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Lakeside Raceway. Scooters, pocket bikes & mini motards

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by rpmorrell, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. From March 1st there will be twice monthly racing & track days at Lakeside Raceway Small Circuit, Dakabin, Qld.

    * Trophies are for all types of bikes – pockets, scooters and mini motards but only first place getters.
    * Certificates for the other place getters.
    * 6 sessions will be – 1. Practice, 2. Practice, 3. Qualifying, 4. Heat one, 5. heat two, 6. FINAL.

    * Those wanting to do only a Track Day circulate at the same time of racing.

    * Registration is at 8am.
    * Australian Auto Sport Alliance license. This is $55/year and no rider can set tyre on track without this.
    * Juniors will be $35 for 6 starts at 10 minutes each
    * Seniors will be $50 for 6 starts at 10 minutes each
    * Events will begin at 9:30am sharp.

    Mirrors & stands will have to be removed. Might I suggest oggy knobs is the way to go although not yet a requirement by the organisers.

    We should bring any pop-ups or marquees as there is no cover from the sun or rain.

    Yeeeee Haaaauw !!! cu there :grin: :grin: :grin:

  2. what no real bikes?
  3. I wonder, if you crash at speed on a scooter, does it hurt as much as crashing on a motorcycle?
    I have images of scooter racers dusting themselves off with cartoon band-aids & little birds circling over their heads.

    Still, it is racing. And racing is good in whatever form as well as always improving the breed………
  4. At the Le Minz 24-Hour race (last weekend) a team mate got nudged out & lost it on the slick grass. The guy got his head run over by another bike, & had a nasty gash around his eye requiring stitches.
    The same event in 07 saw a female rider hit a tree at a modest 60kph. The bike looked like plane wreckage, & the young lady very lucky not to be seriously injured.

    There were countless low speed loses at last weekend's Le Minz due to the atrocious conditions with rain & track deterioration.
    I saw one bike self-skittled down the straight where there were drain grates & deep puddles that could grab the relatively small wheels of scooters. The rider slid along the track & I was lucky to avoid him, passing between rider & bike as they were sliding along.

    The same small wheels make the bikes very manouverable on tight circuits.
    Le Minz is restricted to 50cc, but because it's a fund raiser event, 125CC 4T's were allowed, this year.
    Lakeside scoots will be up to 250cc allowed.
    I know there will be some very hot 70 & 100cc 2T's out there, & I think there may be a Italjet Dragster 180cc 2T, coming along.

    I think some of the bikes were topping 80kph on the tiny Gold Coast Parklands "Goat Track".
    No matter what speed you crash at, it all depends what you hit & how you hit or what hits you.

    We all have to adhere to safety gear rules & regs.

    I like this sort of racing because of the lower speeds & the affordability/fun ratio is awesome.

    I'll be doing my Le Minz report soon.

    Rob :)
  5. My son and myself (#45) will be there racing in 140cc motard class this is going to be a great day and should have a great turnout of competitors, especially because we haven’t been on the track since December. Spectators admitted free, if they try to charge you at the gate tell them your there for the small wheels Sunday (they are charging for the car event on the main circuit).

  6. Thanks for the Heads-Up on that, Saber.

    Yeah, think we're bustin at the seams for a ride. Looking forward to it.

    Do you guys have a forum where you get together? Sometime, I'd like to get some pics of all categories to make up a simple A4 poster that any of us can distribute to bike shops, advertising Small Wheel Sundays.
    Someone in the graphics industry has offered f.o.c help with this.

    I hope I can get a bunch of good pics on the day.
    I want the poster to fully inclusive & impartial of the categories....ulike my scooter-orientated flyer I handed out at Le Minx, last w/e. :)

  7. A flyer that covers us all is a great idea I'll try to get some decent pics together, that I could contribute
    The forums that I generaly post to are
    Look in the mini motard sections although mosly those that are already into it just keep in touch by word of mouth.
    See ya sunday this is sooooo gona be EPIC :grin:

    EDIT or I can be contacted at the email address below
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    Lakeside Track Day & Racing Report

    It was a scorching hot day, & I think most of us were feeling the heat, to say the least.

    Congrats to Sunny, aka Lauren for rocking up on his bike (250cc 4T) by riding it there. The only one!
    1st time out, too, & he handled his bike very well considering the rest of us are a bunch of nutters!
    None of us were baulked, & he went his own pace without any fuss.
    Top marks!

    My bikes were going faster than ever, from a few tweaks, but Ben on that darned 50cc Bug Super 9 was snapping at my heels after my 70cc got me a good start-launch, & I continued with what I felt were risky moves over the crest to keep ahead.

