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LAM's & 250cc Bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete the freak, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. Straight to a 650, I like to live dangerously

  2. Somewhere in between

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  3. Stick to my 250 thanks...

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  1. Just a "makes you wonder" post, mostly for NSW folks but...

    Remember when LAM's came in and everyone said that sales of 250's would fall off, prices for 250's would plummet and all the 251-650 bikes would become the new 250's?

    Has it happened? I can't see any evidence. Everywhere I look at bikes, the 250's are all about the same price as they always were and the new LAM's approved bikes like the RVF400 have jumped into the market at a higher price...

    Now for the conspiracy theorists, this could be seen as a bit of a skam. "let's let the schmucks think we're doing them a favour by allowing them up to a 650, then we'll charge through the nose for these midrange bikes cause no-one'll want a 2fiddy anymore. But we'll keep the 2fiddy prices the same just so we can rort everyone equally" or some such thing...

    I don't know, just musing...

    It would be interesting to see if the RTA actually published some figure on what capacity bikes NSW Learners are actually riding. Have we taken to LAM's in a big way, or is it the select few jumping onto the big LAM's bikes...
  2. If you werelearing under LAM's... :?

    learing can make people uncomfortable you know.. :LOL: :LOL:

    Sorry, couldn't help myself :wink:
  3. fixed... :oops:
  4. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that although the 650cc bikes on the list are regulated to keep power/weight below the magic 150kw/tonne figure some 250cc bikes which are allowed under LAMS have a power/weight figure that exceeds this value (the 250 Bandit/Kat having a power/weight of 163kw/tonne and that's using the wet weight of the bike). Bikes like the Hyosung 650 produce less power than many 4 cylinder 250s and weigh more - the only advantge is being able to de-restrict later on, but surely it's more fun to buy another bike.
  5. Main reason. The number of second hand bikes available for LAMS isn't there yet.

    Unless you've got a bucket load of cash, most learners aren't going to by a brand new bike.

    Supply vs demand.

    I was always going to learn on an old bike that I'd have no issues with dropping. A brand new 650 would. Plus rego costs are also higher for those bikes.
  6. kaer's absolutely right there.

    i'm on L's and i don't wanna spend money on a bigger bike cause i know that once i'm over restrictions i'm gonna upgrade to another bike anyway. so in the meantime i'm just gonna settle for something cheap and reliable. now if they restricted the zx6r so that it was LAMS i'd definitely be getting that now!
  7. Well guys I just put an order in for a GT650R Hyo.. I couldnt justify paying 6K for a bike thats has a supposed 30K odo on it... and is 14 Years old.. just as an example..

    I was going to buy a 250 but hey if I can really get 2 bikes for one why would i bother...

    I will continue on my restricted bike for a year then de restrict it.. guys I must say the reason for me buying the hyo wasnt power it was more the fact... Insurane is way cheaper.. under $500 full comp. Rego was actually the same as a 250... it all depends where you live.. LOL.. The main reason is brand new bike still with warranty for 2 years.. Why not.. I see it as a more viable option..

    I test road it and thats what made me chage my whole mind on the whole 250 concept.. I wasnt really in the market for a big new expensive bike.. but after riding a couple of 250's in cluding some inports I must say the Hyo crapped all over them.. Better feel, better brakes, better handling, much better sound.. OMG Fuel gauge ! :eek: LOL :LOL:

    For me the 650 was a heaps better alternative to some older hunker that wasnt worth the money...

    my opinion... people should try these bikes out you may end up very surprised just like I am..

    Just to top that... The 250 hyo was just as good.. again why pay 6K for a 10 - 14 year old bike when you can get a new one at 7K...

    I guess it all depends on the person...
  8. From my recollections of testing out the Hyo 250, i'd say that it was anything but 'good'. Brakes were average, suspension felt lifeless and unresponsive, and the power delivery was IMHO pitiful.

    Again, may just be personal preference... but i'd much rather be learning on something that i can grow into; as opposed to be bored out of.
  9. Again i agree it depends on the person..

    Someone may like the suspension etc.. it all comes down to personal preference..

    But my point here is the cost of OVERPRICED bikes that are old and usually been thrashed.. Why get one when you can buy one new..

