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lam bikes. confussed

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 4evafit, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. whats up boys im new here as u can see. im going for my l's next week and im searching for a first bike. im interested in the cbr250rr and the zx2r. i was just wondering are these bikes 100% learner legal in nsw? on the rta website these bike are not mentioned on the lams list yet i see alot of people riding them on there l's. can someone please clear things up?

    also is there any good review sites i can read? user reviews that is.

  2. Both Bikes are learner legal.

    As for a Review... You can read all you like on the net about bikes, but you dont know what is best for you until you Sit on/test ride it.
  3. how is it learner legal if its not on the rta website?

    i sat on a zx2r and liked it alot. but u cant judge a bike till u drive it. i need reviews from long time users that know eveything about the bike from there experience. i was on a really good site the other day that shows u the pros and cons of the bike and a comment from the user. i cant for the hell of me find it.
  4. It's not on the list becauase they are 250s. Please read better

    Eligible Motorcycles in the category 0-260ml.
    All models with the exception of:
    Suzuki RGV250
    Kawasaki KR250 (KR-1 and KR1s models)
    Honda NSR250
    Yamaha TZR250
    Aprila RS250

    And google for your reveiws.
  5. Lam's are mainly bikes that have a higher cc and have restricter in them to keep the Power to weight ratio at a Learner Approved Ratio and once you get your Full Lic you can pay to get it removed.
  6. wow i didnt see that man. fcuk thanks alot dude. thats cool.
  7. Get the 1990-1993 250 Ninja they are the fastest LAM's bike you can get*.

    And the lack of low end torque means you wont be flipping yourself off or anything stupid.

    I spotted this little gem n ebay while browsing excellent Learner bike.

    *I read that on various sites
  9. Various sites will also tell you Elvis is still alive.
    Clearly you're not familiar with the RVF400 or SZR660.
  10. Of course the fact is that the best power to weight ratio for the 250's available for learners is about 130kw/tonne whereas there are a lot of bigger LAMS bikes that sit right on the limit. I rather think that an extra 20kw/tonne may have some minor effect on the performance. Hell, my aging R65LS has 142kw/tonne and my 550 Katana has 149. :roll:
  11. not sure if I figured it right, but my bike's weight, 140, plus 90 kg at 33kw worked out at 143 kw/tonne. There might have been an extra 20kg fuel/fluids allowance though ...which would place it at 132. So there you go :)

    BUT, that's with factory figures. From 20 years ago. You're not likely to get one that still puts out that kind of power. Plus you have no idea how many kms are really on it, how it's been well it's been treated (here AND in japan) - but I can guarantee you it's been thrashed, and dropped, by learner after learner.

    all that said ... I love my little zxr. Sounds like a mosquito on steroids. Still goes alright :)
    Make sure you get it checked out by someone who knows what they're looking for before you buy.
  12. I am now a proud ZXR owner, but I'm not going to go out and out to tell you to buy a ZXR. When it comes to bikes it is most definitely personal choice.

    You have to test ride the bikes and pick the one that suits you the best. I'm saying this from experience and also re-stating the advice that I have received from this forum: "Test ride, test ride, test ride"
  13. Very true Dru.
    When I went onto my full lic I spent ALL day at sydney city motorcycles (top service) test riding the 4 major jap bikes, 1000's and 600's.

    I went there after reading 100's of reviews and I had my eye on the ZX6R or ZX10R but after riding them all the 2008 R6 was the perfect machine for me.

    I've had it for 6 months now and I love the thing.
  14. With the Lams bikes, Im not sure wat the max power to weight ratio is in NSW but in VIC and Tas its 150kW/tonne, with a 650cc max capacity.

    Before buying a bike, think about what you want to use it for. If you just want it for short rides about town or a quick fang up the putty, go for something 250cc and a bit racier.

    If on the other hand your going to to tour the bike, or go for long rides, go for a larger capacity bike with a nice comfy seat, that way youll have more torque and you wont have to listen to the bike scream while you wring its neck for hour after hour.

    Im a big fan of the suzuki 500GSF, the missus and I just got back from a trip to tassie and the bike was a joy throughout the trip and it didnt miss a beat, cheap to run and cheap to maintain (unlike my gas guzzling zx14). Her Fuel economy was 25km/l against 15km/l for my bike

    I hear the cb400 is also a great bike. Take one for a test ride.


  15. thanks for the help guys.

    i went to a bike dealer and sat on the cbr250rr. i found the bike to feel alot heavier then the zx2r and annoying to sit on. i tossed it between my legs to get a little feel for it but i didnt like it very much. i was reading this thread yesterday:


    and it got me to thinking this guy is kind of right. why the hell should i buy a nice bike and waste my money and im going to trash the shit out of it.? i have no riding experience what so ever and should buy a piece of shit and save my wallet. i was thinking to get a kawasaki zzr250. ive seen them for dirt cheap and thay look like a gutless sucker. does anyone own one and are thay any good for a shitkicker like me? lol
  16. Mate of mine had one, yeh i'd rate it in that variety :wink:

    Personally went with the Honda VT 250 Spada as it's fairingless. I dropped it once and crashed it once.

    the drop cost me nothing but a little sratch on the mirror and the crash a new indicator.

    Good luck mate and don't forget to PM me for rides once you get it! :grin:
  17. Unless of course u compare it to the LAMS legal Honda RVF400???
  18. ...or the also LAMS SXV550.

  19. thanks man so how is the vt 250 any good? there pretty cheap. how much u pick yours up for?