    Lakeside certainly exceeded my expectations. What a track!!!
    As always, from the sidelines it doesn't look much, & I was worried if it'd be a bit monotonous.
    BUT NO
    That track sure makes you work the bike. It's quite abrasive, in that, the tyres, despite the heat of the day & the work we're putting into them, were showing very little sign of heat: only abrasion.
    Going up over the hill gets you turning into a lefty that simultanously has a bit of a hump that can unsettle the bike, & continuing on, still turning, there were ripples in the track that can further make the bike skip out.....all while trying to maintain the speed you've accumulated from climbing the hill.
    AND THERE'S MORE!.....I'll continue with the rest later.

    That track is new to us. It's fast. It's flowing & technical. Sure is fun.

    The Racing & Track Days are scheduled for every 2 weeks, but most of us who attended on Sunday 1st don't have enough pocket money for twice a month. I'm thinking the 2nd fortnight (it's every 2 weeks) could be good for those who are looking for a Track Day or a "quieter ride" without the racers going nuts.
    I'll be there to help Kimberly & Glen with Flaggy duties, taking pics, & helping any scoot guys who might be looking for tips on track etiquette etc to ensure everyone gets a safe & happy ride

    Below is a Race Report from Glen of North Brisbane Pocket Bike Club. I've put some pics & vids at the very bottom.

    WOW.. An awesome day for Lakesides first official Small Wheels Sunday.. The entire complex was abuzz with engines and big smiles, the main track in use with some d**n fast street cars in 'The Top Gear Series', the bikes on our track, and the power speedboat club on the top lake..

    The people who came out to compete or spectate would have noticed some of the upgrades that have so far taken place.. There is many more to follow.. With the addition of the driver and motorcycle training that will undergo on our track, along with the go-kart club, permanent structures will be going into place. The building that is near our track will become a rider/driver briefing room as well as a training room, there will be another structure built more towards the middle of pit lane, it is shaping up to be a 2 story building, the top half will be race control and the bottom half will more than likely house a canteen and storage area..The tyre wall will be replaced with a new and improved one and will be pushed further towards the track to allow more room to setup.. Covers over the drains on the doughnut so we can utilse the full track.. All joins between the concrete and bitumen to be fixed.. There is tonnes of other upgrades that have been and going to be in place all over the complex but going into it all I'd be here for ages. One expensive bit of technology however that is in place is the 'worlds first high speed E-Toll system', I guess it's an ideal place to test one when cars and bikes are roaring through it well in excess of 200kph..

    We would like to thank absolutely everyone of the participants and there crews.. It is because of each and everyone of you, that the day was a huge success. Extra special mention to the scooter community, you guys/gals are a pleasure to share the track with..
    Although it was extremely hot and humid today, everyone managed to keep smiles on their dials even when things weren't going their way.. I myself had 3 bikes decide they did not want to participate due to the conditions and alot of others faired the same..
    We ended up finishing 1 hour early and although the track time was offered up to all, no-one took it..
    Was an excellent combined day with Minimoto, Motard and Scooters all coming together..
    Two very minor crashes with 2 Snr Minimoto riders in separate incidents, I may have footage from one on the helmet cam, I'll let you know if I do.. Also I'd say some people would be sporting some sunburn..
    Noise restrictions/ control is exactly where we need to keep it, everyone did well to take the little amount of time it needs, in order to run on the the track..
    Every single bike also had race numbers on..
    Everyone that had to do all the little things to their bikes in order to run on the track, should be commended, I am pleased to see that people are willing to follow rules and structure..
    Last but not least, Huge thanks to Lyndall, Adam, Wendy, Rob, Tina.. For your help and assistance in making Lakeside's inaugural race series a success..

    Jnr Novice
    # 27........Celia Hamilton 1 point

    Jnr a/c Standard
    # 55.........Mercades Nash 76 points

    Jnr a/c Pro
    # 7..........Joelan Hansen 76 points
    # 228.......Brielle Cosedge 61 points

    Jnr W/C Std
    Ty Drew DNQ

    Jnr w/c Pro
    # 228.......Brielle Cosedge 76 points

    Jnr w/c Elite
    # 7........... .Joelan Hansen 76 points

    Snr a/c Pro
    # 228.......Glen Cosedge 76 points
    # 8........... Karl Collins 53 points
    # 7........... Andrew Smith 40 points
    # 48.........Jaydee Galon Crashed on warmup lap.. DNS.. Razz

