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VIC Lake Mountain Road

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by rcheli32, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. I came off last weekend coming down from Lake Mountain, and a few other bikes came off too. The hazard is the resurfacing that has been done on some sections, with fine gravel left on the road. I thought I had passed the last of it when I came across some on a corner and failed to make it....

    Nice road, but be careful until all the gravel has been swept away.

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  2. hope u and the bike are ok
  3. I'm a bit sore, but the biggest bruise is developing in my wallet area.... what looks like cosmetic damage to my bike might be deemed a write-off by RACV if I'm unlucky.
  4. I also had a moment riding down last Sunday from Gerraty's carpark, right near the top, so I second this advice.

    Was very lucky to keep it upright, unlike some others by the sound of it.
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    Ouch ouch, please call vicroads if you haven't already and advise them of the hazard so they can get some signage up and repair the fault.

    I had an off last year on the road between Noojee and Mt Baw Baw, I reported it to Vicroads as a hazardous road condition, there was lots of warning signage erected according to a mate who rode through there shortly afterwards while I was still busted up, and a few months later I went back for a look to find the whole section of road where my accident occurred about 300m was in the process of being completely dug up down to the dirt and relaid.

    So it is not a pointless exercise reporting this stuff and it might save another rider from suffering the same fate.
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  6. Also if some professional has done work that left gravel around (in corners!) on a well known motorcycling road without putting up any warning signage then they should have their fukken arse kicked.
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  7. At least you're Ok.

    If your talking about the section that ends at the resort then it looks like they resurface this every year, I got caught out last year with not only the fine gravel but still wet tar underneath.

    No signs anywhere.
  8. seems like normal practice these days. i wish i could be as half arsed about my work and get away with it...

    i saw this up there when on the push bike, while still freshly gravelled- riding through this shit on 23mm road rubber is no fun at all...
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  9. That sucks Rcheli.

    Would there be some liability or compensation of some kind from Vicroads to at least pay for the insurance excess for these situations?
  10. It's really popular for cyclists too, so I'm surprised they felt it OK to leave it like that...
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  11. oops just saw jmc's post
  12. You won't get one cent out of vicroads!
  14. I was on that road today and the gravel is still there. Ad a little shuffle on the way down...not much fun.
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    Anyone whose come across this and thinks it's a potentially dangerous road condition, recommend you call Vicroads tomorrow 131170 and report it. The more the merrier.

    They also have a webform, but I'm pretty sure that phoned in reports will get more attention

    edit/ and Lake Mountain Rd is definitely a declared VicRoads managed road, not a council managed road.

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  16. Done.