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Ladies glove recommendation please.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jozlyn, Jan 30, 2015.

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    Last edited: Jan 30, 2015
    I currently have 2 pairs of gloves. One "warm" RST Blade (ladies) pair and one "cool" pair RST Bomber (mens), but I don't like either of them at all. Both pairs pinch (not quite the right description but the best I can think of) the underside of my right index finger between the palm and first knuckle and leave a red mark, there is also a definite crease now in the reinforcement area on both gloves as well, it's also making that finger go a bit numb/pins and needley. At first I thought that maybe (being a new rider) that I was holding the throttle too tight as my left hand is fine. But it's not the case and now I'm riding with my right index finger extended to try to get rid of the discomfort, which is not good. They're neither too tight, nor too loose, the finger length seems to be fine also.

    Soooo any advice on something better?

  2. I highly recommend going for ladies specific gloves. I have the joy of having ridiculous long fingers but slender hands overall. Men's gloves give me the length but swamp me otherwise and they fold and crease and this can cause pain.

    These are the gloves I eventually chose and I love them. No more men's gloves for me.

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  3. Thanks very much for the link EbonyroseEbonyrose, they look really nice :D Are they warm? The "Blade" pair are actually ladies one's (I've edited the OP to reflect this) but I'm having the exact same issue with both pairs so I'm thinking it might be a brand thing (?), Hubby has a pair of the Bombers also and loves them.
  4. I've only had them since October so I don't know about warmth yet. They are great in the QLD heat so far. I have pre chosen my winter gloves and this is what I'm getting.

    What I have found in my gear research is that I am brand specific. Some brands just don't fit me well. So try on as many pairs in as many brands you can find. You will see a pattern arise.
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  5. I like the look of the second pair too! At the moment I need one's that will keep my hands cool as it's really hot during summer where I am, but on the flip side I will also need a 2nd pair for winter as it gets stupidly cold here too! Thank you so much for the links :)

    I actually found that both pairs felt really good in the store, wasn't till I'd been riding for 30 mins or so that I noticed that my finger was getting sore, but I have an idea of what I don't want now ;)
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  6. Your problem with an index finger pressure point is a new one on me.
    So you reckon it coincides with the edge of the palm reinforcement. Is that right?
    Is there also a ridge on the hand grip at that spot? Maybe a change of hand grips might help.
    If your looking for well made gloves, I'm very impressed with the Held gloves I've had for about a year.
  7. Yeah, it's what it looks like, there's a small crease, that I've made from wearing them just below the stitching (same place both pairs). Good idea with the hand grips, there's not one that I can see/feel but that doesn't mean there isn't something there!! I've found a pair of "regular" leather gloves (no reinforcement stitching on the palm) that I'm going to try out tomorrow to see how they go and if the same thing happens then I'll know for sure that it's not the gloves but the grips, which are brand new, hubby put them on after my 2nd or 3rd ride, but those rides were short, less than 30 mins and the problem didn't start till we went on the first longer ride of over an hour. Today when I wore them, my finger was sore within about 15 mins. It's very weird!
  8. Hi Jo, it sounds like they are actually a little too small, but also a little too thin.
    I have a few different pairs, and the thinnest pair (which are my summer gloves) have stretched a bit and I get creasing at the finger joints, but because they're now a little longer than my fingers I can keep it out of the spot where it would be irritating.
    When you choose gloves you need to be able to fully curl your fingers without the ends pulling on your nails / fingertips.
    All you can really do is try on as many different pairs as possible until you find the best fit, I know it's tough to do when you have limited access to retailers.
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  9. Ohhh too small! I hadn't thought of that at all that's brilliant. THANK YOU! I did have to cut my thumb nails, which weren't all that long to begin with, because they were pressing against the ends. I'm hopefully going to Ballarat next week, so with a bit of luck I'll have more of a range to try on there, but I'll make sure that the fingers are plenty long enough with my hand in a fist for them not to hit the ends.

  10. Hope you don't mind but I saw this link and its something I have had trouble with myself. Thanks Lady's will look at getting a pair of these :]
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  11. Don't mind at all, that's what these forums are for, to help everyone :D If you get some let me know what you think!
  12. JozlynJozlyn you're not alone in having issues finding the glove with the right fit.

    I went to PS, AMX, and spent a good 45 minutes trying on different gloves due to the wide style range they had.

    Some were great length wise but too tight around the thumb/palm area, some were awesome in the palm area but the fingers were too long or short.
    Some felt too thick and i couldn't curl my fingers around the grip (they have a fake handle bar setup you can grab there) because they felt restrictive, and some had this weird pre-bent feel too them..

    I'm a try before you buy kinda guy.. I've had some hit n misses with purchasing direct from a site in the past, so will always make the effort to try something on first and make sure i am 100% satisfied with it before purchasing.

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  13. Cheers, will do ;-)
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  14. Hi Jo, another tip that might help with your issue and current gloves, when you place your hands on the bars try to flatten them out fully first, and then place your palm against your grip before curling your fingers. It will help even out the material under your fingers.
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  15. After riding all weekend and wearing different gloves, just a pair of regular leather ones, not specifically for bike riding. I can now confirm that it must be the brand of glove that is the problem and where the reinforcement stitching is under the index finger/palm area as the gloves I wore for the last 2 days didn't cause any sort of issue (besides being too short in the fingers lol). I actually now have a much clearer idea of what I need, which is great.

    Thanks for the tips JayteeJaytee & Stever42Stever42 ! I shall take what I've learned this weekend and both of your ideas with me to Ballarat on Tuesday, thank you :)
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  16. I went to Ballarat Tuesday and besides getting a new helmet (Shoei XS, boy was that costly, the only one they had that fitted me, even the "youth" helmets were too big!) and a pair of pants, I got a pair of Ladies Dririder (all season) gloves. I just took a ride with all the new toys (also got some new levers, the bent kind for people with little hands like me) and I'm hugely impressed with the gloves (and levers), absolutely no pinching, the finger length is good, they're not pulling on my thumbs at all either, so all in all well worth the 3+ hour drive! Now I just need some new mirrors that don't flop around all over the shop with every bump or puff of wind.
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