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LAMS approved bikeS?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by harris__6, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. what bikes are approved for P platers?

    i like the looks of the naked style bikes like suzuki sv650 (without the fairing), ducati monster what can people from here recomend.
  2. *cough*'Search' is your friend*cough*

    The SV is not LAMS. There's a version of the Monster that is, I believe.
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  4. can you recomend any of these bikes which have a naked styling??

    cheers for the link
  5. New or used?
    Best picks would probably be:
    Honda VTR250 (looks like a Monster, much cheaper to buy/run)
    Suzuki GS500 (cheap and bulletproof)
    Honda CB400 (expensive but good value for a long term keeper)

    Of course there's also other 2nd hand 250s:
    Suzuki Bandit/GSF250V
    Kawasaki Balius
    Yamaha Zeal
    Honda Spada
    Honda Hornet
  6. i just had a quick squiz at the vtr 250 they look great.

    ill probabbly get used, so with that what sort of K can i get out of one of these before i start to have issuses with it?
  7. Its a Honda.... They go on indefinitely if you maintain it properly.
  8. I was also curious, coming from a sports car background honda's are extremely expensive to fix/maintain; is this the same for bikes?