over 150kw/tonne dude