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Lady Riders?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ametha elf, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know what percentage of riders in Australia are female? (not pillion riders, but those who ride their own bike)

  2. Not many..
    My mum used to ride 20 years ago, hasn't for a long time though

    Dad and his g/f, Catherine both ride frequently, Catherine used to ride a scooter daily but has just got her L's to upgrade to a real bike.

    We also tried getting my sis into it so that everyone in the family will have had a go. But she utterly refuses on the grounds of helmet hair :p

    Also on the last QLD ride I think we had around 16 bikes, 14 male, 2 female riders + pillion

  3. Best estimate is about 10%

    From the Australian Transport Safety Bureau monograph - 16.
    Deaths and serious injuries among female motorcyclists

    As no suitable national data are available to illustrate the popularity of motorcycling among females, motorcycle licence data from the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) have been used. NSW licence data were chosen as NSW is the most populous state. Underlying the use of these data is the assumption that licence patterns in NSW are indicative of the rest of Australia.

    In 2003, females comprised 9.6 per cent of all licenced motorcycle riders in NSW. The number of licenced female motorcycle riders in NSW increased from 35,804 in 1999 to 38,569 in 2003, an increase of 7.7 per cent (Table 3). The total number of licenced motorcycle riders increased by 4.3 per cent over the same period.

    Very little data are available on the differences between male and female motorcycle riding patterns in Australia. One of the only recent sources of information is a survey conducted for the NSW Motor Accident Authority in 2003.

    The survey was conducted using a random sample of 6,000 registered motorcycle owners in NSW based on registration data, resulting in 794 respondents providing useable information. The researchers found that around seven per cent of respondents were female and that there were some significant differences between the riding patterns of males and females.
    These were:

    female riders were significantly younger than male riders, with a mean age of 40.1 years compared with 44.2 years female riders had significantly less riding experience (7.4 years) compared with males (20.2 years).
    a greater proportion of female riding took place in cities, towns or suburbs (49 per cent) than male riding (40 per cent).
    a greater proportion of female riding took place on the weekends (66 per cent) than male riding (54 per cent).
    the average annual distance travelled by female riders was 30 per cent less than male riders.
  4. not enough Ametha Elf....Not enough, how am i ever going to start a kick arse girls biker gang with so few candidates?? lol
  5. i'm a lady rider.................................

    (ok ok its friday 5pm that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it. ooo beer time bye!)
  6. I dunno how many are out there, but if anyone reading this thread was the petite blond in black and pink leathers refueling the black CBR600RR at Mobil on the corner of Alma Rd and St Kilda Rd about 4pm today, wanna go get a coffee sometime? :angel: :rofl:
  7. Shoulda given her one of your patented Netrider Tag cards grue :LOL:

  8. I was going past and saw her, I was seriously considering turning around to put fuel in the bike, even though I refueled 40km ago :-s
  9. I'm in! :D If you accept Learners in your Kick Arse gang :p
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  11. Definitely not enough. Although I do enjoy the look of surprise people get when I say yes, I have my own bike and no, it's not a 250. Raar.
  12. Huplescat, me too! They turn and look twice at you with a puzzled expression : )
  13. Mischiefmaka,, you can count me in!
  14. I've got a 250 (for now) but for some reason they still give me a Look. (for some reason most of my female customers (I work in retail) are like o_O but most of the mean just gawp at me. After a moment they usually remember themselves and say I've always wanted one etc.)

    I feel so priviledged ;)
  15. I was parked and having coffee one Sunday during a lovely ride, when a very stern faced lady walked over, I thought she was going to have a go at me about something, until she said "I am SO envious of you riding your own bike" and she turned and walked away again!
  16. Hey Mischiefmaka, looks like your gang is growing... Count me in too!!!

    There is not enough girls on the road, but Spikes you are right when you say it is a priviledge :)
  17. +1 for that lady :)
  18. To All,

    It is nice to know that we are not alone on the roads, even if it is 10 - 12%. I am sure we can support each other, since this thread has already brought a lot of us together. So far there seem to be more ladies from VIC than anywhere else! I wonder if the Philip Island, the GP or the mountain roads has any think to do with it? Keep the post coming ladies, it is nice to meet you all :)
  19. I work as a postie and people are still surprised I have a bike outside work :LOL: I'm not going to waste a perfectly good bike license! Haha.