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Lake Mountain is damn cold

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Climbatize, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. So I went up the Reefton Spur today and decided to take the turn off for Lake Mountain. There were light showers coming up and to my surprise there was some snow on the side of the road. When I got to the top is was friggin' snowing!


  2. Cold it was! I was there Sunday in the drizzle and for some strange reason thought my summer gloves would be sufficient. Not so!

    It's funny how when the snow / ice starts to thaw you are left with lines of it along the side of the road and odd clumps on the grounds around the summit carpark. I kicked one of those clumps (to the right of the lodge) and it was still frozen through.

    Thankfully the road is in excellent condition (apart from that extremely narrow hairpin towards the bottom which always seems to be covered in organic debris of one kind or another). :grin:
  3. Man the road was a mess generally speaking. You would not want to push your corners wide either.. piles of soggy bark await you :eek:
  4. I'm surprised you were able/allowed to get up there. Although the snow season has ended now, so I guess the ban they have on motorcycles over Winter is off.

    I hope you paid your $2 to park there. (A charge I disagree with and have never paid, although I go up there for lunch quite often.)
  5. I think it has to do with the snow being pushed to the side and compacted during the road clearing process probably slowing down the thawing because it deeper than the rest of the area.
  6. I didn't hear about that ban Roderick.

    I didn't park the bike up top anyway. I was trying to find a place undercover so I could have a quick smoke but after it started snowing I just kept going and took the photos further down.

  7. Hmm. Must have had some high winds during the week. I don't remember sparing the gas on Sunday, except for the aforementioned hairpin. How did you find the Reefton Spur?

    Oh, by the way, bewdiful pic of the bike!

    Cheers, you learn something every day!
  8. Cheers.

    Reefton was pretty littered further on. It seemed to get worse after the Woods Point turn off.. that is heading away from the Warby hwy and towards MV.
  9. This was Lake Mountain on the 6th November 2006


    And the Black Spur 11 days later...

  10. Wow.

    I don't think the black spur gets any snow though.
  11. I've been along the Black Spur while it was snowing. In a car with a nice heater though.

    Most amazing sight. The Dom Dom Saddle picnic ground was like a winter wonderland.
  12. There was a sign at the turn off before the beginning of the Winter snow season. I don't know if the ban is new, or happens every year. I don't recall seeing the sign there in the past.
  13. It was more an illustration of sunny and warm than anything else. And the Spur does get snowed on, just not every year.