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LAMS Approved bikes (faired) - with pictures and comments

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by blint, May 18, 2008.

  1. Looking to see what is out there for a LAMS approved first bike, I have found many are asking the same questions as me.

    So I thought I would try and start a bit of a LAMS bike list complete with the following information:

    • Picture
      Price range
      Years Produced
      Anything else that people think is relevant.
    Its a bit of a Work in Progress so I would appreciate people's input. Note, i was only interested in the fully faired models (not the bare/open headlight type), so although a lot of these models come without the full fairing, I have not included them at this point.

    Kawasaki ZZR 250
    Price Range: $3000-$6000 (second hand), around $8000 new (might have changed with the introduction of the Ninja 250R
    Years Produced: 1991 - present
    Manufactured in:
    Pros: Better fairing rain protection and sportier riding position than the GPX250.
    Specs: 4-Stroke water cooled DOHC 8 valve parallel twin. Redlines at 14500RPM. 35hp / 27kW, 146kg, 20km/L, 170km/hr top speed.

    Kawasaki GPX250
    Price Range: $1,600 - $6,000
    Years Produced: 1988 - 2007
    Manufactured in: Japan
    Pros: Dirt Cheap, tough.
    Cons: Watch out for thrashed engines. Cinder-switch is occasionally burnt out so check it when buying. Wind shears prone.
    Blint's 6'3" Size Test: Pass, knees fit snugly beneath the lip on the fuel tank.
    Specs: water cooled DOHC 16 valve parallel twin. 28kW/40HP, 140kg, 18km/L, 160km/hr

    Suzuki Across GSX250F
    Price Range: $2,500 - $5,000
    Years Produced: 1990 - 1998 (??)
    Manufactured in:
    Pros: Excellent storage compartment where most put the petrol tank, 2 stage fuel warning lights before reserve.
    Cons: 12L fuel tank. Seat could be more comfy. No centre stand.

    Honda CBR250RR
    Price Range: $3,500-$6,500, over $7,500 for updated fairing.
    Years Produced: 1990-1996
    Manufactured in: Japan
    Pros: Can be updated with aftermarket fairings, redline of 18,500RPM, 34KW (30KW 94-96) makes it one of the fastest 250cc bikes that are LAMS Legal.
    Cons: More pricy due to demand. No centre stand.
    Specs: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC in-line 4 cylinder. 13.1L fuel tank.

    Honda CBR250
    Price Range:
    Years Produced: Grey Import - never released in Australia by the Manufacturer. Still legal.
    Manufactured in:

    Honda CBR250R
    Price Range:
    Years Produced: Grey Import - never released in Australia by the Manufacturer. Still legal.
    Manufactured in:

    Hyosung GT250R
    Price Range: $6,690 RRP for 2008 Model (might change now the Ninja has come out) - Second Hand price ???
    Years Produced: 2000's - Current
    Manufactured in: South Korea
    Cons: Build quality potential problems. TBA

    Hyosung GT650R(L)
    Price Range:$8990 RRP New, seen them around the $6K mark for a 2006 model.
    Years Produced: 2000's - Current
    Manufactured in: South Korea
    Pros: comes restricted to make it LAMS legal, but then can be unrestricted to unleash full potential. Means that you can hang on to your bike for longer (if Stigger's comments don't put you off). Its a great idea anyway.
    Cons: Build quality potential problems. TBA

    Suzuki GS500F
    Price Range: rumours of new price is $6,490 + on roads (to confirm), second hand bikes advertised from $5,500 - $7,500
    Years Produced: 2000's - Current
    Manufactured in:
    Pros: Got that extra power while still being LAMS legal.
    Blint's 6'3" Size Test: Pass, knees fit snugly beneath the lip on the fuel tank.

