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Ladies wearing men's leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Roar2Life, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Hey, Seen it seems it's unanimous (sp?) <as I would have thought> that leathers are more protective than textiles, i'm starting to look at leather suits and the like and have noticed that a lot of the time the guys version is cheaper. In actual fact I can't even find a women's suit by Rjays and Alpinestars seems really expensive. I know you get what you pay for but being a high school student I don't have the biggest budget (not that I plan to skimp on protective gear). Obviously there's one area where women need a bit more room but are there any ladies out there that ride in guys leathers? And if so, how do they fit?

  2. A lot of apparel is designed to be unisex however take note is that each manufacturer and/or county has a different scale of measurements for sizing so tags and numbers can be confusing as it isnt standardised on a "worldwide" scale.

    There are a few manufacturers like Joe Rocket & Ixon etc that are now increasing their range of ladies leathers with some nice looking feminine styles & colours but sizes and prices could be a factor.

    If its racing leathers you are after, I really only have seen women wearing custom made suits or ones mainly designed for guys, however recently spotted some womens ones by hardwick racing on Ebay http://tinyurl.com/ta25a

    Either way, the only way for you to know what suits you is to try stuff on to see if it fits, if you like it and if its within your budget.
  3. I guess it depend on your individual shape. I tried guys small gear because the girls stuff was hard to find and it didn't fit in all the girlie places (way too big in the waist...too small in the chest, way too long,etc.)
    You would just have to try for yourself.
  4. I have a Mens Joe rocket suit, it's not a perfet fit but with all the stretch panels it's actually pretty good :grin:
  5. I see no problems with women wearing mens leather. Now men wearing womens leathers is a whole other story!
  6. hullo!
  7. I dunno whether boobies are as... unconforming as feet, but maybe the 'get it wet and wear it until it dries' thing that was recommended in another thread for boots would work? On a jacket, I mean...
  8. My (ladies) Teknic jacket was a bit snug to start with but it is slowing stretching where it needs to :wink:
  9. Was just looking at this today for my wife and yeah there isn't a huge range and what there is is pricey but the IXON stuff looks good and isn't too bad. Otherwise she'll likely get the solid red Alpinestars jacket.... linking back to the "Chicks on bikes being hot" even just wearing the jacket in the shop she looked hot :grin:

    Have you thought about the TigerAngel stuff cos they measure you for most of that anyway.
  10. I was lucky enough to come across a pair of guys Rjays 2 piece leather suit at a garage sale and only had been worn couple times before.
    I find being a girl i dont have any probs with guys pants fitting me, maybe because im little taller then average women height but i do find the jackets too big in the shoulders and chest area, even if i went for a smaller size the waist would then be too tight. Id say buy a two piece from joe rocket, tiger angel who ever and get pants and jacket different sizes. Although exspensive they will last u a long time and are well worth it.
    Maybe search about see if anyone will make custom leathers for you?

    Check out the new sexy gear in the ladies 2007 catolouge on www.joerocket.com.au some nice and well priced stuff there, pages and pages of stuff to look at!
  11. I have a 2 piece tiger angel custom made set which no longer fits me :cry: :cry: ... am keeping it in the hope that it will fit again soon becoz it was such a great investment. The quality of the leather (I got it 9 years ago) is excellent. There is a company in the US (www.newenough.com) that I found was cheaper with shipping than I have found the leathers here (although that may be specific to Tassie) and aparently their textile jackets still zip into the leather pants and have body armour in as well
  12. Well unless your a size 10 or higher and 5ft 10- 6ft then you wont have much luck in finding bike gear to fit :evil: It's about bloody time someone stocked gear for all us SHORT asses :mad: so we dont have to go and pay the huge prices to get them made.. :( My Draggin jeans are a size 6 and they are too big but were the smallest i could get :( Us short people may not have as far to fall as u taller people .. but it still HURTS when we do :shock:
  13. Around the bum section?

  14. A female friend of mine is about 5 ft 2 and got hold of dainese leathers (I think!)... they were a good fit - will ask if they were mens or womens size if u like? only difference was the length of the bottom half - she wore them over the boots
  15. When I went to the expo I picked up Ixon catalogue and it lists a bit of leather gear for women - several leather jackets, leather pants and even a racing one-piece suit. It doesn't list the prices, however I'd bet they would be cheaper than custom made Tiger Angel :)
  16. Walden Miller in Adelaide is an Austrailian company that has make quality leathers for over 20 years. Cheaper than Italian imports, and better quality that those measured and made in Pakistan.
    My wife and I have both had leathers made there at different times. They also make AmbiRider gear..and stock Hornee jeans.
  17. Thanks joannei.. that would be great if you could do that. I am 5ft 1 and only 47 kg's so its been a headache trying to get gear to fit without paying the HUGE $$$$ to have it made.
  18. Ladies in Mens Leathers?

    My wifes Jacket and mine were made in Brisbane, made to measure for us individually, but in matching colours!
    To be different and to make her jacket easily identifiable my wifes has fringes down the sleeves, it's also a lot bigger acros the chest than mine, but!

    Out on a ride one day and in a hurry to get back to a pub, she grabed her jacket, put it on, zipped up, Crash hat on and wondered why I was not bothering!
    My response to her "Hurry Up!" was to point out the fringes on the jacket on the back of the chair where she had been sitting!

    Some friends kindly crash tested some fabric jackets just over a year ago, the one that did not survive the paramedics scissors, was immediately (well as soon as he was out of hospital and fit enough to ride his new bike) replaced with a new one.

    The important thing is to get the right training, and not fall off or put yourself in a situation where you will get injured.
    The above mentioned accident was caused by others not those mentioned.
  19. Chk out the ixon textile pants their a blk cargo style & heaps adjustable!!! They have press studs at the cuff w 5" of adjustment-if only more things came that way... :wink: & they are slightly adjustable at the waist, I bought them 3wks ago in Bike mark-r'wood $120 bloody great purchase!There's a zipped out water proof liner & in this heat they breathe nicely compared to my leathers.
    Otherwise go for Hornee Jeans, vry fashionable (if only eva so slightly short in the bum due to the hippster nature) a perfectly fitted *cough* Sumoto will give you a netrider discount approx $200...
    There's my bit :grin:
  20. I hear you!! am 5ft 3 and I am fairly well padded (cough cough) so found the leather pants big enough for my belly came up to my damn boobs. I managed to find some second hand "Blackrose" leather pants and a new leather jacket on ebay for under $300 all up. I specifically went for womens jacket as I have a fair amount going in there and it makes for slightly longer sleeves but hey - I'm in!