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Lamborghini tetris

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, May 17, 2012.

  1. Similar to human tetris, but played with a lamborghini instead

  2. Driver of the Lamborghini is obviously a twat...but the people recording it whom had the best unbiased view of it didn't stay as witnesses? Especially with the video footage ??
  3. Buying a expensive car can't make you a better driver lol
  4. What a nob...

    There is so many videos of luxury car crashes where the guy thinks hes awesome and ends up losing it in the corner or into a median barrier or something.

    there was one last year where a guy won a lambo and within a few hours had already totaled it.. something along those lines.
  5. Because they're his friends, and they know that video wouldn't help him much.

    Allen Moffet, after two Japanese dentists killed themselves and cop/race official at the Cannonball Run in the NT: "All it takes to be a Ferrari owner, is money."

    And just quietly, motorcyclists are not immune to this stuff either.
  6. no argument here regarding motorcyclists doing similar ..being friends? ..ok.