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Lamboghini Gallardo v Ducati Mark 2

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by mjt57, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. Dunno if anyone here has seen it, but after watching the MotoGP this morning, I flicked through the channels to see 5th Gear, another pommy motoring show was having a "shootout" between a Lambo and a Duke.

    They did it before with one of the earlier model Gallardos and a 999. This time, the Lambo was a "light weight" model, kitted out with carbon composite panels, AWD and 500 odd HP from a 5l V10 and driven by a former F3 (I think) racer called Tiff Needall.

    The bike, a Ducati 1098 was ridden by Leon Haslam.

    They had three runs. One, a slalom course which Haslam beat Needall by 3 secs. Second, a braking contest which the Lambo won by about 10m. Third was a 3 lapper around this race track which the Duke won hands down. Sure, it was holding up the Lambo through some of the tighter spots but as Haslam shot onto the main straight he was a couple of seconds behind the Lambo but blitzed him as the Lambo topped out at around 150 mph.

    Not bad for a bike that sells under $30k compared to a $400k sports car, huh?

    I wonder how it would've gone had they gotten Bayliss on a 1198R...

  2. well it's not like Haslam is a chump.

    If the bike was holding up the car around the corners than the test dosen't make much sense.

    Anyway as long as the bike won on the straight, then that's all I care about. I like to show ol' grannies in their corollas who's boss at the lights.
  3. link???????????
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  5. If it just came on tv thats late.. That video is 2years old.. Still i like watching it :grin:

    Makes me smile how much money you can save by taking the bike option.
  6. but it's just not a gallardo isn't it? my dream is to own a gallardo one day... one day!
  7. buy an r1 and mod it to 30k and you'd do the same to the duke!lol.
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    The car has more tyre-to-surface contact area so it will corner faster than the bike. There's a clip I saw on Youtube a year or two ago of a Superbike v a Porsche and it turned out the Porsche was slightly ahead on that track.

    Here's a Man0X0bf8vk[/media]]Ducati 1098s v Nissan GTR and the car wins under braking and on the corners here as well. The bike blitzes on the straights though.
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    Thanks for that, but I'm aware of all that 4 wheel vs 2 wheel nutbaggery.

    What I meant was that since the car was holding the bike back on the corners, perhaps it would have made more sense to do a time trial rather than a race, ya dig? :p that way we could get a more accurate reading of pace. But of course that wouldn't be as cool for the cameras.

    I like the video though :)
  10. OK, I get you now. That's right, it isn't a real test if one gets held up by another. Yes, lap times are the real true test.
  11. bikes lap quicker than cars at most tracks as a general rule of thumb.
    and litre bikes lap quicker than 600s.
  12. The GTR vs Ducati video solved it well; Time the car when it's leading, time the bike when it's chasing, and get plenty of good footage of the two together as a result.

    Fair call on the Lambo video if they were running the two vehicles at the same time...

    Though that was the same situation as the first Bathurst 24 Hour, where the Monaro-24hr-special would blitz the Ferrari 360 Modena up the long uphill straight... and at the first whiff of a corner the Ferrari would be up against the Monaro's rear bumper, unable to pass.
  13. Speaking of time trial comparisons, I remember when I went to the Adelaide F1 GP in 1986 (a long time ago, I know), Wayne Gardiner did some flying laps on his then world champ Honda 500 oil burner GP bike. The F1 (turbo) cars were about 15 seconds ahead of Gardiner, the V8 tourings cars were a further 15 second behind. By anybodies standards, that's fast, and a fairer comparison for a superbike.
  14. The point of this post of mine was to highlight the fact that despite having a $300,000 car a bike costing one tenth of that can hold its own for the most part.

    As for comparing performance, the previous test between the first Gallardo and the 999 they used a time lapse video thing (often used in rally car racing) where the car and bike were on the track by themselves. They then overlap the video to show comparative performance and position on the track in relation to elapsed time.

    The Gallardo has what, 245 section tyres (maybe wider) costing probably over $700 a corner. The bike's running two tyres costing less than that in total and with a contact patch the thickness of a matchbox. So, for a bike to do what it does through corners should be impressive.

    As for street applications, where a bike shines is its ability to thread its way through traffic. Some twat in a Rex wants to have a go on the GOR or the Spur - all you need is one or two Sunday tourists and you've disappeared.
  15. Now if only Draggin Jeans made kevlar-lined tuxedos for when I pull up at the Casino de Monte-Carlo on my Ducati. ;)
  16. I'd like to see the results at the first hint of a shower :p
  17. Sadly, the natural habitat of both vehicles is outside a trendy coffee shop.
  18. A trend that I think is slowly changing. I cant get over how many Ducati's are out on Sundays in the Brisbane Hinterland lately!
  19. Strange place for a race bike.