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Ladies jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Steve Vtec, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. So the better half has taken a liking to jumping on the back of the bike, which is sexy and terrifying all at once... I've got a spare lid that's a little too loose for her (large headed fool that I am) so helmet is at the top of the list to buy. I also want to get her some Kevlar jeans that won't make her look like the man in the relationship, and I'm not having much luck. They are all so... Butch? I'm heaps upset that there's a million pairs for the dudes to choose from and like four different styles for womens. Is there any girls here who have Kevlar jeans and who still look like girls when they're wearing them?

  2. No....
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  3. Yeah I didn't think so. Looks like I'll have to wrap her in leather. Worse things have happened...
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    Hmmm..... I'm pretty happy with my Draggins. They are comfy, and I trust I do look like a girl :happy:
    I have another pair that's much closer fit (Draggins Twista), however Draggins Slix are even tighter and low rise. Trying to find a pair of jeans (normal or kevlars) that fits well is always a nightmare! Good luck (y)
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  5. I damn HATE low rise, and it's really difficult to find high rise kevlars.
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  6. Ditto! That's fashion over common sense and comfort. My favourite pair is actually men's, but it fits better, feels great, looks fine, has much deeper pockets and is a high rise cut. Love it!
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  7. I'm a bloke, but here's my contribution as I brought my first Kevlar Jeans less than a week ago. Try the Draggins designs that use stretch denim, like the Next Gen & Twista. Being stretch and having a Women’s line I think they would fit a Lady just like normal Jeans.

    I liked the idea of the C-EVO (CE-1) & Hole-shot (CE-2) which have 100% Kevlar lining but aren't stretch and to accomodate the all over Kevlar they seem to have made them quiet loose. One size looked baggy & weird like I was wearing a size too big, the next size down I couldn’t even get close to doing the button up.

    I got the Next-gen which only has Kevlar in the major risk areas and doesn’t get a CE rating, but I noticed the Knee Kevlar goes a fair way up the thigh, more than Aldi’s I think. I got Knee & hip armour for $50 total which does look slightly lumpy sitting around and although I haven’t tried it yet I think you could quickly remove them before wandering around work all day. And as one point of view goes, if you are really worried about the limited protection, then you should be looking at leather instead.

    I think the only Draggins factory is in Port Melbourne, but I did read somewhere that if you go to the Factory, they will make a custom fitted set for the same RRP.
  8. C'mon then, what's the name of this amazing jean??
  9. Ah nice one. We tried on twistas and slix yesterday (no next gen in women's at the store?) and the slix were the slimmest fitting ones and she liked them the best, looked pretty nice on her too but too big around the waist, and I won't pay $270 for a pair of jeans that don't quite fit her properly. She's quite short with a small waist so everything that her legs and bum fit into is too big around the waist and too long in the leg, and she can't squeeze in to the next size down. I always thought she was super skinny but apparently her thighs and bum are a little bigger for her body size. While I think this is excellent, turns out it's not great for motorcycle jeans ;-)

    Also she is looking at bikes now too, which is also sexy and terrifying, but if the jeans don't look good she won't wear them so I need to get her a deluxe pair. Might drop in to port Melbourne on our next road trip down south and see if old mate the draggin factory can stitch her up a pair that are a little more flattering than their off the shelf stuff...
  10. Forget about looking hot, u know what's underneath right???
    Go with leather, go with safety ... hide in your helmet and enjoy stripping off at the end of a great ride!!!
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  11. I totally get that - im a sensible and attentive rider and I wear all the gear, I commute in the cbd daily on a bike and every day my understanding of the risks of riding broadens, Kevlar jeans are absolute minimum I'll wear on my legs and ed and Irena at ozmcleathers in Surrey hills are organising some new leathers for me (should be ready by my birthday!) The bank account is dying, but I've always been of the mind that I'll never, ever be sliding down the road thinking to myself "I paid way too much for these leathers..."

    My problem is that if the gear is uncomfortable or it doesn't look good then she just won't wear it. I'm happy to enforce the bloke-jeans when she's on the back of my bike, but I need a pair that will fit her properly, and I particularly want her to wear the gear on her bike when I'm not around, especially while she's learning...
  12. Hah that's how PSYKCPSYKC started off. Look over function. A bit of riding and a close up of someone's badly gashed knee has changed that. Has 3 pairs of jeans and 3 leathers now lol. But pretty much only wears the one set of leathers!
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  13. Trust me, I feel her pain! Took me ages to get over that "I feel like a dyke on a bike" feeling!!! Still feel it every time I gear up! And l will be the first to back a decent range of chicks (protective) clothing!
    BUT about 8months ago Mr Button (chillibuttonchillibutton) helped AmboCassAmboCass when she came off her bike! She admitted she wasn't in the right gear and photos of her knee looked horrible! I wonder how she's healed up but I recon that injury will be with her for life!!!
    Looks will fade, we all getting older and my hubby and kids know what I look like in a cocktail dress! I don't want to be the old chick that they have to nurse because of of a painful injuries that could've been averted!
    Buy her some flowers, tell her how sexy she is and if all else fails, tell her boys know how to undress her in their minds anyway ;-)
  14. Correction: 2 jeans ... And u forgot the 2 boots!!!
  15. Vanilla Slice & Wine Diet will fix that. I'm 100% (6kg) sure of that. Cheap too.

    Would perhaps check on the Draggins Cutom fit at factory with Draggins first - I 've only read it once and you know what Abrham Lincoln said about trusting the Internet. - Send them a question, I did & they answered promptly.
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  16. Ha I am always going to be the nice man on the motorbike :(
    These days I am just the nice man on the motorbike wearing pink lipstick.
    But hey no one gives me any shit when I ride cause they think if the brick shithouse gets off their Z1000 and comes at me I am in deep turdus....
    I think the only way to go is tailor made to be honest. I look shit in most things except a sack so quite happy to be invisible in ill shaped kevlar.
    Leather...no herd big enough to provide leather clothing for me...I keep my leather bits for the bedroom :woot:

    PS low rise...cripes more like soufflé top not even muffin top! Hate the bastids
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  17. Fixed for you OldmaidOldmaid :)

    Any news on the potential crack?
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  18. Cruel Chillibutton, so very cruel :grumpy:

    Ha. No more oil seems to have appeared like a poltergeist on the garage floor, so as Georgie Porgy said likely to have been just something that oozed (I love that word) out post my off.
    Zeddee booked in on 4/4 for a bit of TLC. The crack on the fairing is just cosmetic I reckon and the oil casing has one beaut gouge which I was worried was the oil culprit. Someone suggested texta...
    Not worried about the exhaust dings or hero peg. So just indicator and brake lever hopefully. Front end seemed a bit tight so maybe a bit of an alignment needed.
    Will just have to be strutting my manly presence sans Zeddee elsewhere over easter ;)
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  19. Google 'go go Kevlar leggings', they are comfortable, thick, strong and fitted with a high waist.
  20. Perfect! Will have a look at this asap. Are you rocking a pair of those SibiSibi or are you just being helpful for me?