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Lady rider from Orange

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DeniseG, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Hiya, have been riding for a while now. Current ride is a 2012 Suzuki V Strom which loves the open roads the country offers, cant handle the city stuff. <3

  2. Welcome :) My bike hates being in the city but sadly that's where I'm stuck most of the time...
  3. Welcome lady from Orange, nice pussy ya got there.
  4. Prefer a Leopard print myself.
  5. Welcome to Netrider, enjoy your stay
  6. welcome and enjoy :)
  7. hi @DeniseG

    A strom :shock: go girl :)

    you must have longer legs than me :shifty:
  8. Welcome to NR(y)
  9. Thanks for the welcome. To answer some questions, my legs are long, my hubby married because I ride a bike, so he knows I'm hot, he especially loves the curves that go along with those legs. :p
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  10. Don't worry too much about the questions, pretty standard noob stuff, does hubby ride ?
  11. It appears so.
  12. Yeah he rides
  13. what? may i ask
  14. oh yeah im married to so we have something in common
  15. Hubby rides a BMW ex police bike, also has a guzzi, a Harley plus many a few more.
  16. Quite a collection.
  17. Welcome orange person.