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Ladies motorcycle gear for sale

Discussion in 'Archived' started by demuire, Aug 6, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've got some ladies motorcycle gear for sale:

    Motodry Ladies Boots, size 36 (5). Worn a dozen or so times, been collecting dust for awhile. Excellent condition. RRP149.50
    More details: http://motodry.com/product_details.php?pid=1056
    Photo: https://fileshare.qut.edu.au/public/leefs/IMG_0765.jpg

    Teknic Supervent Ladies Jacket. Blue. Size USA 4, UK 6, Euro 34. Equates roughly to a size 8? Worn about twice. Excellent condition. I can't seem to find this jacket on any online shops in Australia at the moment, but the mens version is RRP315.00.
    More details: http://www.motorcyclepartsaccessoriesandclothing.com.au/product1248/supervent-textile-blackblack/
    Photos: https://fileshare.qut.edu.au/public/leefs/IMG_0761.jpg

    Teknic Chicane Gloves. Blue/Black. Size XS. Also worn about twice. Excellent condition. Again, I can't seem to find these gloves on any online shops, but the current model is RRP108.00
    More details: http://www.causewayyamaha.com.au/pd284/chicane-glove-redflt-blkflt-whimet-whi/
    Photos: https://fileshare.qut.edu.au/public/leefs/IMG_0764.jpg

    Located in Ipswich, can bring to Brisbane. Or, I can post at your cost...

  2. Oh yeah, either PM me or call 0421 123248 if interested :)
  3. Gloves are sold. Price reduction on jacket and boots:

    Boots: $65
    Jacket: $140

  4. Price reduction again!

    Boots: $55
    Jacket: $130

  5. >_< I just bought those exact same boots recently for the girlfriend. Same size and all :p
  6. $200 for jacket and boots posted? (unsure how much postage costs).
  7. What's your post code? So I can see how much postage is...
  8. Sorry for the delay, have not had time to make it to the post office to get a quote, will let you know once I get a chance!
  9. No stress
  10. timmyc: $200 for regular post, $205 registered regular post?
  11. I can only spend $200 max and I would probably prefer it if the post was registered. Let me know if you are still interested :)
  12. At this point, price is firm mate. Let me know if you're interested, as I have other people who are also interested in these (but giving you first dibs since you asked first)
  13. Alright mate, no worries. I'll have to pass :)
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