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LAMs Approved CBR600!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rennie, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Hey all, just returned from the local RTA after transferring my newly aquired CBR600F4 into my name to realise that the rego sticker clearly shows "Cond. LAM" under the vin number! One slipped through the cracks??

    Which got me to thinking... has anyone else had this happen to them, and if so, what bike is it? I'm sure there's gotta be someone out there with a LAMs approved R1!?!? :p
  2. there is also a cb900 hornet a (think it was a) zx9r and dl650 that i have heard of come back with rego labels that say LAMS
  3. +1 There's a few threads around here about them. I think it happened to N*A*M with his cb900?
  4. Congrats, your bike just became alot more valueable :)
  5. A guy who comes to the Melbourne learner rides has a LAMS r6
  6. How does this happen?

    I'd have loved to have a CBR600 rather thank a CBF250 :)
  7. Ooooh, the insurance/accident/ "you're going to die" nazi's will be here any minute.
  8. You better report this mistake asap or you might have a void insurance policy and die!!!

    Just for your joel
  9. Thanks Geeth. I'm glad you were around to cover me.
  10. because it'll be extra loud, wear ear plugs.
  11. there must be a LAMS switch or something that they forget to turn off...

    The police had a word to the guy from the melb leanrer rides on the R6 with L plates a few weeks back, ill have to ask him if anything happened from it.
  12. what we have the you're going to die nazi's on here :shock:
  13. I think what workshops do is put a restrictor slide on them and then can pass them as a LAMS bike, but they have to do it on a bike by bike basis (which costs 1,500 approx. from memory). I know there's a certain shop in Syd that does it for R6's, CBR600's, GSXR600's and maybe ZX-6R's. But i wouldn't want a restricted 600 Sportsbike.
  14. IIRC someone from here (who's name i won't mention) had a Lams approved 600... Went to Vicroads and told them they made a mistake, and the idiots refused to acknowledge they made a mistake because they are obviously perfect. They refused to change it, and his bike was LAMS.

    AFAIK the police can't do shit to you if your rego label says LAMS, irregardless of what they "believe". LAMS rego label = LAMS registered bike in the eyes of the Government (Vicroads). Simple.
  15. LOL Everyone loves a competent government department, if the bureaucrats say its legit, the who are we to argue.

  16. My 2008 cbr600rr is LAMS registered. Have been to NSW RTA and was told the same thing. I just dont know how such a thing happens, surely the computer generates the paperwork. Oh and at 114hp its not restricted!
  17. Well your a lucky prick, cause the value of your bike just increased shitloads!
  18. Hahah, maybe the bike was reframed/dodgey numbers with some salvageable LAMS wreck :p
  19. somehow i think youd notice if that was done....
  20. That was my attempt at a possible explanation, give us yours :p

    Mate was going to reframe his dirtbike with the frame of a road going version of the same thing once (fked his), would have been 100% legitimate using a salvageable frame from wreckers, and all reciepts, sure dirtbikes arent sportsbikes, but theres an example that would have been a road registerable bike on paper.......after the ordeal with reregistering.