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LAMS / 6"4

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by manrig, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Hi
    I'm going to purchase a bike soon
    I've been looking at 250's (GPX ZZR FZR)

    Just asking for any suggestions / personal exp on reliable
    bikes that look and ride well, is affordable and fits my build of
    90kg (6"4)

    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi,

    I'm 6'5" and ride a suxuki across GSX250F. My legs don't quite fit in the cutouts but they are very shallow so it's not at all uncomfortable. I have ridden for a few hours straight with no issues whatsoever. It's a great bike (if a little slow, but hey it's a 250cc inline 4). Big for a 250, I have sat on a GPX and for me, the across is the more comfortable (and better looking IMHO) bike for us tall people. Plus if you don't mind the limited range, the storage compartment is super handy!!
  3. I've heard of exemptions being made in some states for very tall people, maybe ask.
  4. I managed to squeeze onto a VTR250, at 6'4 and long legs.

    Legroom is a bit cramped on the VTR, but it didn't stop me covering about 45,000km on one in the space of 15 months.

    Bigger than the VTR250.... The grey-import Honda Hornet 250 (aka CB250F, not to be confused with CBF250 which is another bike altogether) is probably the physically biggest 250 road bike.

    The Hyosung GT250R is also physically quite large, but Hyosung have quality concerns and poor warranty support in Australia. YMMV.

    Failing that, dualsport/dirtbike/supermoto bikes are good for lanky people too.

    Edit: Your profile doesn't say which state/territory you live in. If your state/territory offers LAMS, there are much physically-larger bikes in the 500cc and 650cc bike range, with far greater torque and often more power than the 250cc bikes.
  5. If you are in a LAMS State then you also have things like the GS500 or GS650 or the F version of the two.
  6. Where are you? :grin:
  7. Melbourne :)
  8. If your a fairly large person, your much better off with a 500cc bike or bigger.

    I am 6'2 and weigh in at a buck twenty and have no difficulty riding my wifes GS500F.

    Im tipping you would be more comfortable on a bigger bike.

    Leave the 250's for the jockeys out there.

  9. I am 6'4" at 110 and ride a GS500. Highly recommended.
  10. Hi - 6'3 and 105kg on a cb250.

    Do yourself a favour and get a gs500. Cheap, reliable, plenty of second hand stock with enough room and torque to move a big guy around.
  11. GS500 off the top of my head, apart from the mighty CX500 of course :wink:
  12. RS125 is surprisingly large for a 125, if you want to go down that route :wink:

    I'd also put in a punt for the Hyosungs, they felt pretty good to me although concerns about reliability certainly are valid. Do a search if interested.

    Older bikes on the LAMs list will allow you to get some nifty stuff fairly cheap, especially if you're willing to do work on it. FJ650's comes to mind, as do DR650's. Both are cheap on the secondhand market, the former coming with 72 horses to propel you forwards...go figure.

    Cheers - boingk

    EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm 6'3" and 90kg.
  13. I went down looking for a bike onsaturday. tried:
    07 & 09 GS500
    03 & 08 SV650.

    Im 125kg and 6ft.

    Both GS500s were roomy enough. just. I have long legs so on a long ride it might have been a litle unconfortable. but still ok. nice setaing position made up for it. both had more leg room than the 03 sv650.

    The 08sv650 was a bigger bike and plenty of room. but costs more.

    the street triple was perfect but I cant afford one. so I mainlky just droolled over the few differant models they had.
  14. Same height, 20kgs heavier and i went a DRZ400SM for the room and the low end torque, was a great bike for a learner as its very easy to maneuver. Now on a speed triple and its comfy comfy.
  15. I just picked up a 2009 GS500 (naked) yesterday, I'm 6 foot 2 and it fits me like a glove.

    Recommend the GS500 any day of the week, especially if its a 2009 black one, its dead sexy!
  16. its a weight and height thing. im a big bloke and height wise the GS500 was fine, but a little small framewise.

    the gs500s are nice bikes. I pick up my sv650 tomorrow.