    Snr w/c Standard
    # 75........ Carl Redman 76 points

    Snr w/c Pro
    # 67.........Jace Hamilton 66 points
    # 159.......Glen Cosedge 20 points

    Snr w/c Elite
    # 159........Glen Cosedge 25 points
    # 7........... .Alan Hansen 20 points
    # 48.......... .Jaydee Galon DNS

    Snr Motards
    # 8........... Lindsey Geritz 71 points
    # 45.........Tina Eccles 57 points
    # 11.........Paul Holdem 45 points
    # 510.......Steve Rolls 25 points
    # 60.........Glen Gibson 14 points
    *2 other riders also entered the track but did not want to be pointed

    Snr Scooters
    # 23.........Jason Tester 71 points
    # 1........... Jarrod Wax 66 points
    # 88........ Robert Morrel 47 points
    # 14.........Ben Silver 45 points
    # 15.........Shelly Morrel 35 points
    # 7........... Laren Shaw 33 points


    Pq1fUsGi. aV1dye2S. aV1dyj29.
    aV1dyqwA. Pq1fUMDr. aV1dyt0J.


    [media=youtube]FMOSOF9cyec[/media] Practice Sessions 1 & 2. Short compilation.

    A lot of smoke from my & Shel's bike at 1st because of new piston rings. Ran 100% mineral oil for the practise sessions, & on to fully syn for racing.

    At 3 mins I have a bit of an off on the sweeping crest....front stepped out.....I had my tyres up too high making it jittery. Jason pointed out though that they also have quite a lip on the edge of the chicken strip. I've had the tyres a fair while & think they might have had their day....maybe time for some Savas

    [media=youtube]gM1g51l-FQE[/media] Qualifying Race

    [media=youtube]EL8yS6gwXn4[/media] 1st Race

    [media=youtube]2joqb_PmqLw[/media] Race 2

    [media=youtube]l3CmUSyXrc0[/media] 3rd & Final Race

    A different perspective from Shel's cam. A compilation of 2 races.


    I'll be over there this Sunday 15th Mar to help out with flaggy stuff etc.
    Myself & those who raced scoots on the 1st wont be there on 15th, & so it'll be perfect for those just wanting a Track Day.

    Hope the weather holds up.

    Rob :grin:
  9. Lakeside Small Wheel Sundays Racing & Track Days Dates

    Every two weeks.

    15th March 09 Rnd 2

    29th March 09 Rnd 3

    12th April 09 Rnd 4

    26th April 09 Rnd 5

    10th May 09 Rnd 6 – Final, presentation

    24th May 09 Enduro Rnd

    7th June 09 Queensland Titles

    21st June 09 Rnd 1, Winter Sprint Race Series

    5th July 09 Rnd 2

    19th July 09 Rnd 3

    2nd August 09 Rnd 4 – Final, presentation

    16th August 09 Queensland Raceway Titles

    30th August 09 Rnd 1, Queensland Race Series

    13th September 09 Rnd 2

    27th September 09 Rnd 3

    11th October 09 Rnd 4

    25th October 09 Rnd 5

    8th November 09 Rnd 6

    22nd November 09 Rnd 7, Final, presentation

    6th December 09 Enduro Rnd

    20th December 09 Date TBA
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    15.3.09 Lakeside Scooter Track Day & Racing Report


    Well yesterday at Lakeside had some new faces. Overall the number of competitors in all categories were a pretty good turnout.

    It was hot again, & could manage things just about satisfactorily without overheating. The UV was pretty nuts.

    Being a flaggy & lapper together with Shel certainly kept us busy.

    Tony on his 200cc Lammy, Shaun & Tim from IScooter were on Daelim & Peugeot 50's. Now you'd think that a hot 200 would ride circles round the seemingly tame 50's.....Nope! .....while the 200 did have an advantage, the track benefits the lighter bikes, & made the Lammy wait for some laps to try getting the passing manoeuvre lined up & executed. In one of the races the Lammy seized the newly built engine at the end of the very fast descending straight, & skidded off the track sideways in a shower of sparks from the bodywork. Tony was ok from the spill, & bike scarred slightly.

    The IScooter bikes, towards the final races were really getting comfortable with the track & putting on pressure on the Lammy as well as having an entertaining stoush between themselves.

    Both Shaun & Tim looking quite sun-baked from the day looked like they had a ball. All three from yesterday plan to be rocking up in two weeks time to joing the nutty racers. Shel & I had a ball helping out & getting high on the 2T supply.

    I couldn't get much from the day as I was busy with flaggy stuff. It'd be great if anyone, when they're not racing, could help out with running these races & share the load: the more helpers = better racing.

