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Lady Wakehurst Drive - Where do cops sit?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by dr azz, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. I received a speeding fine while on Lady Wakehurst Drive in the Royal National Park over the weekend, and I'm attempting to find out where the cop was sitting so I can do some research.

    I've been told that there are 2-3 spots they can sit on along that road, does anyone know where these are? I didn't see the cop, so have no idea where he was sitting.
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  2. 2 spots worth mentioning are in the driveways of no 1 and no 4.
  3. How did you get a fine already if you didn't even see him? did another cop pull you up further down?
    If so you possibly overtook a unmarked car
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    Where the hell is no 4?

    OP I can tell you, both of the spots they use give them a real nice a clear view and as the rider you would have absolutely no idea they are there unless you knew exactly where to look, and by the time you can spot them you are way too late. That said, from one of the spots they will go after you though.
  5. Thanks for the responses, appreciate it!

    waedwe, I went past him, I didn't see him, he followed and caught up, and then gave me a fine. He was a marked police car, and had LIDAR.

    Justus, which forum should I be using? I had a look around before posting here, however must have missed the forum I should have posted in. Any way to get the thread moved to the right location? Actually looks like it's already been moved :)

    Lilley, do you know where these spots are exactly? I need to go back and take a look at them and gather a little more information.
  6. no 4 is bit further south and has a south facing drive.