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LAMS advice needed

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by the100rub, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Hi

    I am in the process going through Learners permit, and considering LAMS Cruiser as my first bike.

    Live in Mount Evelyn (Vic) and work in Boronia. I will using this bike for ride to work (2-3 days) and on weekends.

    I personally like the looks of Kawasaki Vulcan S (2015) and looked at Yamaha V Star as well. I don't want spend more than 11k as plus $ will be spend on gears too.

    I want to keep the bike for atleast 3-4 years or may be more so looked at bike with little more power (0ver 250 cc) to keep me going.

    I have not test ridden any above bikes, yet and was reading about it.

    Can anyone please share their experience with above 2 and approx how much they paid and maintenance cost?

    Also am open for other suggestions regarding different bike ( naked,sport etc)

    Thank you :)
  2. Hi, welcome to biking and you new addiction!

    I had a Vstar 650, and rode most of the lams cruisers on the market.

    Short story: if you plan on keeping it for 3+ years, get a Vstar 650 classes or custom.
    The kwaka is nice but not cruiser enough on my opinion, being a parallel twin rather than a v twin.
    You'll get bored very quickly with less than a 650, since cruisers are very heavy.
    The Harley street 500 is nice but more cafe racer and definitely not as nice to ride as the Vstar 650.
    The hyosungs didn't do it for me and most other cruisers don't have the capacity.
    The Vulcan is a ninja in disguise if you ask me! Being chain drive and what not!
    The Vstar is rock solid, great to ride, reliable, shaft drive, and has the proper cruiser v twin sound if you go with Vance and Hines crusier pipes!
    Here was mine. image.
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  3. This is a really vague thread mate. U need to test ride some bike to determine what type of bike u like riding. Sports bike where u are hunched right over and your triceps are burning and your neck is sore. More upright naked / sportier bike that is more comfy or a laid back cruiser that's heavier and a bit slower in the corners with your feet forward on the pegs. Once u get the answer to this then we can go from there
  4. Thanks Bam Bam, your bike is awesome. I will definitely check out the Yamaha Classic / Custom model. :)
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  5. Thanks Basejumper for the input, your comments really make sense and also, pointed me in the right direction :)
  6. Check out the second hand bikes, as a new rider, it is often better to buy a used one, saves money, and any drops aren't as bad.
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  7. Welcome, what sort of weekend riding do you plan to do ?
    A nice cruiser ( 400 - 650 ) will handle your daily commute nicely, but may not be enough for you on the weekend.
    You can get some good deals on them, and you'll occasionally see one for sale on here.
    Test a few different bikes from some dealers and then decide what will suit you best, and which one rings your bell.
  8. Welcome to NR, first bike? What of 'look' do you like? Then go sit yourself one a couple of different bikes and see what feels comfy for you, once you work that out (research) then you can think about spending dollars. Lams bikes come in all shapes n sizes and you may get pissed if you feel you hought the wrong bike aftr a month or so. Second hand as mentioned above is the go for first bike so it it wont feel as bad when you drop it. Good luck with your choice theres alot to choose from. I had a vstar clssic think it was my third bikem I am lazy and use front brakes only, cruisers need to have back brakes used too, just an fwi and thats why I sold mine. First bike was a naked 258vtr, great startup bike, neutral everything, ride position power is enough for a learner ans commuter. But everyone is different and has different needs, so choose what suits your needs.
  9. Just remember it'll be harder to pass your P's in a cruiser and it'll be harder to pass the P's on a larger bike, so if you do end up with a V Star, you may want to consider hiring a bike for the P's - but that's dependant on your abilities, confidence, practice etc. The V Star does look like a nice bike though :)
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  10. Yes, I am checking them out too. My only concern was if there is something wrong with them.. I won't be able to tell/find out unless I hire some professional for that. Other, was money to spend on repairs if any major.

    Having said, I am considering both ( new / used ( min 2011 yr old).

  11. Thanks Its good point, need to be mindful of.

    I actually liked Vulcan S from its look so started looking at cruiser range as mind was stuck.
    Initial search of mine was around NInja300/HondaCBR500 :)
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  12. Thanks Goddie, I started from looks of Ninja/Honda CBR.. after reading here moved to naked (Kawa/KTM) as suggestions were bike with fairing cost a bit if damaged. Then I saw VulcanS and read great comments about Yama Customs/Classic cruiser :)

  13. Thanks Stever42, my weekend riding will be around Mount Dandenong/Lilydale/Yarra Glen/ Silvan for fun and sometime in CBD if weather allows.
  14. Been down Elizabeth st in town on a Saturday morning and looked at all the bikes parked on the footpaths?
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  15. Another V Star owner here. I bought it in 2011 and still got it. Have clocked up a bit over 40 K kilometres since then and have loved every single one.

    Great learner bike and the reason I still have it. As above, I have Vance & Hines Cruzers on and they sound awesome.

    Still one of the biggest seller in the learner segment so that speakes for itself.
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  16. I love to do, got to move house in 8 days time so busy with packing :). Loved ur advise...
  17. Like basejumperbasejumper said, go ride a whole lot of bikes and see what agrees with you and what floats your boat! Come back sith2 or 3 choices for more targeted feedback. But enjoy the process, it's part of the fun!
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  18. Can I ask, today if you have to buy LAMS bike ( any of the type) which one you go for?
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  19. See previous answer. It depends on you, what you like, not wgT I like? Go ride some and see how they feel. What makes you feel good. Yes take advice where needed but ultimately it's your . Cut your list and see what the guys say....

    I'm too old for LAMS. My wife's ninja is fun, but I'd personally opt for more oomph - but then again I don't need to learn how to ride a bike.
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