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Lalaj and Uncle Greg flirting (was Motorcycles: Created by men, for men...?)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by uncle greg, May 22, 2015.

  1. well you do have nice puppys

    I like puppys
  2. I think you might be a sick puppy Uncle GregUncle Greg - ha ha ha
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  3. I haven't seen her cat
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  4. Watch out you don't get scratched there sly dog! ha ha ha
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  5. You haven't even bought me a drink...
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  6. you ran off when I offered
  7. its ok im going to bed soon
  8. nice legs
    hope she has a nice cat
  9. I did no such thing, I was seated at the time. Besides, it's a much better start than, 'hey Lala, show us your waffle.'
  10. you showed me that though didn't you
  11. I showed you a waffle. lol
  12. What ? that wasn't yours?
  13. Shouldn't you be in bed? ha ha ha
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  14. Uncle GregUncle Greg, I don't show my waffle to just anyone. You haven't even put any effort in.
  15. but you did
    didn't you
  16. Nope.
  17. you bought me a few drinks
    hoping to get me pissed so you could take my pants down
  18. I didn't buy you anything. Besides, if I wanted to take your pants down, I wouldn't have to get you drunk to do it.
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  19. now I am definitely going to bed

    to sleep

    that's if I don't have nightmares
  20. Just dream of puppies. Puppies prevent nightmares.
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