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Ladies - finding pants that fit?!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by polarwarp, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. I've been trying on gear for my new bike and am having trouble finding pants that fit!

    I tried on some hornee hipsters, which seemed sexy but felt too tight on my thighs (and I'm pretty tall and thin) and was swimming at the waist.

    I then tried on some draggin jeans and they were fine around the waist - but looked chunky with the kevlar lining (and were straight cut). The problem with these is they felt tight about the knees. Is this normal or should the jeans feel comfy??

    I'm not sure if a different cut of draggin jeans might be a better choice or if I should bite the bullet and get leather pants! Was trying to keep costs low at this point in time :)

    Also should I be getting bigger sizes than what I'd normally wear?
  2. dunno about ladies jean but i wear draggins 1 size bigger than my non-biking pants.

    i think draggins have a couple of different styles so you should check em out.

    that said leather always looks good :twisted:
  3. Try the Draggin "skins" they are stretch :)
    if you go to their Sth Melb wharehouse you can see/try all the different styles they have, not all styles are carried by all bike shops.

    You don't mention in your profile where you are so maybe Sth melb is a bit far.... I don't know.
    You could always ring them and ask what the different styles/cuts are and get your local shop to order in what you need.
  4. iv had the same problem although im fairly short. i want leathers dam it but i can only find guys pants and chunky womens jackets :evil:
  5. I'm west - but south melbourne isn't too bad.. its just a bit difficult in that the place I was getting gear from can order in stuff for me but I don't seem to be having much luck and I want to get pants sooner rather than later :) Is the south melb address on the draggin jeans website?

    It seemed a bit weird that some of their stuff is like size 10, and others are like 30, and the different brands vary too!! grrr..

    I think even if I go leathers I'll have a bit of trial and error with sizes. I'm usually a 10, but no idea about the joe rocket sizing.

    Thanks for the feedback guys :)

    Edit - figured out that I did try on the Skins.. the 10 fits me round the waist, but its too big at the hip and too tight at the knees. I think I may have to ring up draggin and ask them what style they'd suggest!!
  6. I have noticed that with the hornees too. fit around the legs but too big around the waste. Wear a belt or trim down those thighs and buy a smaller pair are my only option.

    With the draggins i felt like the sizes were HUGE. i usually wear a 12 and they felt like a 14.

    As for keeping costs down Hornee and Draggins are around 200-240. I've seen leather pants and Mid town qwaka (brisbane) for $160. no zips for your jacket or knee sliders but if it's all your after there's cheap leather pants out there :D
  7. 30 is a guy's sizing, measuring inches around the waist. Not sure why girls pants would be using that measuring scheme?

    I'd definitely try the Draggin 'skins' - they're fairly long and are close to your everyday tight-jeans fit. They also cover your hips properly, offering protection where you are most likely to need it.
  8. i think Draggin also do custom made jobs...... i seem to recall reading that somehwere.

    give em a call and see what they'll do.
  9. That's how most ladies pants are sized 6, 8, 10 , 12 , 14, 16 , 18 etc.
    don't know if i could find a pair of size '30's' in my wardrobe.. infact i don't even know what size i'd b in that measuring system...
  10. I'm usually size 8-10 and I've found pants that fit really well, but I have to move the knee armour down a bit for it to actually work on the bike. I think US sizes are: US 8= Aussie 10

    I bought gear from Metro:
    * Joe Rocket Trixie leather pants XS & jacket S - although in a different shop the XS was too small (incorrect sizing on one?). The back of the pants has a waist adjuster to loosen/tighten. Furrycreature, they'd probably be perfect for you!

    And for summer...
    * Draggin camos - I got size 10, which in the shop had a little extra room, but once all the armour was put in became very snug.

    * Joe Rocket Cleo mesh jacket size S. Awesome :)

    There's also TigerAngel that do custom fits.
  11. My understanding is that:

    30 = 10

    32 = 12

    34 = 14


    I tried the hornee jeans and found them pretty awful too... tight across the tops of the thighs, loose in the front and too low on the back (guess my bum is too big!!!) haha.