    Pics & Vids coming asap.

    Rob :grin:
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    29.3.09 Race Report

    Here's a 6-minute vid of all the fun [media=youtube]S9M3jipCpsQ[/media]

    The forecast threat of increasing showers???

    The day turned out to be the most refreshing yet! Just goes to show: don't believe it until you see it. Not even a sprinkle!

    I think the only moisture about was from 1st place getter K-Star having so much fun ! Seriously though, he was enjoying the grunt of his Bug Agility to carve up the track, & with new tyres of Michelin & IRC to hold up the bulk of the Agility he certainly enjoyed the challenge of the new (to him) circuit.

    I was out filming with 3 cams on the bike trying to mix it up with the various battles out there.
    One of my cams broke free from the underside of the bike with the heavy shaking the bike gets, & the safety zippies saved it from bouncing around the track & causing a hazzard......as it was it, it got dragged by my bike & was flailing around, causing me to get a black flag to alert me.
    Only scuffing to the body of the ATC2K cam....no damage.

    The Lammy lost its muffler at one stage, & my endless supplies of fencing wire were utilised for repairs. Tony had some good performances & looked like he could be up in top placings. His bike, same as mine, gets bucked badly from pre-historic rear shockies when negotiating the crest & hump simultaniously turning into the jittery sweeping left at the top of the hill.

    My Monza got an airing as a loaner, & that spiffy aftermarket shocky showed its worth over the bumps. Shod with Sava tyres that needed a good beating to clean 'em up, they certainly were appreciated for their grip. However, I'd like to think it was only the tired piston rings possibly contributing to it lagging behind the slick Scooterlife / Scootopia Super 9 & PMX piloted by Ben & R1Hoon respectively.

    The iScooter guys, Sean & Tim were enjoying the extra numbers & competition. I think their bog standard 50's will undergo a metamorphoses next time out as they were checking out the mods to some of the bikes.

    Shelley enjoyed the extra company of 50's on her Scooterstyle Bandit......manically laughing her head orf throughout the racing & upon every return to the pits. Even a spill, cutting the 2nd corner too tight into the apex, & losing it on loose dried sediment, sending her skidding across the track didn't dampen her one bit. Got a whopper bruise as a souvenir though!

    Jason's son, Sam, was out on his motard as only 1 of 2 juniors out there. The JTyphoon Gene is there 100%, & Sam quickly learned the new track & was tackling the "seasoned" competitor by the horns in no time. Sam tookout line honours.

    I hope more juniors will join in the fun with scooters, motards & mini motos. It must be so rewarding for any parent to see that look of elation, excitment & thought in their youngun's face.

    Next time out: All bikes must have sliders.
    Gotta check your bike's gouge points & prevent the track from being damaged. Paul is doing a special deal to help you get on the track.
    Checkout his site.... http://www.bigknobs.com.au/
  12. Hey Rob..

    Don't go trying to help motorcycle racing as a whole around here..

    I tried in an earlier attempt, only to have a minority try and badmouth what I am doing..

    This forum is really for the 'ELITISTS'!!!!
  13. I know how it goes with some of the big wheel bikers, but they're not all like that.

    You'd be surprised at how many have come from big wheel & big CC bikes to modest CC scoots, & are happy with that.

    The feedback from Le Minz was quite interesting, too.

    No matter what we ride we can still go fast, it still needs talent to ride very fast, & anyone can still break bones & get hurt no matter what you're riding.

    I tend to discriminate against some big-wheel biker sterotypes, yet only yesterday I had a lovely conversation with a local Harley rider. He was quite interested in my ride etc, & we had a good ol' chat about various bike things. So I too should remember not to assume something about a person by their choice of ride.

    I'm sure a lot of us; if we had the money, we'd have one of every type of bike out there, & be racing them.

    Rob :grin:
  14. Man that looks like a shit load of fun!!!!!!!.

    I'd love to be able to do it
  15. I would pay to watch you, Vic.
  16. This Sunday's Racing & Track Day at Lakeside

    :grin: We get to use the big circuit! :grin:
    Paul will be there this Sunday with equipment to fit out any bikes requiring sliders.
    Below is a pasted message from Lakeside Management concerning this Sunday's Racing & Track Day. :grin: :grin:

    QR has made a stuff up with this weekends round..
    They double booked our track.. The Alfa Romeo Club was booked to be on our track from 9am til 5pm..

    A compromise has been dealt and we have been granted track time from 9am til 1pm..

    Also for compensation all Snr riders only need to pay $30.. Jnr riders only need to pay $15..

