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LAMS and motorcycle licensing?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by christrails, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Ok so basically how does it work?

    Do you stay under the lams laws for the whole period until your on your blacks? (unrestricted?)

    also can you guys explain how it works?

    I go for the test thingy and then I'm on my L's for a year? then P1's (reds) for 1 year then greens (p2) for 2 years then blacks? or is it something different?

    I don't know what it is, to much info from different things, I just want to know do you stay under LAMS laws for the whole of the license period until your unrestricted? and also how long does you L's and P's go for?

    I say this because I want to know whether or not going for a larger 250cc+ bike is good for the 4 years? (i don't know if it actually is 4 years but anyway)

    or if it is only like 2 or something and get a 250cc ninja or cbr250r.

  2. permit test
    get permit
    minimum 3 months, maximum 15 months on L's
    P plate test
    12 months on that (don't have to display P's if you have a full drivers licence)

    ONLY THEN can you be .05 and carry a pillion.


    L's only go for 15 months if you do things as fast as you can, then you can get whatever bike you want. No learner bike is going to satisfy, so just get a cheap runabout and then upgrade after the 15 months
  3. Sorry I didn't state NSW :S
  4. Lams is up to 650 cc
  5. If you consider Ducati Monster, it's upto 659. :)
  6. =; Are you even going to display the P plate anyway?
  7. Don't if you have a full car license when your on your greens p's you dont need to legally though right? Always though, why not? who cares if it looks bad we all start somewhere. Of course I will display it, the pro's don't outweigh the bad consequences.
  8. I thought it was 660cc? hence the duke monster being legal 659cc version?

    To much for a first bike lol, 1. It's a duke. 2. Yes I ride dirt bikes but wouldn't put that much money between my legs with very little road experiences with bikes.
  9. yeah it is 660 not 650 because you can get the yam xt660 and tener 660

    and if i had the money when i first got my bike i would definitely get the duke
  10. spend about 3-5 k getting a grey import sports bike if your a young guy , will do you well for three years.
  11. Grey import? meaning? sorry :S
  12. Means it was originally sold elsewhere as a new bike, probably in a country where there isn't much of a second hand market like Japan. Then an importer buys an auction lot of cheap trade in bikes, ships them over to Australia and gets them complianced for sale here.
  13. So your question is DR650 or XT660R??
  14. Continuing on... potential problems, OP:

    So no history of the bike from its original market.
    Thrashed/been sitting in storage for a lengthy time/not well maintained (heard stuff about high turnover overseas), likely. Crashed? Who knows.
    Compliance dates fool a lot of people (This 2006 CBR250RRRRRRRR is one of the fastest LAMS bikes out, is pretty new and has been well looked after since I bought it, even better with only 24000km on the clock! Gold!).
    Insurance hassles.
    And possibly difficulty getting parts.

    I don't really know what I think about the whole grey import front. There are plenty of older bikes (90s sports bikes, om nom nom) I'm rather fond of which would likely involve going down that path... bit funny for someone like me who worries about the ~2700km already ridden by other people on my current bike. :p
  15. Good thing to check when buying a bike. The vin. previous owner might not even know he bought one, and could be selling at real deal prices.
    Most greys are ok. But a few come ova that are write offs repaired. General rules is if it sounds too good to be true walk away or offer half what he wants. If he agrees walk away.