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Lamborghini Huracan at 320 km/h , doesn't end well (for the car).

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jaytee, Jan 21, 2015.

  2. Disagree with the title... for those 2 guys it ended very well - can't believe they are still alive!

    Oh, I've been meaning to ask people... what's with his pinky finger paddle shifting??? I've never shifted like that. Always 3-4 fingers...
  3. Title Updated :)
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  4. Google Translate came up with this Hunglish:

    336-tal ripped the M7 Lamborghini burned to ashes

    Author: Vezess.hu [​IMG]
    Date: 01/19/2015. 10:30
    [​IMG] "Ugly crashed a Lamborghini Huracan the M7 motorway Szegerdő height on the right track towards Nagykanizsa the basis of initial information on the Czech license plates sports car veered off have been cleared from the road, tore the tape barrier and a drainage ditch cloudy, then caught fire." - calculated in September 2014 the exotic Italian sports car accident happened.

    You can also "unexplained reason," featured in the article, but now the video released by police finally reveal the circumstances of the accident. No flying cows, alien invasion, or a simple heart attack caused by slipping, but the fact that the driver plenty of over 300 km / h pushed the Hungarian court, that tried it, what he's capable of 610 horsepower V10 engine specialty. The accelerator pedal is not said no.

    Video of the accident:

    After the accident, the driver got out of the passenger Huracanból and rescued from the wreck, after which the car caught fire. The car so say goodbye to the 36-year-old has run amok, and it is certain that in the near future appearance before a court of law because of the Somogy County Police investigating the impeachment proposal documents sent to the district attorney's office Kaposvar.

    [​IMG] 20 comments
    Fly ash - 01/20/2015 21:36
    You do not just have bad things to write. You can just say that it is all the same to the car or the driver, or the way the time is suitable, the highway speed limit is 130 km / h. Serious harm to the physical safety of others behavior, what is the "man" operation. I am glad that burned to the ground the car (yes, I'm gloating), but honestly it is that got away alive (even an "as such" has the right to stay alive). But I also sincerely hope that the insurer does not pay anything to jump on my driver's license, and then get a couple of years, which is when you lose your virginity. After all, if sufficiently "slip road", they might come up to him and the experience of a száguldással over 300 ...

    Iceman. - 20/01/2015 09:58
    Papa Doc: Because he made a hand-held camera recording qrva good gauge of a three hundred more than 3 cm axle having hardcore sports car to judge the quality of the road ... there is nothing wrong in Tel M7, M1 near Budapest much szarabb out. Moreover, the almost entirely on the new M0 is a hupli to beszarás, only that which allowed nearly 110 still only a soft wave 250 has lekoppintja belly of the car on the road ...

    Iceman. - 20/01/2015 09:55
    sforisek: The car was capable of it. The pilot and the road is not ... enveloped consequence: a huge accident.

    Iceman. - 20/01/2015 09:54
    ACC.600: ill will and the government will also wrong place. Significantly higher, as it should be a three-spoke sports steering wheel and fully embracing the flange of the thumb, making it impossible for her large-amplitude fast against government. Not that it would be of little importance to this, you can not believe that anyone outside to catch a couple of contestants than 320 breakable across the State.

    Papa Doc - 20/01/2015 03:17
    The recording ugrálásából to see how bad the M7 ......