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Ladies in here!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Vineyard Performance Team, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Hi girls!

    I just wanted to ask where and what shops you went to get your motorbike clothing/gear.

    Any places you could recommend?


  2. pick a state :)
  3. IMO the range of ladies performance riding gear sucks. When I say performance I'm not talking about cutsie stuff that is marginally protective. There seems to be a reasonable amount of that around, I guess due to the proliferation of scooter gals (not that I have anything against them).

    If you want to choose from a selection of leather suits, gloves or boots (with protection characteristics as good as the guys get) then I would recommend trying one of the international online retailers with an exchange policy. That way if it doesn't fit you can get something else.

    There was a thread not long ago that listed some of them. Search on "international online retailers" and you should find it.

    Out of interest why do you ask? Your name suggests a business link
  4. Tiga what about Joe Rocket stuff? Alpinestars have the new body armour for ladies.

    I thought i saw around here somewhere someone promoting a ladies apparel event of some kind in the last few days (then again I had a backlog of 12 odd pages of new threads)
  5. Black Rose also have a couple of nice good quality pieces :)
  6. Ok,

    Here’s a challenge for all you people who believe girls can get all types of good quality sports riding gear in regular shops (not custom made).

    Next time you go into a store (any bike store) tell the sales assistant that you have a lady friend who is after a leather zip together two piece suit. Something suitable for road and track riding with hard armour (not just padding or flimsy plastic) around the shoulders and elbows and padding around the knees/shins and hips (if anything comes with more, then great)

    Specify that you don’t know her size but you believe she would prefer red, blue or black.

    Think how many men’s two piece suites you see in any bike shop that would fit that description. I’m guessing you won’t be overwhelmed by the selection for women.

    In the event that you are overwhelmed, please let me know where this shop exists.
  7. Tiga, you'd look good in anything.

    oops did i think that :? :oops:
  8. :rofl: sprung :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Bugger. must remember Netrider forum is not the place to try and keep secrets. :LOL:
  10. I totally agree with Tiga.

    The challenge starts from the time you walk into the store. Hello yes I am female, yes I am here to buy something and yes I WOULD LIKE SOME SERVICE PLEASE.

    Then you get to choose from a very limited range of gear that looks good if you are a pillon but is pretty lame for any serious riding.

    Then being only a size 8-10 they dont have my size (yes I would love to wait 6 weeks while you order it in - okay slight exaggeration on the time but you get the idea).

    Then if you have got this far you pretty much get stuck with what colour is available rather then having a selection to choose from.

    Anyone what to open a girls only gear store with me?

    Yes there are some good brand ie Joe Rocket starting to come onto the market but stores still stock a limited range, size and colour.

    I generally find I have to wait for stuff to come in rather then being able to buy straight off the rack. :(
  11. Joe Rocket gloves would fit ladies. They have small sizes. Don't know about the rest.

    See this: https://netrider.net.au/calendar/?action=details&id=1060
  12. lol, Woodsy you're too kind :p
  13. I'm No GIRL but I may assist you. Alpine star are pushing a new range of Fem' gear (Though not all will stock much of a range) "Its a supply and demand thing". Try what they have and maybe you could order the color/style you prefer. Also some people I know in Jindabye own Black Max Clothing. They Have a range of gear for the ladies under the Product name of Black Catz I think. If I can find the Number I will send it thru. Cheers Ray
  14. I'm Vic based.

    Just brought my own bike.

    Have basic stuff, but will purchase leathers etc in the next few weeks. I'm tiny so I know I will struggle to find stuff to fit but thought those who have already tread that path may be able to help with ideas/suggestions/places to investigate.

    All suggestions so far have been fantastic!

  15. Yerrr right. They'd fit you if you'd want to go out on a prissy cruise or if you were a pillion. Try asking for a small female leather glove that has knuckle protection and extends out past your wrist and double cuffed. I went into Floyd Parkes, asked them for a glove with those specifications and the salesman didn't seem to understand :roll: and kept showing me Joe Rockets which IMHO, wasn't suitable to my needs. Not only that, they'd hand you a men's glove and say here that should do it. Fark can't they even recognise that men and women hands/feet/body are fundamentally different shaped?? And don't even get me started on boots or leathers :evil:

    What I will suggest is go in to stores (PS for one), try on the MEN's clothing and size then go online and find what you're looking for. There's quite a few out there they don't get here. As Raphael mentioned, Alpinestars makes a female line called Stellas. I like their boots and range a lot better :grin:
  16. boots, try the ixon
    Store here carries size 3 and up, which is equivalent to a 6 (and they sell a bit of it .. ladies always saying they can't get small stuff)
  17. Sorry you had a bad experience. Floyd Parkes is now 1300 Kawasaki, and are running the ladies night I meantioned above.

    I'm a bloke, so I don't know 'nuttin', but I also have small hands (to match my big heart) and had trouble finding what I wanted. Riding my mountain bike, I wear ladies thermal gloves when needed. So I was sharing my experience. I have Joe Rocket GPX gloves. Not the current model, but the previous version. They have been upgraded in the new model. They have "knuckle protection and extends out past your wrist and [are] double cuffed". I wear size S, but I'm sure they make and XS as well.

    These are tough leather, ventilated summer gloves, with hard plastic knuckle protectors, a velcro wrist strap and double velcro closures at the wrist, plastic thumb joint guard, plastic guard for the heal of the hand, padded leather each side of the wrist and on the inner wrist bone and for each joint of the finger, double leather for wear points on the palm and the outer edge of the palm. The only thing they are missing from what I wanted is real protection on the outer edge of the little finger. They have some, but not much.

    The sales rep was just showing you what he had, is all.

    How about these:

    Then check out this: http://www.matmladinimports.com.au/Catalogue/

    Separate ladies catalogue. 36 pages of it!
  18. VPT, Yes it is difficult to buy gear. Especially if you fall outside the "traditional" measurements. I had to have my leathers custom made by Tiger Angel, its not because I am big, just have very long legs. I tried to buy a pair of Dragging Jeans "off the shelf" couldn't but they also custom made them for me and added 4 inches to the standard leg length.

    Boots aren't too bad for me, I wear a size 40 (Standard Size 7) boot and have slim feet - I am currently wearing Alpine Star SMX plus and they are fine - they creak a lot when I walk and people keep on looking at me and offering cans of WD40!! :LOL: which is embarrasing because its not a cheap attention seeking stunt. Gloves - I found that Spidi Size Small did me in a race glove. Alpine Star also fit but they didn't last as long. I have also owned Kushitani gloves Size Small. I suppose I get away with it because I have very long fingers.

    I have also managed to buy gear from BMW. Because they tend to have different leg lengths available.

    Good luck with the search, I don't know what it is like to be "tiny" but I do know it is frustrating trying to find gear. All that lovely female gear they keep bringing out - Ducati included and none of it fits - all too short in the arms and legs!! Sigh :(
  19. Arrh there it is in the "section" I moderate. :oops:

    While the range is definately not comprehensive I have seen a few items that have been specifically designed for girls. e.g.

    Daytona® Lady Star GTX boots
    Joe Rocket has a glove, jacket and pants range for ladies
    I'm sure there are others as well.....

    Its a start at least.
  20. Ebay.

    I dont lnow if it has been mentioned,But Ebay could be an option. :grin: Maybe?????? :roll: Cheers Ray