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LAM p/weight ratio. My bike redundant?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Capn Bodes, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. I have a 2003 model FZX 250 Zeal. After the new power to weight ratio laws were released in South Australia I started to search for my bike's p/w ratio to see if its suddenly become much less valuable on the open market.

    After all. Who wants to buy a non learner legal 250?

    Anyhoo. It's unmodified, but I cant seem to find the info i need anywhere online.
    If someone can confirm that it's over the ratio, could anyone suggest a way to get around it. Can it be somehow hamstrung (as much as it would pain me to do that :cry: ) ?
  2. Well welcome aboard Captn

    Pleasure to meet u Captn :LOL:

    Cant help u with your dilemma mate bc i dont
    know what kinda friggen laws u people have going
    there :p

    catch. :wink:
  3. Welcome Captn! I'd be surprised if a Zeal wasn't learner legal. :)
  4. ALL 250cc 4 strokes are legal, without exception. its the 2 stroke 250s that have issues.

    rest easy on that note, but there is a chance you might lose a few bucks on the sale because there is a LOT more to chose from now :?
  5. All 4-stroke 250s are LAMS legal but funnily many are actually slightly over the power/weight ratio. Yamaha Zeal for example has the Japanese standard 40ps (or 30kw) and a dry weight of 145kg - making a power/weight ratio of 207kw/tonne. The Power/weight ratio of something like the (restricted) Ducati 620 however comes out as 135kw per tonne using the same figures (ie dry weight). So basically, yes the Zeal is LAMS approved even though it exceeds the power/weight ratio set for larger bikes (and people wonder why there's still a market for 250s in LAMS states).
  6. hey capn, you've inherited a 't' already. Perhaps they be thinkin' about piratin' 'n stuff!

    Welcome aboard anyway, matey :grin:

    Now swab that deck, hoist than mizzen sail, err, oh, sorry, ......
  7. Wow... that was fast :shock:

    Thanks for the welcome wagon and the swift replies!

    Incidentaly, the Capn is minus a ' for Cap'n which IS short for Captain.
    I play a reasonable amount of Counterstrike, and though i can't remember how i picked up that handle, its the one I use.

    As for piracy, well I'm yet to lose an eye or a leg, but if S.A. councils keep their "meticulous road standards" we'll see how that goes... :roll:
  8. in a flash of genius, because you can't make a bike move without a rider, and the weight of the rider is significant compared to the bike, in nsw at least, the 150kw/t is arrived at using a 'standard' 90kg rider plus the manufacturers figure for bike weight (which is usually dry) and power.
  9. The only 250's banned are the 2 strokers power to weight only affects the 251cc-660cc bikes dude... Yuor Zeal is still learner legar... (besides they add 90Kg rather than 70Kg to a 250 to work out its power to weight ratio...

    Edit - Wow I spell/type real bad first thing monday mornins.... I also seem to be really really slow coz the post was answered 3 or 4 times before i finished mine lol
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  11. Often wondered about that, thought they should have added rider weight or used wet weight yet all the bikes available that have been restricted to meet LAMS seem to fit under the 150kw/tonne mark just using dry weight, no rider. Anyway still doesn't change the fact that power/weight of some 4-stroke 250s is still better than some of the larger capacity bikes on the LAMS list (torque/weight is another matter).
  12. Awesome :grin: we can open lengthy debates about whether road or motocross bikes are better suited to traversing the potholes and tar slicks we call streets :LOL: