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Laid her down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Den Monkey, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Well, was on a ride out with a few new guys and some old ones and I met the road along with the bike.

    Was a tight 35km/h turn infamously known as lemmings corner.
    Its even posted as such.

    Anyway I wasn't pushing it but since the road is quite narrow a rock on the road mid turn (bout the size of your fist) was enough to throw me off line and straight toward the guard rail.

    I was just about pulled up when I met the gravel shoulder of the road and the bike just went out from under me.
    I was so damned close to stopping its not funny
    If there was an extra 6 inches of road on that side I reckon I would have made it.

    After pulling the bike out from under the guard rail I got to assess the damage.
    Not too bad. Some nasty fairing scrapes with a few cracks (should have had bungs) and a nasty dent in the relatively new can.

    Once I righted it and stopped for a quick smoke, I noticed there were bits and pieces of different bikes all over the place.
    Bits of different coloured fairings, a screen, crash bung and all sorts of shit.
    One of the guys on the ride said his son laid his down in that exact same spot.

    While Im unmarked and only went down light, I'm peeved that it was such a simple thing that caught me out.
    I would have been happier if I had of been flogging it.
    At least then I would have been able to blame something.
    A rock mid corner is just shit luck.
    Always thought it would be a cager or deisel that got me.

    Anyway happy viewing




  2. Nasty! Lemmings corner.. I think I was there 2 days ago. Saw the name and noticed the altitude of the road, decided to take that corner rather sedately lol. Glad you're ok though, and bike could have been worse.
  3. damn... the poor yosh! :(
  4. Ouch! You're hip pocket must be hurting a bit.

    You describe the damage as "Not too bad", it looks bad to me. :cry:
  5. G'day everyone,......

    The way I see it,...if your going to put it down,....better to do it slow than to be flogging it and go down hard.
    Sorry you went down at all but at least you got to ride away from it.

    Just my thought.

    Dr Who?
  6. Nah its really not too bad. Well could have been worse.

    By that I mean I walked away without a scratch.
    That in itself is good news.
    F&*k the bike if ya can walk away.
    Its my pride and joy and all but gotta be realistic.

    3nd its really only fairing damageand the can.
    No indicators, mirrors, pegs, cables or levers. Ran a bit rough for the next 20kms or so but came good.
    So rode it home.
    All is good that ends good

    Oh and yeah im gonna feel it in the wallet.
    Trying to think if its worth insurance.

    Excess is 500, but wont lose my no claim.

    Tried to call but theyre closed. Bastards.
  7. Sorry to hear about your off Brett. But we don't need another pink kawka in newy. How about red and blue, than you can look like gay boy on the honda.
    all the best mate ross
  8. Lemming corner huh? Right side down huh?

    Sounds awfully familiar to me...
  9. Sorry to hear about your off...glad you're ok.
  10. Yeah Lemmings corner has claimed many a bike - sorry to hear you added to the carnage

    You're alive, you've hopefully learnt some lessons and will ride the road again and again

    All the best for the repair
  11. ........
  12. Meh, It'll buff right out. :LOL:

    Tis only a bike. They can be fixed or replaced a damn site easier than bones. :wink:
  13. Sucks about your bike Brett, but as you said, least you walked away. Good luck getting it sorted out.

  14. I've always been amused by the phrase "Laid it/her down". It implies that there was actually a choice in the matter! :p

    Glad to hear you walked away from it.
  15. Oh, and with respect to insurance claims, the "break even" point after you factor in the excess, increased premiums, and so on, is typically around the $2000 mark. If it costs less than $2000 to repair, then better to not make a claim at all.
  16. AAAAAAAAAAAarrrrgh.... my eyes. No seriously it isnt that bad. Sorry to hear about your drop. hit ebay before you start going throug your isurance... even online wholesalers are prety tops for repairs. Bikebandit are good and have an online fiche system so you can get you numbers and go elsewhere.
  17. Thanks heaps everyone for the advice on the insurance front.
    Will have a sticky beak around and see whats available 2nd hand etc before I take on insurance. Nice to know its there though.
    Would prefer to save it for when I really need it.
    Think I can get away with that one side of the fairing and take it from there.
    Oh and not sure what to do with the can.
    Hey it still works . Ill just tell people its a limited edition model.
    Hand crafted and every dent is different.
  18. hahaha telling them its limited edition is a classic! but sorry to hear about your off.

    Deffinatly look to see what the costs are for both repairing it yourself of going through insurance, sometimes it isnt worth the hassel, other times it is, but it can have repocussions too.

  19. Bad luck there Big(hehe) fella!! I think it was you that said to me " Up and Up" ... as you have done, good on ya mate and like i said, go the street fighter look and piss the fairings off altogether :grin: Oh sorry i forgot, you like the green :shock: hahaha

    C u next time ................ upright!!

  20. If... You wont lost the no claim bonus, and excess is only $500 then how is it NOT worth going through insurance. The non-loss of no claim bonus means premiums arent going to go higher and your bike will be fixed properly and not on the cheap cause of 'ye hip pocket is a bit stiff at the time? It makes perfect sense to use insurance if you ask me. Unless there are other factos to consider?