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Ladies Summer Riding Gloves??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ceska, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    As title intends I'd like to know what is being worn out there by the ladies during the summer months? As a newbie with winter gloves only, now that a few warmer days have happened in Melb, my gloves are just too hot. So its time to sort this out! (not a fan of shopping in general, hence this post). Am S or M in gloves & will be buying off the rack soon...

    What I'd like to better understanding any info on brand, styles (short or longer), armor / knuckle protection, types (leather or textile) & approx cost

  2. why wear gloves at all, is what youre asking? anytime you fall you put your hands out to break the fall and you can imagine what happens when your travelling at high speed and hit the asphalt.

    look at the base of your palm and outside edge, this is the most vulnerable zone so you want to find gloves with reinforcement in this area. hard knuckle protection is highly recommended and i think a long glove is a good idea too, so that it overlaps with your jacket and provides not only abrasion protection but a small amount of stiffness to protect your wrists
  3. Absolutely NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where in my post did it say that I don't want to wear gloves??

    I'm after opinions on summer gloves women have found comfy & more details on these
  4. I wear a pair of Alpinestars Stella SP-3 myself and I find these very comfy in the summer.
  5. My wife wears Shift Dynasty Womens Gloves. Got them from Mick Hone in Box Hill.
  6. Thanks all... looks like I'll end up having to shop around :( anyway, at least I'll be doing this on the bike!
  7. Ladies summer gloves

    I've been wearing a pair of RST ladies gloves (Orchid?), which were a leather pair for 'in-between' weather. They were really comfy and had good grip feel, which is great cause I'm a learner. Unfortunately, they fell apart after 2 weeks continuous wear, perhaps a dodgy pair or maybe just dodgy quality... So, I had to find another pair in a hurry & bought some Dri-rider Assen gloves but they are too thick for this weather, not to mention chunky & possibly too big. I had already bought a pair of Joe Rocket summer vented gloves, so I will give those a try tomorrow. The only thing I don't like about them is they stop shorter than my other gloves, but the leather looked better quality than the RJAYs vented gloves I was originally looking at. My jacket is long enough that there is no gap anyway.

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has had problems with the RST (ladies) gloves, cause if it was just my pair I will definitely get another pair. The store I got them from gave me a refund, as they didn't have a replacement in my size & the gloves came with a 1yr guarantee.
  8. I don't believe in Summer gloves. The glove is probably one of the most likely to be used safety items so you want a good pair of gloves. If it gets hot in summer, I don't think a thinner pair of gloves will be much cooler than a decent pair of gloves.
  9. Thanks for the added opinions. I ended up getting a pair of RJays Viola Leather Gloves with knuckle protectors. I wanted a shorter glove as my sleeves are long & they fit nicely.

    As for not wearing summer gloves, unfortunately I find my Dri Rider Gore-Tex Gloves brilliant in winter & cold mornings, yet for summer they're waaaaaay too hot. The Gore-Tex' are thicker, but I noticed on the weekend that when I take them off for breaks in rides, they dont' even get a chance to dry up (yes, my hands get really hot).

    Anyhow, see how I go with these... will give feedback
  10. I've also got the RST Orchids, and they've been fantastic - sounds like you scored a dodgy pair! I've got a tiny bit of stitching coming apart on my L thumb, as the fingers are too long and the seam rubs when I use my indicators. I came off a couple of months back and the gloves held up very well, only scuffed leather - but looking at the extent and location of the scuffing I'm glad I was wearing them!
  11. Hi Catie

    Thanks for the feedback on the RST gloves, especially that they held up in a stack (sorry to hear it, are you ok? How's your bike?). I figured if the gloves had a guarantee, the store had no problem replacing them, and no one else had brought theirs back then I must have just bought a pair of lemons (not sure that analogy works for gloves). Anyhow, based on this, I'll call the store & ask them to get me in another pair - they really are so comfy & so much better than either of my replacement pairs.

    Cheers PP