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Ladies boots - Recommendations req'd

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by SHEPPO, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone.

    Want to get the missus some boots for when she's on the back of my bike (she has all the other gear). I'm pretty sure she doesn't want a boot that "looks" like a motorcycle boot (like my racing ones), more something that looks like a casual leather boot, but with the strength and protection needed.

    Any of the ladies on here have any suggestions?


  2. Not a female, but could influence a decision that benefits you as well.

    Icon Bombshell boots. $199 from bikebiz

    All you need then is one piece leather suit (preferably gloss black) and you will be saying "happy anniversary to me!" in no time. Hell, everyday could be your anniversary! :grin:
  3. [​IMG]

    If she likes these, the code is 2795086.

    I have these boots, they're really comfy and have good heel and toe support. The ankle section leaves a bit to be desired protection-wise. But depends what you/she thinks. They will still support the ankle better than normal shoes and they're a hell of a lot more comfortable than the full racing boots. Got them at PS in dandenong.

    edit: cost i think was $329? Cant remember if thats right, but yeah!

    anywho, hope this helps!

  4. my wife gets her gear from mick hone in box hill. they cater for women fairly well and don't patronise her. she has a pair of low cut boots that look good. forget the name.
    give them a call to see what they have?
  5. I am currently looking for boots for my missus as well, she is quite fond of the Rossi boots, worth a look.
  6. I have a pair of Sidi boots as well as the Rossi Senora and I LOVE the Rossi ones the best
    they add height as well which is a bonus not to mention a nice chunky tread on the sole.

  7. Ladies boots

    Try the Daytona boots website. Can't remember the addy but you can google it. Daytona makes top quality riding boots said to last forever - well - almost! Definitely not cheap :( but real quality. I recently bought a pair of Daytonas and whist researching noticed that they made boots specifically for the fairer sex.
    If you go this route you will find that there is no Australian agent. I dealt through Custom Lids in Newcastle - UK. Again, I got to know of them by googling Daytona Boots. Excellent service. The boots arrived within 10 days.