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Ladies: what bike do you ride and why?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Daisyhaze, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Hi, sorry if this has been done before but I am new here, and would love to find out what other ladies ride. Why did you choose the bike you have? What type of riding/how much riding do you do? How did you get into riding? Would love to hear your stories :)

  2. Hi there. Welcome to Netrider.

    I ride an Aprilia 200cc Sportcity (so it's a scooter, not a bike), but I love it and love riding. I started riding 18 months ago. Got my Ls aged 57, after a year of riding pillion with my husband. Both my sons, and my daughter in law elect also ride and I guess I saw how much fun they were all having and wanted to join in. Am now totally addicted. Don't have a car anymore and don't want one. Ride every day and in all weather (and ATGATT). I ride all over Melbourne and go on longer rides when I have the time. Last one was to Daylesford just after Xmas. I have just clocked up 21,000 kms.

    I adore my bike, although when I can afford to I want to upgrade to the 250cc or maybe the new 300cc that is supposed to be coming out this year. I guess I ride a scooter because I'm an arthritic old grandmother (!) and it's easier sitting on a scooter than crouching over a bike. Also I don't have to worry about gears and lubricating chains! There's only so many new tricks an old dog can learn. But I love it and intend to ride till I'm 90. By then I will probably have to graduate to 3 wheels because I'll be too decrepit to hold up two. That should then take me through till I'm 100.

    Enjoy your riding! :)
  3. WHAT BIKE: The one that shakes and vibrates the most

    WHY: Do you have to ask.
  4. Hi, I've wanted to get a bike since I was 19 when I first got my L's but I let many things talk me out of it. So when I was without a car last year I decided it was a good time to do it. Hubby came along to the L training with me and got totally addicted too :grin:
    My first bike was a Virago250, just because I've always liked the look of them and I felt very secure on it (nice and low to the ground). After a few thousand km and passing my MOST I knew it was time to upgrade to something that would not be at full revs on the highway.
    Decided I wanted a 650, bit more power but not off the chart. Went around and checked out different bikes in that size, decided against another cruiser because of the weight of the bikes once you get up to that size, but didn't want the riding position of a full-on sports bike, and wanted to have my feet touch the ground.
    So in that regard the Kawasaki ER-6f fitted all of the above, and I totally love it! :LOL:
  5. Hi Peanuts, I ride a scooter too - well sort of, I have a little postie bike called Clarence :) Hope I can keep riding till I'm 90 too!

    fran_e - love your bike!! esp the flames! (I just figured out what that linky thing is on the left under people's names :LOL: )

    I got hooked after riding on the back of my boyfriend's BMW, funnily enough I was content being a pillion for a couple of years, and hadn't even thought about getting my own bike, then suddenly one day the idea sprang into my head and within a few weeks I bought Clarence and was on the stay-upright course. I am still on the back of BF's bike for longer rides, because little Clarence just couldn't keep up. But I am looking around for something a bit bigger so I can go for day trips on my own bike!!
  6. LOL very interesting :)

    although, i did see someone in the for sale section a female with a GSXR600.

    my thumbs up for her :cool:
  7. Hey there Daisyhaze,
    I've been riding for almost 22 yrs now & started with a Suzuki GN 250, graduated to a GS 550, then GPZ 750, DR 250, 2 SV 650s, Ktm super duke 990 & currently a Z 1000. I love my Zed (hence my name!) it will take something very special to make me either trade or sell my Zed.
    I also was involved in "bucket" (125cc) racing for a couple of years in Adelaide & have been a trainer for Rider Safe, Stay Upright & now Deca here in Tassie.

    In fact I have just become the NW ride coordinator for "girls on the move" down here.... on Sunday 8th Feb at 10.30 in Penguin we are having our launch of "GOTM" & are hoping any interested ladies, who are new to, currently, or return to riding are invited to come along.......guys you are also invited too.

  8. I think it's this one?


    I've spoken to Dizzy about her leathers that she also has for sale: they're too small for me at my 5'9 :roll: and asked if I wanted her bike too :wink:

    If I remember correctly, she's had the bike 'lowered' for her height???

    Don't know if it's still available, but drop her a line Daisy if you think the bike might suit you :)
  9. Why did you choose the bike you have? I have a CBR600RR.. Its beautiful. i chose this bike coz fortysix has one and i couldnt get my eyes off it - so i decided to get one for myself (he started complaining i liked his bike more than him...)

    err... and coz it felt wonderful when he let me ride it. I cant flat foot on the ground but close enough.

    What type of riding/how much riding do you do? When ever i can get out...