    Kawasaki 2008 Ninja 250R
    Price Range: $6,490 RRP new, around $7,200 including on roads.
    Years Produced: 2008 -
    Manufactured in: Thailand
    Pros: Style, handling balance, brakes, power delivery.
    Cons: Narrow-set mirrors, vibration. Too hard to get at the moment, everyone wants one. Not been around long long to determine if any bugs, but Kawasaki's rep is much above Hyo's.
    Blint's 6'3" Size Test: Marginal, knees are reasonably high up on the fuel tank, so they stick out a little more than some other bikes. Probably ideal for someone below 5'10", but saying that, I dont think it would have too much of a negative impact on riding, it didnt feel uncomfortable or look rediculous. I wouldnt let it stop you buying this bike, I just about chubbed up when I saw this bike in person.
    Specs: 249cc, parallel twin-cylinder four-stroke with eight valves; 33bhp at 11,000rpm (redlines at 13,000rpm), 16lb ft of torque at 8,700rpm. Six-speed gearbox, chain final drive, top speed 168mph (est), average fuel consumption 3.3L/100km.

    Aprilia RS125
    Price Range:
    Years Produced:
    Manufactured in: Italy?
    Pros: Good for racing
    Cons: Expensive to maintain. Not recommended if only want to commute between home and work.
  2. I'm building almost exactly this (as well as a quiz to determine ideal bikes based on questions answered) for a uni project at the moment;

    If you want to help out I'm going to have the flash file link to html pages containing all the different bikes, can browse these by categories. So I could give you the list of bikes and the html template to use. If you know how to use frontpage or dreamweaver thats enough :)


  3. great minds think alike! or is it necessity is the mother of all invention?

    anyway, i dont know how to use those programs, but i will be very keen to see what you come up with. Sounds very good. When its up and running this might be a little redundant.
  4. No worries. I might put up a post later to see if I can enlist the help of a few people who know how to edit html pages who can save me some time doing research :D
  5. Good idea. Can I suggest however that "got that 20 year old look" is not a con, it's purely subjective and people can make their own minds up. Besides, not everybody is the sort of nancy that would buy a dunger like the Hyosung just because they think it'll make them look cool.
  6. yeah fair enough, i just wanted to start by populating it with some information. The pictures speak for themselves on that one.

    *all looks comments now removed*
  7. CBR250RR. nuff said. :LOL:

    In all honesty I'd get any of those bikes. Except a hyosung. Went for a ride with a mates 05 hyosung and it was leaking shit everywhere and just a bucket to ride compared to my 10 year old CBR which is practically bullet proof and a ton of fun to ride.
  8. Good idea I will be watching this with interest hope it go's well

    bye the bye I bike with no Fairing is a naked bike ,

  9. Why is the SXV550 LAMS :shock:

    (there's a subtle hint there for taller learner riders that like corners)
  10. You may want to include specs as well.
  11. yeah will consider that too, will update over the next couple of weeks. Wouldnt mind hearing from some people with the bikes for specs or positive or negative attributes.
  12. I have no freakin idea.

    Actually I do. Restricted they are poo carts, but they were never designed to be ridden that way, it's just a compliancing thing.
  13. what happened to this list

    honda 250

    suzuki gsx250


    yamaha rd250
  14. Most of the list has already been done for you:

    Just need to add the (few) larger bikes that are LAMs legal (ignoring those which are far too old/rare to be worth it for anyone other than deranged enthusiasts).
  15. sorry not keen on expanding this to naked bikes at the moment, let alone not very common naked bikes.
  16. What's so great about a fairing? It's learner bikes.
    Chances are learners would break the fairing somehow.
  17. Had to draw the line somewhere, and personally I (and others it appears) like the look of faired bikes. Someone is welcome to do the same thing with naked bikes, but as it will not help me to choose a bike it's not something I am personally willing to put time into.

    Yes we are all aware that we will drop our bikes (so everyone says), and I cant say anything to the contrary really not being in that position yet, but I would still prefer a scratched faired bike to a naked bike.
  18. Well your list is still missing:
    Aprilia RS125
    Cagiva Mito
    MuZ Skorpion
    Honda Deauville 600/650
  19. cheers for that, which of these are grey imports? Im not sure if I should limit it to those that are promoted in Australia by the manufacturer or extend to grey imports too.

    That being said, if its an awesome bike, I think I will include it.
  20. AFAIK everything down to, and including, the GSX400F is import only - everything else was sold here officially (but may also be imported).