    As a super sweetener.. We are permitted to use the main circuit from 1.00pm til 4.00pm..YeeHAAAA!!!!!!!!!

    So, We will skip the morning practice sessions and go straight into racing and we will then utilize the remaining time as our practice sessions on the main track..


    Also, this Saturday(Anzac Day) Lakeside will have their gates open to push bike riders to ride on the main track..
    After QR consulted the 'Dept of Industrial Relations', the cost is totally free.. It is illegal for any Organisation/Club/Group to charge anyone on Anzac Day(which the Archy riders would be happy to hear)..

    This Sunday is going to be a 'blinder' as we may never get the chance to ride our bikes on the main circuit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    See you all then!!!!
  17. That looks like heaps of fun.
    Great videos and sills..well done to the film makers and photographers. Threads like these are 100% better with some visuals. Thanks.

    Does this form of racing happen in Melb/Victoria? I love to go for a look.
  18. Cheers 2up :)

    I don't know about in Vic. Could try checking some of the kart clubs & circuits etc.

    Rob :grin:
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    26.4.09 Racing & Track Day Results

    Sunday April 26th was a very special day.......Holy Moly, we had a Track Day on the big circuit!!!!, & prior to that was a compressed & slightly hurried schedule of racing on the regular circuit because it was double booked.

    One lap to warm the tyres, & BAM, we were racing.
    This actually turned out for the better as you didn't have much time to do anything & your next race was up already.
    Newbie "Rob", rocked up together with his family. Rob was on a TGB from the auctions. Some techie help from the rest of the riders got the elctronically restricted bike going faster pretty quickly.

    My Shelley didn't race as she was a bit sapped from being in horsepiddle with suspected heart attack which turned out to be gastric reflux. A true champion she is, she did the lap scoring, helped by newbie Rob's son Reese.

    Scoot Results
    Jason Tester 1st
    Tony Liney 2nd
    Paul Hallet and Rob Morrell equal 3rd
    Sean Harding 4th
    Rob Jones 5th
    Sam Tester 6th
    Donna Harding 7th
    Tim Laine 8th
    Karren Lobb 9th

    Glen from the North Brisbane Pocket Bikes had a nasty spill.
    A very big lose on about turn 3. Injured his leg with a big slapper on the bitumen. Glen was unable to continue racing as movement was severely compromised in his leg. Glen was also unable to enjoy the big circuit for the same reason.......possibly a once in a lifetime chance busted!

    We went onto the big circuit for our Track Day with extensive safety chat from track officials.
    Pockets, Mini Motards & Scoots were collectively escorted by the safety quad bike for a few familiarization laps.

    You didn't need to be Einstein to realize wandering off the track at speed would be, for starters, be very painful due to the proximity of the armco or the bumpy run-off.....you wouldn't slide like the some of the Moto GP racers do.....you'd tumble, fly, doof body parts very hard, tumble, stop, & if you're lucky you'd say "ouch", & if not: hopefully wake up in horspiddle.
    Falling off is not advised!

    Shelley didn't want to miss out on THE BIG TRACK, & got herself on the "Budgie Of Terror" Bandit. She had a blast. Big smiles.
    She lasted 2 sessions.......I knew quite a few bikes from the various categories would get flogged by the big track, & shel's piston broke to add to the other burned & broken motors.
    Riding at WOT, & I didn't bother changing the variator weights.
    A section of ali between the rings broke off.
    I've found where the ports need better rads....she'd burned ring tips with that one before.

    As for Glen from the Mini Motos & organiser (together with his Mrs) of Small Wheel Sundays
    I didn't have the heart to do anything but offer him a ride on my scoot on the big track.
    Glen could hobble himself onto the bike, ok......I tell ya : he's not shy, & was mixing it with Tony on his upgeared 210cc Lammy.
    The Barmy Bandit sounded a treat roaring past.
    Tony says he was doing 120kph, & the Barmy Bandit was a similar speed.

    Wanna play on the big track again pleeeeze! :cool:

    Here's a vid I've done. The sound went to hell through Youtube.....probably had the levels up too high.


    Pq12HMOA. Pq12HRNS.
    aVQhNX9. Pq12JwyS.
  20. Awesome!

    Goes to prove that as long as it's got two wheels, all racing is fun racing!

    I went to the Mareeba Kart track on Sunday to look at the circuit that the FNQ road race club use. 13 corners and 1.3km, no straight longer than a couple of hundred metres. Huge fun. I'm off to volunteer in a few weeks and then perhaps race later in the season.