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QLD Lakeside Raceway Noise Requirements

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by slideways, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. so i'm thinking of doing a track day at Lakeside, and I read that they have noise limits around the track.

    How strict are they on the noise, and how should I go about testing my bike if it is too loud? Should I just download an iPhone app and test it that way? or does it need to be more scientific.. eg.. no more than xxdB at y distance at z revs.

    I don't want to book a day, show up, and then told my bike is too loud.
  2. The limit is 95dB on a drive by on the track. They are strict, if you get black flagged and can not fix it you go home. For cars they have add on muffler things you can hire, but doubt they will fit on a car.

    To give you an idea, a BCC bus is right on 95dB, if your bike is louder than a bus driving by, it will almost certainly fail at Lakeside.

    Factory exhaust on most modern motorcycles are around 90-92dB at half a metre, but the test at lakeside is done at about 5m as you pass by.

    They used to do a static test, 3/4 max rpm at 5m directly behind but have not seen that done for more than a year.

    HTH gh

    ps No noise limits at QR, go there!
  3. Bike is definately louder than a bus...

    I've been to QR a few times now, but thye have no weekend track days in August, i couldnt go in july and I'm busy in sep, so I didn't wanna wait 2 more months to goto the track.

    Maybe I'll just take a leave day and go mid week at QR in August.

    Kinda sucks that people build a house next to a track then complain about the noise which causes these annoying rules :(
  4. i've been there a few times and i've never seen anyone get done and there's always some crazy loud duc's going around.
    Last time i was there they didn't even mention it in the riders briefing so i didn't think they were even worrying about it anymore
  5. They do have some special exemption days each year for major race meetings but I can assure you at normal meets lots of people do get breached, at least in cars. Two cars in our V8 category got pinged last round at lakeside one was suitably muffled with mods but the other got black flagged again and was on the trailer.

    If they are not so strict on bikes it may be worth a try.
  6. Ive seen them pull people up at scrutineering and say dont even bother, e.g. litre bikes with full system, 2 stroke gp bike. No chance. Duc's are weird like that, loud, but not over the limit, then a zingy inline goes past and trips it.

    Next time you are at QR ask the taller guy at the tower to sound test your bike, he'll drag the equipment out and you can find out for sure. I've been pitted with a guy on an older trumpy 955 and it didnt set it off, so there's hope for you. But I wouldnt go based on that!
  7. Sounds like Laguna back home. Lemme guess, rich assholes move in next to race track and then biatch about the noise, just like Laguna?
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  8. You got it in one.... They had to heritage list the race track to keep it there.

    If the complaints from the week before have been large...then the lads get the nod to look closely.
    Better off keeping the baffles in till the last session :)
  9. I did a search, but didn't find anything useful - does anyone know how loud a TOR (Triumph Off Road) exhaust is at max revs on a Daytona 675?
    I'm not hopeful on this answer, and I saw the BCC bus thing, but I guess this is more aimed at anyone whose been to Lakeside with a Daytona 675...
  10. Thinking of getting an akropovic... Website says 102db but thats taken at 1m so if its just from trackside, any thoughts on if its worth the hassle? Or will my baffles help keep me riding and not sent home?
  11. I saw a photo of a daytona with an aftermarket pipe from the latest track day - maybe they just go slower on the straight to keep the noise down at the measurement point
  12. FWIW, I did a day there on my Daytona 675 with my arrow slip on, noise restrictor removed. Didn't get hassled at all.
  13. Grab a sound meter. You can get reasonable ones off ebay.

    iPhone app would be restricted by the limited frequency range and response of the mic. Wouldn't suggest it for over 60 dB.
  14. I go there with a Daytona 675 with Leo Vince exhaust. I have the restricter removed (although I carry it with me just in case). Never had a problem.

    I've seen bikes pulled off for being too loud.