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Lady driver

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Riderman, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Sorry not a near miss - but a rant

    I was driving my car happily on a 4 laned road (unbroken white line in middle), when this white sedan comes right through the middle from the otherside in a sort of bad u-turn.

    It then proceeds to stop at the lights, and suddenly jerks forward with half its car in the intersection - the light is still red.

    I look over to see a lady driver holding coffee in her hand while chatting to her collegue in the passenger sear.

    It was a marked police car.

  2. and an automatic, no doubt. I have no qualms with the coffee in hand part of it. The rest makes her sound like 90% of the other drivers on the road, female or not.
  3. As I have said before to others-- this would be great if you had the $50 helmet cam and recorded it
  4. Wut? Half a car length over stop line?!?
    Coffee in one hand!
    Holy crap it's the end of the world i tells ya!!11OMGBBQLASERGUNPEWPEWPEW!

    Slip ups happen.
    And coffee tastes good.

  5. Yes slip ups happen - but when you and I do it we generally are made to pay for it
  6. Really?
    When was the last time you paid for your slip up?

    I've made many slip ups in my 30+ years if driving/riding (speeding not included) and haven't paid

  7. I once stopped over the line by about 50cm at a traffic light when I was 19 and a cop at the other side of the intersection going the other way booked me for it

    How about failing to indicate -- thats a slip up - how many have been given a ticket for that -- I know I have once when I dont recall but yep I got a ticket.

    I also once recieved a ticket for having my elbow resting on the door with the window down - we all do it - but its illegal as your arm (elbow) is outside the confines of the car
  8. Man, you are one unlucky SOB copping fines for those minor things. How do you interact with a police officer when you get pulled over - are you polite and acknowledge what you did or do you react like Rodney King and the LAPD? To get fines for such minor things is really unfortunate.
  9. Reminds me of an incident I saw in Hornsby about 25 years ago... a P-plater overshot the line at a traffic light by a short distance. I assume he was very new to driving and decided he'd reverse back behind the line (see where this is going?) In the meantime, a police car pulled up behind him and was also waiting for the lights to change. Finally, with the green in his favour, the P-plater hit the accelerator and reversed right into the police car!
  10. Mine was yesterday, was in the car heading up new england highway and in the situation its a divided (by a median) 4 lanes 80kph, 8pm, raining, and busy! I was in the right lane and there was an extra lane for turning right just ahead - only turning right lane nothing else.
    Little red piece of crap with a horrified looking indian lady driving decided to do a u-turn from the other direction around the turning point - did so highly illegally, without looking or stopping until she was across the two lanes on my side and looked decidedly scared as all these headlights approached at speed.
    I stopped with <50cm to spare from a t-bone effort. Stupid stupid cow!
  11. I am polite and respectful too all people I think I just was unlucky to get stormtroopers who were assholes

    When dealing with the fascist enforcers I say nothing but Identify myself to them as required by law -- they want to get you into a conversation with them so that unwittingly you incriminate yourself, this what they teach them in Gestapo school.

    I am not complaining because yes by the letter of the law I had committed an offence so I paid the fine --- maybe the fact I was driving a 200 grand german sportscar ( not my car though ) had something to do with it when I had my arm on the window opening.
  12. LOL, it is common knowledge that such cars have defective speedos and indicators - most people will attest they have never seen them being used on such vehicles :LOL:
  13. Sure its not the end of the world but shithouse/slack driving plays a big part of why the traffic is so bad in sydney. Every 4th driver does some slack ass thing that negitivley affects 10 other people. Oh that bastard is overhanging his lane is blocking access to the turning lane with the green light. You overshoot the line at the lights and the pedestrians have to walk around you into the moving traffic to get past. It's just uncalled for. If a semi can keep his 18 wheels in the lines on parramatta road than there's no excuse for anyone else not to be able to.
  14. Should have gt the REG and complainted to ethical standards, I had a visit from a Sargeant the last time I did. Of course I did cc a letter to the police and shadow police minister and local MP, but that was beacuse a female cop pulled out in front of me in a marked police car (M'dah Hwy Ringwood) as I was doing 80 and the only thing that stopped me nailing the car was the ABS. Unimpressed btw.

    On Flinders Street, I saw a cop that had left the Police @ World Trace Centre on cnr of Spencer St. He was pulling into the right turning lane to turn into King street and reaching over to put on his seatbelt while talking on a mobile in an unmarked police car. I didnt bother reporting this however.
  15. oh man i almost always drive with my elbow resting outside the window.

    If i get caught for everytime i do it, i would be bankrupt :p

    maybe i just jinxed myself :p