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Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Jun 24, 2005.

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  2. bah screw bikes i want a lambo :D
  3. That Lambo is my favourite car and now I know I really want one. I can sit and watch that video for ages. the control of both guys for their respective vehicles is great.
    I wonder what Ducati UK said when the bike came back with metal missing off the pegs.
  4. coolio. Go the Duke! Although I do worry a little about it's propensity to stand on one wheel.
  5. Any high power sports bike is likely to do the same. Ask any R1 rider or ZX12R or CBR1000 rider they will say the same.
    Light weight and good power will do it all the time.
    Looks like fun though. Must do a test ride of a 999 sometime.
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Have you guys seen "Rendezvous" where the guy races a Ferrari across Paris in 9 minutes?
    It's a fabulous video too.
  7. i would have like to have seen valentino rossi testing these vehicles, you may get a better idea of which actually one. and he would give the car a fair RHG as well...!
  8. Love the way he slides the back out braking into the turn - very good control to pull that off. Now they need to test the masterbike ZX10R - half the price again! ;)


    BAM 999 beautiful bike soooooo cool =P~
    woah gotta ride like that on my (future) 999


  10. Yep, I've got it somewhere on my PC.

    Seriously deranged, marvellous to watch (and listen to).
  11. I question a little that sliding that lambo around the turns is the fastest way around the track. Great to watch all the same....

    Not a huge fan of the lambos styling but love that duke.
  12. Yeah, that 999 vs. Lambo was some damn nice riding; with some very sweet hardware. Just to fill you in on the rest of the story, after Tiff's favourite car at the time was beaten by the 999 he went out in search of a car to take back the lap time record... and found one.

    I guess its time to up the ante again; but with what bike?

  13. Ive got it on dvd, its nice but was a bit hyped, is still cool
  14. 10r would not cut the mustard opposed to the ducati.
    It may be a tad quicker on the straights but the duke would eat it up on the corners.
  15. The production and camerawork on that vid knocked me out, let alone the driving. Feckin sensational, thanks for that!
  16. =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~


    just had to watch it again
    then again
    then again!!!!!!

    Which car was quicker round the track than the Gallardo?

    Wouldn't the 999r be able to post a quicker lap time?
    999 has 103kw, weighs 186kg
    999r has 110kw, weighs 181kg

    I want to see more of my favourate bike having the f**k thrashed out of it!!!! :D :D :D
  17. SO does the guy drivin the car have a genuine history in racing or is he a journo with an interest in cars?

    I still reckon if the lambo was drivn better it would problly do the ducati in. He just looks super messy on a couple of those turns..