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Lady on Suzuki supersports

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kelvinc, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. I was driving to brunch today when I saw two motorbikes waiting at Coleman Avenue, Carlingford to turn into Pennant Hills Road. I think they were a couple with the lady riding in the front in a black Suzuki sportsbike and the gent at the back, also in a Suzuki sportsbike.

    My wife noticed that the lady was wobbling a bit whilst riding. I caught up with them waiting to turn into Marsden road and the lady was on a brand new bike (still had the temp rego label). I think it was a supersports 600 black but it looked like it was too big for her. She looked quite small for it.

    She continues to wobble a few times whilst driving down Marsden Road, not riding very fast with the gent behind her.

    I am only a learner so I know a bit about wobbling. I was quite afraid for her though as it really did not look like she could control the bike.

    It was a bit distressing and I hope it was only because it was a new bike and she was not familiar with it. Keep safe nevertheless.
  2. All learners wobble till they get used to the bike, going too slow on the bike makes you wobble, also,
  3. I may have left out that both riders were not learners, no L plates nor Ps and both riding supersports like the Suzuki GSX-R. Anyway, hope she was only getting used to the bike but I didn't know that full license riders wobble. Makes learners like me feel not so bad !
  4. When you first get a new bike, ie, your first big bike, it's like a completely new experience.

    You've gotta relearn all over again. I wobbled a fair amount (ie, a hell of a lot) when I first got my triumph after my first bike, a kawasaki.

    I went from a LAMS 500cc to a 955 unrestricted beast, which is also much taller (tippy toes only) and a different seating position.

    It's normal - she'll be fine :)
  5. Great thread!
  6. Probably coming off a slower steering bike too, so a bit of the Unhappy Wanderer at first. Hopefully, anyway.
  7. Thanks for confirming that, Holly. Just wanted to ensure that she is okay. Hopefully, I will see the couple again next weekend and the wobbles are gone.
  8. Going too slow because of a touch of throttle fear?
    After having been on a nice sedate LAMS mount the relative touchiness of a gixxer would almost be enough to want to break out a set of training wheels and wheelie bars.
  9. the only wobbling that i think i've ever experienced on my 600 has occurred when ive been travelling at less than 2km/h.. how can you wobble whilst riding at normal speeds? i dont understand..?
  10. true that, licensed. i was only wobbly at walking speeds, just due to hard to reach ground, heavier bike, weird riding position etc.

    maybe she didn't do much riding as a learner?
  11. Any bike will wobble until its going fast enough for it to stand up by itself,
    My Bird wobbles at any thing under about 60 kph, its very top heavy, Its built for very high speed, not putting around at low speed, Under about 20 kph, its a total pig to ride,

    And I am no learner,

    Low centre of gravity bikes (cruiser types) wobble less than a tall sports bike, at low speeds,

    You dont wobble at normal riding speeds. The bike will straighten itself out, once your at normal riding speed.

    Wobble means not going in a dead straight line, it doesnt mean its flopping all over the road,