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Lakes Entrance to Cowra?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Popkok, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. I have July off and will be riding to visit the folks on Russell Is in QLD, I have family in Cowra and plan to break the trip and stay there a night. Then to Forbes and onwards. Rather than just riding up the very boring and speed camera choked Hume hwy, I'm thinking maybe to cross the Snowy Mtns Bombala-Jindabyne-Tumut. Are these roads going to be bike friendly in July ? Never been thru that way and have a mental picture of Snow, ice and snowchains. Any advice for the ride ?

  2. If they are having a good snow season then parts of the Snowy Mtn Hwy (Jindabyne-Tumut) will have snow. You can pretty well guarantee there will be ice on the road.

    My suggestion would be to go further north to Batemans Bay and go to Bungendore via Kings Way. From Bungendore head to Murrumbateman, Yass, Boorowa and then Cowra.

    It'll still be cold, and there will still be a chance of ice etc, but not as great.
  3. Yer a braver man than me going over the Snowies that time of year.
    I would be taking the Bonang to Bombala, and some of the excellent roads closer to the coast (Candelo, Bermagui) and go inland on Kings Hwy (not familiar with this part).
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    Good calls b12mick and titus(is your last name canby?) And if you need a place to kip on the way from Cowra you can stay at my place...

    Kobo :cool:
  5. Oh I'm open to suggestions and can be easily convinced to change plans/ Looked at the Cooma local website info, -2 last week. B12 I'll take a closer look at the route you suggest. Kobo, may just take you up on the offer, thanks for it.
  6. Had a look at the map Titus, I think you make a good point, still unfamiliar travelling to me, which I'm looking for without the subzero temp.
  7. LOL candelo area ...i just dont trust some of the roads out there...had a few close calls (pushing my limits tho so understandable) and had a fellow goonie lose it on a corner...logging trucks have fcuked some sections of road....ignoring that it's some good riding...

    best of luck with the trip mate (y)
  8. I agree @87crisis the logging trucks have unfortunately stuffed the road in some sections, watch out for the gravel spilling out on the corners and plenty of road kill. We did push it on that road, good riding otherwise. @jazzfan may possibly have some updates on that stretch...
  9. Looking at the map again. Does Candelo area mean from Cathcart ? It sits on a crossroads, looks bloody good on paper lol.
  10. Yes, from Cathcart. Jazzfan is from Candelo and knows the area best, and on his advice I took Mt Darragh Road to Wyndham and Myrtle Mountain Road to Candelo.
    Fantastic riding. (I have been told that the alternative route of Tantawangelo Mountain Road is unsealed).
    From Candelo, I took Mogilla Road back to Brown Mountain (Snowy Mtns Hwy westbound) which is an old favourite but heavily policed these days (60kmh limit).
    Many years ago I took the coast road from Tathra/Bega to Bermagui and I recall it being very entertaining. Beyond that I have little experience.
  11. That's the track I was looking at Titus. That'll do me, Pembula after that then on to Batemans Bay and inland again to Kings Hwy as suggested earlier.