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Ladies Jacket, Helmet, Boots and Gloves as good as brand new

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Seedy, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. About 3 years ago I finally convinced my wife to gear up and jump on the back of my bike, so we went out and bought all this stuff for her. We had one ride from Preston to Warrandyte and back. The next day she found out she was pregnant and decided she maybe wasn't all that keen on riding any more. All of this gear has been worn once and is in perfect, from-the-shop condition. Pics below.

    Falco 921 Zoon Black Leather Boots still in box. Euro Size 40. Made in Italy. My wife tells me they are very stylish. They look like boots to me. Cost $179.95. Selling for $120.

    Red HJC CS12 helmet (Size M) with carry bag. Cost $149. Selling for $60.

    RST Forzatex textile ladies Jacket Size 12. Red, black and white with zip out winter lining. Cost $249.95. Selling for $130.

    RJays Winter gloves - Size Small. Cost $80. Selling for $30.

    Anyone who wants to take all four items can have them for $300 total. You ain't gonna gear up cheaper than that!

    Pickup from Preston, I don't have time to pack stuff and post it sorry.

  2. mmm very stylish!
  3. Yep. You poor bastard.
  4. will check sizes with my gf and see if she wants some stuff... dont think the helmet will fit though.. shame :p
  5. i will see what shoe size the misses is and let ya know....
  6. Still for sale, kittens are going to start dying soon.
  7. hmmm she looks about the same size as my girlfriend
    what length of time was the helmet worn for?
    those boots look nice
    ah, money, money... still
  8. All the gear was worn for about 2 hours. Enough time for about a 40km round trip.
  9. Are you sure its size 12? She looks small. Unless she's tall?
  10. okay well that makes the helmet pretty useless but at 60 bucks i might get it for a spare.
    how much would you be willing to let go the rest of the gear for?
  11. It's definitely a 12, size is in the jacket. She ain't short. :)
  12. I'd love to hear your logic here mate. What would make the helmet not useless... a 5 minute ride?

    Prices are at the top. Buy the lot and get the cheaper price.
  13. i heard that once a helmet has been worn for 2 hours the shock absorbing layer has moulded to the head of whoever has worn it, and once it has done that anybody else will have very limited protection in the event of a crash.
  14. Im pretty sure thats not true lol, the shock absorbing layer is just polystyrene
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  15. I heard once that if you put your helmet on during a full moon wearing a G-string
    and singing Rick Astley song all the kittens in your suburb will die. Pretty sure that was a crock of shit too.
  16. I thought my job was complete listing this stuff, but it turns out I was supposed to actually follow through and sell it too. Getting grief about this still taking up room in the cupboard so I am dropping the price for anyone who will take the lot.

    $275 for everything.
  17. No edit button on the first post for me to change the price... is that buggy or normal?
  18. Boots are sold!

    Thanks Nina.
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