    How did you get into riding? My brother had bikes when i was young and i always admired him... i wanted one for a very long time. i think its one of those things thats in your blood.

    enjoy riding. Stay upright.

  10. I ride a Honda Hornet 600. I chose it cause it was light & the seat was just the right height for me to sit with both feet flat, making it easier to get in & out the driveway, plus it's a great commuter and loads of fun in the twisties - not the worlds fastest bike but certainly goes fast enough to take my licence away if I misbehave.

    the other reason I chose it was cause it was so easy to fully customise it to ensure i had a truly unique bike:
  11. Hello,

    I bought a Kawasaki GPX250R (2006 model).

    For me it was the right style (riding a cruiser in pre-Learner course gave me a sore back), right size (my feet touch the ground and only weighs around 150kg), I like the way it looks and it was in my price range. Oh...and LAMS approved.

    All good!

    I think one day I will upgrade to something more powerful but for now it is a great bike & I enjoy riding it.
  12. I have a cbr600rr.

    Started out with a dirt bike, courtesy of my partner, but gave up after getting tired of hitting the dirt all the time. (literally)

    Several years later, my partner was picking up his dirt bike from a service, and he saw a blinged up Yamaha R1, and decided that he had to have it.

    So if he was allowed to get a road bike, then I was going to join him.

    Started out on a GPX 250, but moved to the 600.
    I had to get the bike lowered, still can't flat foot it, but its my dream bike.
  13. I have a VS125 scooter, and as of a couple of weeks ago we got a Suzuki Across (we're both on our L's)

    We got the Across because of its size, physically its fairly large, but not too high for me. I prefer faired bikes - not a naked fan. We almost bought a VTR250 though, but it was just too much money for a first bike.
  14. Why did you choose the bike you have? I have an SV650S which is my upgrade bike from a Z-sled. It's light, flickable, more upright than the staunch sports bikes.

    What type of riding/how much riding do you do? I used to hit every twisty I could find. Now I avoid police and just commute to and from work. I'm looking forward to hitting some twisties again in a couple of months.

    How did you get into riding? My brother had a bike when I was little. When I was 20, my mate and I decided to get our bike licences. I've had a couple of accidents since but wouldn't give it up. Commuting isn't super fun but it beats taking the car and spending $250 a month on parking or taking public transport and getting up 2 hours earlier.
  15. :LOL: edit out and wish people signed out so i'm not under there name posting :LOL:
  16. There now it's me phew,
    daiseyhaze, rest assured if your man is a landscaper working around the penrose area he was sitting on bikes today looking at whats good for him and for his other halfs bike search, said he rode a bmw himself, just coincidence?
  17. hiya waedwe, wasn't my OH he lives in Queanbeyan :) We are planning on going looking at bikes this weekend though, hopefully might be test-riding some :)

    I am sooo confused about which bike I want though, the more I read and look at bikes the more I see that i like the look of. So I guess I really have to get out and start trying them out. I was originally thinking about getting a Yamaha V-Star (probably the 650), then I saw the honda VT750 Shadow (and now they have brought out a VT400), the Boulevards look good, and today i was checking out Triumphs - maybe a Bonneville or Thruxton??? *sigh* so many bikes.....
  18. remember if it's your first bike & you only just got your licence, you must ride a bike that is LAMS approved for NSW. And a 750 bike is not approved for learners.

    i'm sure one of the NSW regulars can show you a link to the approved bikes
  19. Thanks edgelett, I have checked the RTA link to see which bikes are learner legal. I am not in a huge rush to get a new bike, and I can go for my full licence in March, so could wait until then if I decide to get a bigger bike. The Yamaha V Star 650 is learner legal though, as is the new Honda VT400.

    I love the look of the cruisers and retro style bikes, probably because I have been a rockabilly fan for about 20 years. Also I have no desire to go really really fast :) My OH is still trying to talk me into taking 'baby steps' and getting a 250, but I would like to buy a bike I will be happy to ride for many years, rather than buy a 250 now and then wanting to trade it in for something else fairly quickly.

    Yesterday I was looking at pics and reading about the Triumph Bonneville and Thruxton. OH tells me he thinks that they would be too big and heavy for me. That is one of the reasons I have been interested in finding out what other ladies are riding. While I do not always listen to the OH :p he has been riding bikes for about 40 years so perhaps I would be wise to in this case :?
  20. A Bonnie or Thruxton will be a lightweight compared to a cruiser. As a first bike, cruisers are shite. Far too many limitations and idiosyncracies for someone starting out.