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VIC LAMS adventure/touring bike

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by ambs, Nov 17, 2015.

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm looking to upgrade from the trusty CB250 to something with a bit more grunt, bigger size and more comfortable seating and i've been eyeing off the 650 v-strom and versys in particular.

    Unfortunately i've still got 2+ years on my LAMS restrictions but there are some restricted 650s out there so i thought I'd make a post.

    Obviously cheaper is better, ideally something fuel injected with ABS also.

    Willing to travel to any state and ride it back, but i'm located in VIC.

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  2. Thanks mate, I've got my eyes on bikesales/gumtree/ebay etc, more posting here in case someone had something they're considering selling and havent posted up yet, but cheers!
  3. They area good bike, people tend to hold on to them and not upgrade even when they are post LAMS especially if they like a bit of off road, much lighter that many dual purpose out there particularly when you get up in size. By the way it is the DL650AUE model you want to be LAMS approved.
  4. Beautiful, had no idea what model but that makes it easier to search for. Yeah they seem to be loved bikes, especially the v-stroms, So many unrestricted 650s and hardly any with restrictions floating around, the ones that are there seem a good 2-4k more expensive than their non-lams counterparts :(
  5. Hi there ThedocawareThedocaware I have been thinking of upgrading my Husqvarna Strada which has been set up for adventure riding to a larger sports tourer. Not sure if this is the kind of bike on your radar but definitely another option to a V-Strom. Not sure how to post a pic up here though.
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  6. they're great looking bikes but im not sure they're lams approved are they?
  7. I just checked and they are lams approved, What sort of mods/setup have you done to it? And how much are you after for it?
  8. I've added a bash plate, crash bars, alloy bars with barkbusters and has 50/50 tyres front and rear and a small screen other than that it's all pretty standard. Had plans to do some outback adventures but have found most of my rides are all road so it's a little bit wasted on me. I would realistically be looking for around $5,500.
  9. Man its sounds like a beautiful package but the top end of my budget would be 3.5-4k tops, edging more towards the 3-3.5k. I wont insult you by offering so little but thanks for the suggestion anyway, I think ill have to get a husky some time in the future i love how they look.

    Good luck with the sale though!
  10. BMW GS650 might be worth a look, also the GS650A Sertao if you want more dirt oriented.
  11. Yeah they're nice looking bikes, in general im a little worried about highway speed vibrations though,any experience?
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