    I bought my joe rocket leather pants off ebay in US and just used their sizing charts - worked fine.
  12. Wouldn't postage have been horrendous from the US??

    Spoke to a guy at draggin jeans and he was extremely helpful, as I couldn't find time this week to go in and try stuff on for him to evaluate my body (hehe that sounds bad) he discussed what issues I had with the blue Skins and sent across a 10 & 8 to my local retailer - apparently the black ones are a comfier stretch, will wait and see :)

    But yeah they do custom fit stuff if they're styles don't fit properly which is nice!!!

    Glad I'm not the only one who struggled with the Hornee's - I don't think I have big thighs or butt either.. so I think the style is made for someone else's body type :) The hornees were in both the 6-16 type numbering, as well as the 28-whatever numbering.. and definately female! Or made for girly men :)
  13. Yeah the Hornee jeans were hot in the shop... it was when I sat on the bike that it all went horribly wrong!

    Might have to check out the Draggin skins... I have the cargo pants but want something a bit... nicer.

    Postage wasn't too bad on the leather pants... I think it ended up costing me about AU$400 incl postage, so I was pretty happy with that.
  14. Hey polarwarp. I'm 6 feet tall with *very* long legs. I have Tiger Angel leathers that were custom made for me as none of the 'off-the-shelf' models fit.

    I had a pair of Draggin's made for me earlier this year. I had the camo cargos made as 30W39L...they laughed at me when I asked for that, but they fit me perfectly! I normally prefer a tighter fitting pair of jeans and something that lets me feel like a girl, but these had to do at the time. I had my DJ made before the 'skins' model were released, so haven't looked at those yet and with our wedding less than 3 months away, they'll have to wait a bit longer :wink:


    Lil :grin:
  15. my girlfriend found she had to go up from an 8 to a 10 in the hornee jeans and use a belt or she would show off heaps of bum, she tried on the draggins and wouldnt even come out the changeroom to show me cos they were sooo high even in the camo type
  16. Hi Polarwrap

    I have a 28 in the Hornee and try to never ride without them. I find when I first put them on they are a snug fit, but they stretch heaps with wear and after just a couple if hours the belt comes in very handy.

    I have the Draggin skins but find them uncomfortable with the high wasit when leaning over the bike.......and new leather pants which bunch up behind my knees on long rides :( seems I need to wear them in a bit.
  17. After searching here I found this thread so thought I'd bring it back up....

    Last night I went and tried some Draggins on and I found they were VERY high...sitting in them would be really uncomfortable. I had the same problem as some of the girls in this thread with the Hornee jeans, they were fine around the thighs but way too loose around the waist.

    Out of everything I tried I think the cargo pants were the most comfy even though they were high waisted as well. I didn't see the skins, but from what I've seen on the net they look nice.

    So, what do the majority of the girls here wear and find most comfy?

    Cheers :)
  18. I prefer the skins, but that's more because they feel closer to how my leathers feel + I got them in black so I can wear them for work and claim on them :wink:

    I found the Draggin camos allowed more airflow, which was great on the hot days. Anyway, I'm selling my camos if you're interested :grin: :
  19. I have camo and stretch black jean draggins (don't think they are skins tho - didn't see any label that said skins, only stretch)

    I tried on the black cargos, but they were very baggy around the legs. The camo seems slightly less baggy.

    Definitely need a belt tho.. They ride low in the back waistband but high in the front.

    They aren't the best fitting pants for me, but they will do the job.
  20. I have Draggin camos, cargos and their normal wear pants and I find them fine besides yeh a bit high around the waist but a belt always helps, have had to go up one size in all of them also due to them fitting ok in the shop but once on the bike forget it they were too tight around the thighs....damn chunky thighs!!! :twisted: want to try their skins out next time but they can wait, a girl can only have so many pairs of pants :oops:
    I've also got a pair of Draggin cargos for sale, due to not hopping on a bike when I was in the shop and wore them home to find no feeling in my legs lol