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Lame Joke Extravaganza

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by patske, Jul 5, 2005.

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    A frog goes into a bank and approaches the teller. He can see from
    her nameplate that her name is Patricia Whack.

    "Miss Whack, I'd like to get a $30,000 loan to take a holiday."

    Patty looks at the frog in disbelief and asks his name. The frog
    says his name is Kermit Jagger, his dad is Mick Jagger, and that
    it's okay, he knows the bank manager.

    Patty explains that he will need to secure the loan with some

    The frog says, "Sure. I have this," and produces a tiny porcelain
    elephant, about an inch tall, bright pink and perfectly formed.
    Very confused, Patty explains that she'll have to consult with the
    bank manager and disappears into a back office.

    She finds the manager and says, "There's a frog called Kermit Jagger
    out there who claims to know you and wants to borrow $30,000, and he
    wants to use this as collateral."

    She holds up the tiny pink elephant. "I mean, what in the world is

    The bank manager looks back at her and says...

    wait for it...

    "It's a knickknack, Patty Whack. Give the frog a loan. His old man's
    a Rolling Stone."

    Boodoom Cheee. :shock:

    Saga of the Ass

    A pastor wanted to raise money for his church and on being told that there
    was a fortune to be made in horses decided to purchase one and enter it in
    the races. At the local auction, however, the going price for a horse was so
    high that he ended up buying a donkey instead. He figured since he had it,
    he might as well go ahead and enter it in the races, and to his surprise,
    the donkey came in third.

    The next day the local paper carried this headline:"Pastor's Ass Shows."

    The pastor was so pleased with the donkey that he entered it in the race
    again, and this time it won! The local paper read: "Pastor's Ass Out Front."
    The bishop was so upset with this kind of publicity that he ordered the
    pastor not to enter the donkey in another race.

    The next day, the local paper read: "Bishop Scratches Pastor's Ass."

    The bishop was fit to be tied. He ordered the pastor to get rid of the donkey.
    So the pastor decided to give it to a nun in a nearby convent.

    The local paper, hearing the news, posted this headline the next day: "Nun
    Has Best Ass in Town." The bishop fainted. He informed the nun that she would
    have to get rid of the donkey, so she sold it to a farmer for ten dollars.

    The next day, the paper read: "Nun Sells Ass For $10.00." After the bishop
    was revived, he ordered the nun to buy back the donkey and lead it to the
    plains where it could run wild.

    The next day the headlines read: "Nun Announces Her Ass Is Wild and Free."

    Blonde Joke

    80,000 blondes meet in the Kansas City Chiefs Stadium for a "Blondes Are
    Not Stupid Convention."

    The leader says, "We are all here today to prove to the world that blondes
    are not stupid. Can I have a volunteer?"

    A blonde gingerly works her way through the crowd and steps up to the stage.

    The leader asks her, "What is 15 plus 15?"

    After 15 or 20 seconds she says, "Eighteen!"

    Obviously everyone is a little disappointed.

    Then 80,000 blondes start cheering, "Give her another chance! Give her
    another chance!"

    The leader says, "Well since we've gone to the trouble of getting 80,000
    of you in one place and we have the world-wide press and global broadcast
    media here, gee, uh, I guess we can give her another chance."

    So he asks, "What is 5 plus 5?"

    After nearly 30 seconds she eventually says, "Ninety?"

    The leader is quite perplexed, looks down and just lets out a dejected sigh -
    everyone is disheartened - the blonde starts crying and the 80,000 girls
    begin to yell and wave their hands shouting, "GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE! GIVE

    The leader, unsure whether or not he is doing more harm than damage,
    eventually says, "Ok! Ok! Just one more chance -- What is 2 plus 2?"

    The girl closes her eyes, and after a whole minute eventually says, "Four?"

    Throughout the stadium pandemonium breaks out as all 80,000 girls jump to
    their feet, wave their arms, stomp their feet and scream, "GIVE HER ANOTHER
  2. Ow



  3. OMG :shock: patske , you should ashamed :LOL: :LOL:
  4. OK, who opened the door on this?

    RC36honda, I am looking in your direction :roll:
  5. yes yes thank you thank you....
    see what a few hours without food will do to you :?
  6. I disclaim all responsibility TM!!!
  7. I plead the Bart Simpson defence. "I didn't do it"