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Lady merges into my leg today. Thanks

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Mendy, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Trying to be a good rider and not speed today.
    So this morning on the way to work, after a lady merged into me while on her phone and not indicating I was not pleased.
    My leg will be fine but the back tyre and scratches on the wheel guard wont be.
    And trying to drive away is called a "hit and run".

    ...Lady I hope you enjoy your newly punched mirror, as because you don't actualy use it, then you have no need for it.
  2. Likes this, oh wait, i mean dislikes this. Oh wait.
  3. By the way, because of her 'bumping" into my leg and pushing my back tyre sideways, I went into the gutter where my "beased" sustained it's injuries.
  4. Mendy,
    I would have 'mended' her ways with a maybe a little more than a newly punched mirror...that is just appalling behaviour...and no offence nor generalisations here, but WTF is it with female drivers ???? I almost get taken out by one everyday, whether on 2 or 4 wheels....luckily (fingers crossed) it hasn't stretched out to 10 wheels..yet !
    Mate, I hope your leg will be fine and you manage to get your bike sorted.
  5. did she stop or drive away?
  6. She drove off (quickly) to the lights which turned green just as I was getting there. As I accelerated past her, I gave a her mirrors a swing, and turned off to go on my way.
    And yes, she was still on the damn F*cking fone. :censored:
  7. Was she hot?
  8. Don't thing so, was really checking her out though
  9. I once saw a car run a red arrow, an elderly man was crossing and he had a hefty walking pole, stick doesn't describe the thing he had, anyway car nearly took him out, he flung the stick around putting a massive dint in the drivers door,huge it was, as the car speed off down the road..

    Old man 1 fucckwit 0

    I'd have pulled up the lady and threatened to call the cops, hot and run as you said..

    Glad your not injured....

    You have to remind cagers a minor bump, no matter how minor can easily result in the riders death, can they live with the fact that you took a daddy from his kids.... Some people see the sence and really listen up, others treat you like a terrorist and really then try to kill you if the haven't already
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    Go buy a box of hammers.. :grin:
  11. allowing women to drive cars was the dumbest idea ever.
  12. Hahahaha..foamy the squirrel !
    Awesome Youtube vid mate. Had me in stitches when he started 'losing it' with the 'f' word LOL.
    Wish the hammer idea worked...lots of cars would be taken off roads for constant repairs (y)
  13. So assuming you've got insurance and can lay the whole thing on her (you DID get rego, didn't you?)... the mirror damage becomes evidence of the 'collision', you need to report the incident to popo with an 'appropriate' description of events (don't expect much response), and get on the phone to insurers ASAP.
    Let them do the dogging. Shouldn't cost you anything.
  14. If that was me I would have called the police no matter the end result, that was a clear accident if ever there was one and it was clearly a hit and run and intirely her fault (being on the phone and all). The only thing that would dissuade me from calling the police would be some under the table wad of CASH or some other under the table business lol ;).
  15. I've just wasted 20 minutes on foamy the squirrel.


    It too late now. You should have forced her to pull over and exchange details. then reported it to the cops and claimed it on your insurance.

    Lashing out at the mirror makes it grey if you go to the cops. You will have to justify that action.
  16. Unless, the OP can justify that taking out the mirror was his way of 'balancing' to avoid a detrimental fall, during her (the driver) attempt to wipe him off the road ?
    I do agree with what everyone has said : Mate, it might not be too late to take action. A person deliberately hitting someone, whilst on that bloody mobile phone (!$@%#^!!!!) is totally unacceptable.
    Hoping a spicy, red-ass hot Karma comes her way.
  17. I was just about to say this.
  18. I couldn't help myself the other day when this very nearly happened to me...

    Dumb B#*&H turns left/North onto William St from Bourke, on the end of the green. I'm hook turning right to head the same direction. I get the green and go.. she (unfocussed) swings way out wide and takes the right lane... then cruises straight over Lt Bourke through the red light!!!
    She glides into the left lane (no indicating), so I decide it's time to get past her and get outa there. As I'm passing, we approach Lonsdale St where someone is hook turning right. again without indicating (or looking), she starts to just swing into the right lane RIGHT NEXT TO ME!! I had plenty of space as I was watching and ready, so I cracked on the horn and the revs to which she had no reaction.. zero! Kept moving over towards me to make sure she could get around teh hook turner, then slipped back into the left.

    Enough is enough.. I pull up ahead, crack on the indicator and start waving her down. I confirmed she was actually slowing (there's a chance she would just mow me down if I pulled infront without checking) and we pulled over to have this conversation:

    Me: Do you know what a red light means?
    Her: That wasn't red!
    Me: No, that one wasn't - but the one before was and you went straight through it!
    Her: (Looking confused like she's thinking about it)
    Me: (Volume increasing) You ran straight through a red, then drove straight into me at the next intersection. If I wasn't watching you would ahve hit me!
    Her: Um...
    Me: (getting in her face) Pay attention to the F#$^&# road or you're going to F%^@# KILL SOMEBODY!

    Felt better - hopefully she was a bit more aware of her surroundings for the rest of the drive home.

    Had she actually hit me, as in your case - I would have flagged her down for a similar confrontation. Hope you got your lady's rego - she needs sorting out by your insurance company.
  19. I personally love them better on a bike myself, especially riding behind them. tight leather + hot chick + bike = heavenly.
  20. It was pissing down yesterday in the morning (melbourne,) and I was not going to take my eyes off the road to check out a no. plate through wind and rain.
    I didn't care about reporting it right then and there, I just wanted to get to work and dry off and have a coffee.
    I thought about it later and prob should have gotten her details, but at the time i really didn't care for that.
    I was cold, and felt like smashing her mirror, so that was the out-come.
    Was I guilty of stupid actions at the time? For sure.
    Did I care at the time. No. Do I care now? No
    And last time I reported something to the Popo's
    absolutely nothing happened at all.[-(
    My friend and I had to chase him down ourselves (legaly) to get the money for the repairs.