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Lady Learner Rider Vic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by staticattack, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Hi I've had my L's (for far too long) and finally after going for them a second time have bonded ever so with my Yamaha VStar 250 ... Living in the Dandenong Ranges/Yarra Valley area makes for some tough love learning and would be great to ride with others not always alone ... Also have a bike I've been riding around when I visit a friend in Rhyll Virago (but honestly hate this bike the center of gravity is not like the Vstar)

    Haven't even hit a major hwy and speeds above 80kms due to the fact any road I take to get there is twisty central so been working at mastering/confidence building but ready to just get on with it
  2. hi miss, welcome to netrider

    Are you hot?
  3. Less than 3 minutes crisis is that a personal best?

    Welcome Static

    Cheers Jeremy
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  4. nope, done better in the past - just keeping it real (y)
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  5. wow a lady rider in the hills, im a gentleman rider, from the hills maybe we should hook up for a ride
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  6. Will you be taking your wife too @unclegreg ?
  7. maybe

    maybe not
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  8. @87crisis well some might say I was hit with the ugly stick at birth however since plastic surgery has become affordable on private health care problem solved

    @Uncle Greg sounds good I find I give it a little more following someones lines and pace rather than braving the elements (tourists and having to do ye ol' middle finger waves)

    Thanks Jeremy and hello
  9. Well you have certainly meet two of our more interesting members in your welcome thread!

    May be a bit early and a bit far but check out he Sat practice thread found here-

    Details in the first post are still current. No need to read it all as it does go on for a while. Anyway great place to practice, meet fellow riders and get out on the bike.

  10. Oh cool great its every Sat the next two are out for me ,,, but might post into thread if anyone from my way willing to ride with me ...

    I've been doing solo dammit if it feels ok when out there just go for it ... and I drive these roads everyday so they are not unfamiliar

    *** and interesting members huh for a split second I'd thought I'd joined AMM :shock:
  11. i go most saturdays, i could be persuaded to escort you in, seeing youve had plastic surgery and all
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  12. Hey @staticattack welcome to NR. I sometimes get over your way & ride with @Caz no 2, so, happy to let you know when we're going out for a ride :)

    Also, have caught the ferry over & back with HB & met up with Caz.

    Could possibly even arrange to come over with Caz, meet up with HB & me for a GOR ride.
  13. welcome to NR and all that it has to offer :ROFLMAO:
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  14. welcome to nr :) and ahh yes the 'gentlemen' are always willing to help a lady out :) so nice to see..
    Well sat prac sessions are a great way to meet n greet some folks and alot are out east. Keep your eye out for sunday learner rides tooo. and the 'ladies' offering your ride invites means your lines arent being drooled over lol
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  15. Welcome @staticattack

    Best wishes for your learning :)

    Ride it like you are on top (y)
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  16. You know you're always welcome @goddie
    See, you thought us ladies sat at the back because we were slower - maybe we're the ones drooling ;) lol
  17. Yep, there's been times I've been behind - the head goes sideways and.. "Phwoar!!"
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  18. Welcome to NR(y)

  19. So does that mean that someone has let out some nasty exhaust? lol Cause 'phwoar' could mean that lol and blokes or girls in beak gear ainr really sexcee ??
  20. No, it means some guy has a sexy arse... :cool: (y) :watching:
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