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Lake Gairdner Speedweek

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dingo1, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Hey has anybody ventured out to Lake Gairdner for Speedweek before?

    Have a couple of mates travelling from Tas, as they pass through Adelaide I'm tagging along, sadly in my ute as my XJR13 wouldn't like 300km+ of dirt roads that have to be navigated ( their on BMW and V-Strom). Sounds like an awesome event, it's the Outback so you carry everything in and out. Runs from the 8th to 12th of March. Curious to know what the weather out there would be at that time of year if is 40c forget it!

  2. If your car is dedicated LPG, don't go to Gairdner. No gas for a bloody long way.
  3. I was planning on going as I've got two or three mates running SR500's.

    But I read up on the conditions and the roads going in and thought, "**** it". Something I'd like to do at some stage but it'd be on a trailie or an old banger I wouldn't mind getting salt all over.
  4. Ok guys HELP!

    I heard my bf mention that he wanted to go see Paul Carter ride at the speed week trials... ive been trying all damn day to find somewhere online that confirms Paul is riding and what date etc...any info would be a great help!???????????????
  5. A mate and I were set up to go in 2008 to run his heavily modded Sportster. Sadly the weather saw that year cancelled and we haven't got it together since.

    One day though :D.