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QLD LAM notice incorrectly identified.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by rninne, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering if any other LAM owners in QLD also received a letter from TMR with information about the LAM scheme including a new registration sticker?

    The kicker is that the new rego sticker I've received is identical to my current one (which is valid till October this year), except the LAM identifier is missing and the certificate of registration has the status of the "Learner Approved Motorcycle" as NO.

    I ride an 81 Kawasaki KZ250 which by quick search puts out a whopping 12kw with a weight of 126kg. Using TMR's calculation of ( KW / (weight+90) ) * 1000 I get a massive 55kw/tonne well below the 150kw/tonne upper limit of the LAM scheme.

    By the looks of it the LAM scheme list of approved motorcycles has recently been revised, and where my motorcycle was previously listed it is now missing.

    I'm about to call TMR to sort this out, because as it stands it is unlawful for me to ride my bike :(

    Has anyone else received a new rego which has dropped eligibility of your LAMS bike?
  2. Maybe they just took it off the list thinking there wouldn't be any 30 year old twofiddys still on the road...... :p

    Seriously though I'd give them a call, as you could have a frisky cop without knowing much about motos pull you over..
  3. Yeah that's my suspicion too. The KZ550 and 650 are still on the list. I have a feeling I'm the only one riding this bike in Queensland. Am I wrong?

    I've given them a call they are confused also, the issue is escalating and they will call me back when they have a solution.

    I'll leave to old sticker on there for now, and carry the new letter with me just in case. Hopefully any cop with brains will take one look at it and know it's not going anywhere fast :p
  4. don't know about QLD but in NSW it wouldn't be on the LAMS list, because it is a 250. The rules state " . . . 250cc or on the list". So 250s don't need to be on the list. All 250s except 2-strokes are acceptable.
  5. From the QLD LAMS-approved list:

    It would therefore seem that your sticker designation is an administrative error - I'd expect a simple reprint of the sticker rather than a requirement to have the bike assessed...

  6. That's the way I read it too.
    I think it's good to point out to them not just that it's 250 or under but also that it did previously have a LAMS label and nothing in the rules changed, nor anything about the bike.
  7. repeat of info already provided. deleted.