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LAMs & $6k to spend

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by lamchop, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Hi all, FINALLY got my license after decade of opposition (missus is a nurse and patches up riders, in-law a cop so cleans them up off the road).

    Now I've got about $6000 to spend on a bike, maybe a touch over for kit too.

    I'm tossing up between a Suzuki GS500 and a GSX650. SV 650s look cool too, but their pricey with restrictors still attached...
    Ill be doing a fair bit of long nice rides, which is what turned me away from CBRs and the like.

    What would you do with $6k?
  2. I'm biased but I'd save ~2k more and buy a second hand CB400.

    GS500 isn't restricted in any way, just a boring bike in general.

    Another option might be a Versys which would be good for the long rides you mentioned. But it'd be a slightly older example and engine restricted.
  3. +1

    The CB400 is a ripper of a bike. The GS500 is just a big lump of pig iron.

    Other option is the GSX650FU. Great bike, I learned on one, and easily derestrictable when you want to. Just don't tell anyone.
  4. Yeah, I'm a Honda man, but I know the 400 has more than 400ccs worth of ponies :wink:
  5. What sort of riding do you plan on doing? Height can also be a factor. A mate hjas just gone from a GS500E to a Ninja 650rl and loves it.
  6. Another vote for the CB400, great bike!

    Could use the saved money on extra good gear or extra bike bling...
  7. CB400 for sure.

    Will be soooooo easy to sell when the time comes as well.
  8. +1 CB400 - one of the best quality and well put together LAMS bike available.
  9. I'm going to jump on the CB400 bandwagon. I've got one and I love it. I've ridden a GS500 and I loathed it. It's a personal thing, but I'm glad I spent the extra money and bought the Honda - well worth it in my limited experience opinion.
  10. I'm a new rider, with a GS500 naked. I don't know the CB400 so I can't compare, but no doubt what people are saying about it is true. But seeing as you mentioned GS500, I will add my perspective on how it's working out for me:

    I am really happy with my bike (except the seat to pedal distance is too short for my leg length).

    I bought it at 2.5 years old with 26500km for $4k. Plus I spent $1200 on all gear except no "motorcycle" boots yet, using other reasonably suitable boots.

    Today I went for a big group ride around the countryside twisties with experienced riders. I had a blast, and kept up with some much more expensive bikes no worries. I have just figured out how and done all the major service myself, it is a simple bike, and parts are inexpensive and available. I am getting about 4 to 5 l/100km on open road and the tank is 20 litre although I haven't run it from full to empty.

    So maybe it is not very sexy, or fast off the line, but certainly value for money and very forgiving to ride with a wide power band in all gears.

    Once I'm off LAMS restrictions, then I'll have the experience to choose a better bike that really suits me, and put the money I've saved towards it. And it will hold its resale value pretty well. So at this stage of my learning, I love my "big lump" GS500. :)
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  11. ^ This is what it's about.........
  12. CB400 has a lot of fans, I've had mates tell me to get one too. I like the bike too, but have never ridden it.

    I'm 5'10, and will ride a mix of Melb CBD, trips out to the twisties and a few interstate rides.

    I posted a thread under Bikes/Reviews with my height, trips and so on https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=131794

    I did look at the GSX650 -- good bike then?