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Ladies Jackets - 3 that fit great, but which to choose?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by carolf_au, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. I've tried on, oh, I guess 25-30 jackets this week, ladies, mens, leather, textile - you name it I probably had it on at one stage!

    I've narrowed the field to a Joe Rocket Roxie leather, M2R Cherish leather and a R-Jays Supervent textile jacket. They all fit really well, the prices vary hugely, but I want to invest in one jacket because I won't be riding everyday, and don't plan to get wet. And every shop I've been into has good and bad points about each brand.

    Can you help a damsel in distress? Have you had any problems with these brands that made you wish you'd bought a different one on the day?



  2. I have the m2r one

    I had it checked out by a guy in brisbane who knows motorcycle leathers inside and out, he said even though he wasn't keen on it, the m2r wasn't too bad (high praise from him)

    And next time I went in he had some in there to sell, says a lot :LOL:

    He doesn't like joe rocket at all
  3. Wouldn't happen to be Phil at Hi-Side Leather? It's the only ladies leather jacket he has in stock - fitted like a glove. Tried the same one at Team Moto and it felt different - strange? The only comparison I have is an oversized Brando jacket and my husband's original Rivet jacket - and he won't let me have it :(
  4. Thanks for your input, tanyathecheeky.

    I'm going with the RJays jacket to get me thru summer, and the M2R can join it when it starts to get cold - and I have more cash to throw around!

  5. Mrs Tree was looking at two jackets; the M2R Cherish and an Ixon Freedom (I think that's what it's called). She really liked the look and feel of the M2R, but the Ixon left the M2R for dead when it came to construction. Really, the M2R looked like Mum had made it by comparison. The Ixon has hard armour, whereas the M2R only has foam. The Ixon has better stitching and thicker leather, too.

    We got it from the bike dealer (Team Moto Yamaha, I think) at the city end of the Magic Mile, on the left heading towards the city. The manager / owner (?) was a South African guy (think is name was Simon, not sure). He gave us his undivided attention for a good hour, or so, while we looked at jackets, pants and boots. The absolute BEST customer service we've ever received and we've been to bike shops all over Brisbane.

    If you go in there, ask for him and remind him of the couple who bought an Ixon jacket, ladies leather pants, and Oxtar & Sidi boots. It was only a few months ago, so I'm sure he'll remember us! :wink:
  6. Sorry, it's the Ixon FANTASTIC, not Freedom.
  7. Thanks for your feedback. When I catch up with you and Mrs Tree one day in the not too distant future, maybe on a run out to Esk, I'll have a good look at the jacket!

    I'm sticking with the textile at the moment because I wore one at Q-Ride and then husband's leather one when practising - the leather felt so heavy and restricting compared to the textile, and coming up to a boiling Ipswich Summer, I'm not liking the idea of passing out when I stop at traffic lights!

    I'm steering clear of Team Moto - they ignored me yesterday when I was shopping for a disk lock (I was the only person in the shop at Newstead), and they were dearer than Pro Honda. Plus Pro Honda give discount to people who do Q Ride with them - just flash your VIP keyring!
  8. Do you know someone at Esk? My folks live out there. I've ridden out there a few times. I'm kinda confused, though; Beaudesert isn't on the way from Collingwood Park to Esk...

    Yeah, leather is heavier, hotter and all those things, but it also protects the best. We started with textile jackets (still have them in the closet) but only wear the leather ones now. The only textile gear I wear is my DriRider Nordic pants, 'cause I can put them over my work pants. Because they're designed for riding in the cold, I sweat like a pig in summer, riding from Beauy to Darra and back again every day. I always wear full gear, though. I wear leather pants when going for weekend rides.

    Sorry you had bad service at Newstead. Honestly, though, the guy at Moorooka was amazing. We found that Pro Honda Rocklea had such a small range of stuff, especially leather pants and boots that would fit Mrs Tree. It's great that they give discounts (I've got one of those tags, too) but the discount we got at Moorooka was amazing (of course, we did spend $1200 in there!)

    Still, ya gotta go where you feel most comfortable.

    Best of luck. Rubber-side-down!
  9. Collingwood Park is just before the Toowoomba turn off - start of Warego Highway. Husband likes to do the Esk run thru Fernvale and over the Wivenhoe Dam wall. Hoping to do the run after the school holidays - he's got a week off so we can get out together and not dump the kids with Nana!