    Im not trying to promote HYO but... I just see it as a more sensible option..

    Again... I will use mine as a tourer on weekends.. Im not taking it to track days or trying to race anyone.. Its just an enjoyable relaxing thing for me so maybe my views will be different to someone else who wants to use a bike for performce reasons..

    I still think they have some get up and go.. compared to the bikes I did test ride though !
  10. True, but there are plenty of good 250s out there other than the overhyped and overpriced models (eg CBR250RRs) which are only around the $3~4,000 mark. And at the end of restrictions you could probably sell for about the same as what you bought it for. Still I guess some people need to buy new, means more used bikes for others to choose from.
  11. mate i own a hyo GT650R and couldnt be happier with it! its all down to personal choice

    plus hyosung have just realeased a full fairing 250 model as well which is quite cheap as well

  12. jim8o,

    How long have you had it ?

    Ive been wanting to chat to a couple of people who own one.

    JD... Thats the thing CBR250RR arent going for that kind of money.. most of them are going for more 5 - 6K.. Have a look around on bikesales and bikepoint or even cbr250.com some stupid pricing but the thing is people are willing to buy them at that pric which even inflates the pricing further.

    I have about a 4 - 6 week wait on my Hyo GT650R because simply they have sold out of them nationwide.. they are selling like hotcakes.. I think a lot of people will change there mind on these bikes once they have actually ridden one.. I sure did..
  13. Given LAM's in Vic and being in a similar (L/P) situation, I wouldn't have a problem at all with the 650Hyosung, it'd be rather at the very top of my list. Even as a 250, it sure is a better bike than a clapped out SR/GN/GSX/or even the CB. As a 6fter, there also hardly another option out there.
    Great to see someone putting the wind up the entrenched brands with decent gear and backup.
    Riding fast is easy, riding well is another thing (and that should be the primary goal for any rider, or not?)
  14. Well thats the whole thing... I think a lot of the younger blokes are out there buying these inport 250 machines as they see it as the in thing.. I myself being pretty young.. was of the same perception... but my whole perseption changed ones I road one of these bikes.. I was saying to myself.. yes they go but the best thing is that they look the part, are so damn easy to ride and a lot more comfortable then any other bike I have ridden..

    i myself wouldnt consider them a sports bike. although I would call hyo 650 more a sports tourer..

    As for your comment glitch oz... I so agree.. anyone can ride fast but riding well.... totally different story.. I use to race karts and believe me.. You see people get in and thrash the hell out of those things.. spinning every corner although they could never catch me because of my smooth driving.. Yeah.. im bragging !
  15. Gosh Pete you are a suspicious soul; you don't really think they'd introduce a new class with anything but the purest of motives, do you? This is the RTA we're talking about here!!
    I've ridden the Hyosung in full 650 form and it's a nice bike. I think at least in theory the ability to keep a bike after the restricted period is a good idea, and they've certainly made a strong committment to the concept..
  16. ive had the hyo for about 5 months mate, shes doing me well, hasnt skipped a beat yet, just giving her regular services is the key to keep em runnin well, as far as power goes yeah a cbr250rr can beat it, but u can grin because u can basically double ur horsepower for around $200 when ur off your restrictions, the thing at the moment tops out at around 160 because of the sliders restricting the fuel, lol trust me ive tried very hard to get over this lol
  17. Ahhh good to hear your using it as a tourer .. :p

    Well I must say that the few I have spoken to about them have all agreed that there isnt an issue with them ..

    might want to check out this site aswell

  18. So the GT650S or R are ok? I see Suzuki has dropped the price on their SV650S by $500. Maybe to try and compete with the GT650S? Put them next to each other and they are very similar.

    Anyone rode the GV650? I've been tossing up between a sports or a cruiser for a while now and cruisers generally seem pretty expensive but the GV looks like the goods. Hmm or maybe the GT650S or R or ???? I think I want them all. Then again I think the wife may have something to say about it. :p
  19. I like the idea of a larger bike with removable restrictors. The best of both worlds.

    Although...you have to wonder how long most Hyosungs stay restricted after purchase.
  20. Thats true. I'd pull the restrictors if it was me (ok I know I'm bad) but still not a bad idea. At least it shows that the regulation is getting more reasonable rather than less.